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Mother and Daughter Vacations

by on Mar.04, 2013, under Travel

When it comes to seeking appealing holiday activities, mothers and daughters are usually on the same page, whether it’s lounging in luxury spas or shopping in local markets, this makes them the best of travel companions. If you do decide to take a break with your mother or daughter, it’s a great idea to do your homework first and check which local attractions are nearby so you can enjoy the ultimate girlie-fun getaway.

To return from your holidays feeling like a pair of Greek goddesses, the island of Mykonos offers a heavenly experience. Fans of Greek food, culture and shopping will love this island which is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands.

The capital, Mykonos Town, is filled with little boutiques, cafes and bars. The little Venice area with its picturesque medieval houses is an enchanting part of the city to spend an evening out with your mum or daughter. The tavernas sitting on the waterfront serve delicious seafood and traditional Greek fare with a stunning setting in which to toast the holiday.

Marrakech is just the ticket for mothers and daughters with a sense of adventure. The exotic Moroccan city is famous throughout the world for its souks, so it’s an ideal place to do some serious shopping. Browse the maze-like streets in search of shiny objects and soft leather goods. The Djemma el Fna, the main square within the old city is a must-do for all mothers and daughters.

The sights, smells and sounds of snake charmers, entertainers, traders and crowds mingle to create an intoxicating atmosphere. Sharing a drink on one of the rooftop terraces surrounding the square is a gentle way to escape the jostling crowds and enjoy the scene together. For an unforgettable treat, take a hot-air balloon ride over the city to get an aerial view or head out into the desert on a camel safari.

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    Strollers, A Bright Way To Transport Kids

    by on Jul.04, 2010, under Travel

    Strollers are baby carriages resembling seat on wheels. Strollers are used to transport babies up to the age of three. It is easier to carry the babies in the strollers when moving around or traveling. Carrying the child in your arms can inconvenience you causing discomfort to the baby. It is safe to use strollers as they seat the baby securely and safely. The stroller needs only a small space for making turns. Strollers that can accommodate two and three children are also there in the market. The children are placed side by side or in-line one behind the other.

    There are different kinds of strollers such as the umbrella strollers, standard strollers, travel system strollers and jogging strollers. The umbrella strollers are light, compact and easy to push around. It does not have a sun canopy and is meant for both babies and older kids. The standard strollers have a sun canopy and compartments for storage. It is heavier as well as costlier. Its reclining set makes it ideal for infants as well as toddlers. The travel system stroller is a standard stroller with a car seat. This car seat is useful to remove the baby from and to the stroller without disturbing the baby. A recent addition to the stroller variety is the jogging stroller which has three large wheels and is stable in rough terrain as well as when the stroller is moved fast. Jogging stroller is a new addition to the stroller. It has the features of a standard stroller but has three large wheels instead of four wheels. Its design is more compact. It takes rough ground more easily making it easily maneuverable. It is stable even when pushed little faster.

    The different brands of strollers that are available in the market include Graco Strollers, Chicco Strollers, Kolcraft Strollers, Inglesina Strollers, baby Rock Star stroller, Maclaren Strollers, Stokke Strollers and Schwinn Strollers. The materials used and the features included in the stroller determines its price.

    The stroller should ideally have all its wheels firm on the ground and it does not wobble or for that matter tip. The stroller should not have any sharp edges lest they injure the baby. The screws should be plastic covered so that the baby will not be able to loosen them.

    Strollers have always been beneficial to moms and babies. Strollers ensure babies’ well-being and moms are self-assured as well.

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