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Leucadia – Not Just For Hippies and Surfers

by on Mar.18, 2013, under Travel

Leucadia is an eclectic little community on the Pacific Ocean. It once was a mecca for hippies and surfers – remnants of those 1960s days can be seen throughout this north San Diego community. Here you will find palm trees, wooden cigar store Indians, tie-dyed T-shirts and blue jeans, barefoot kids playing in the streets, funky lawn art and glowing beads.

Settled by English spiritualists in 1870, Leucadia was named after some Greek islands and its streets were named for mythological figures. You won’t find a Home Depot, McDonald’s or shopping mall in Leucadia, but you will still find some of the flower farms that made it the Poinsettia capitol of the world.

Leucadia is home to Italian restaurants, funky shops, yoga studios, palm readers and cool art galleries. Local hangouts include Pannikin Coffee & Tea, a former 1880s train station much favored by the arts crowd; world-famous Lou’s Records housing an enormous collection of new and used CDs and records; and Karina’s Taco Shop, home of the best Shrimp Burritos on earth.

Leucadia’s residents say that the best thing that ever happened to Leucadia was that nothing ever happened to it. Leucadia’s beaches are lost in the 1960s and are old neighborhood surf breaks where hundreds of Leucadian’s have been surfing for thirty or more years. There are four especially popular surf beaches – Moonlight, Grandview, Beacon’s and Stone Steps – all are hidden treasures.

If you want a great work out, try “running the stairs” with the locals at Stone Steps Beach. 99 stairs take you from the bluffs to the beach. All along your workout you have incredible views of the Pacific Ocean while you exercise.

You can learn to surf by taking a class at Beacon’s Beach from world-famous Kahuna Bob, a Leucadian celebrity. Dolphins and whales are regularly seen, especially from the “high-bluff” beach entrances at Stone Steps and Beacon’s. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the famous “green flash” as the sun takes its final dip into the vast Pacific Ocean.

Moonlight Beach is a Leucadian treasure – often called “the beach with everything” because it has lifeguard stations all year long, a big new playground for children, multiple spacious parking lots, fire-rings, restrooms with clean showers, beach rentals and a wide sandy beach.

Adventure and travel interest the author. He loves the ocean. His special interest is marine animals. He operates a small inn in Encinitas. Visit: Encinitas Hotels or Bed and Breakfasts in Encinitas.

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    Gold Coast Accommodation Overview For Any Budget

    by on Jul.21, 2012, under Vacations

    Australia’s Gold Coast attracts millions of visitors from both within Australia and from overseas every year. It is a year around tropical getaway that has attractions to suit every lifestyle and budget. Whether you are looking for a laid back holiday in the sun or the excitement of the Gold Coast nightlife, it’s all there for you. You can find a Gold Coast accommodation to suit your needs: everything from a backpacker’s bunk to a penthouse apartment is there for you.

    The Gold Coast begins at Queensland’s border with neighbouring New South Wales. When you cross the Tweed River, you arrive in Coolangatta. If you are flying in, you will probably be landing at the Coolangatta airport.

    This area is one of the most famous destinations for surfers in the world. From Snapper Rocks to Kirra, you can find world class waves here. Because of this, there are numerous cheap accommodations for surfers that include motels close to the beach and backpackers lodgings, as well as caravan and tent parks. The beautiful beaches are also great for families and there are numerous mid to high range hotels and motels in the area as well.

    North of Coolangatta is the somewhat misnamed “Surfers Paradise.” The waves on this long stretch of coastline are largely ignored by surfers, but are a paradise for sun seeking families who are looking for the excitement of an area that is filled with tourist attractions. Most of the high rises of the Gold Coast are in this area, close to dozens of shops, discos and clubs.

    While many of the most expensive hotels are in this area, there are also many cheaper hotels, motels and other types of Gold Coast accommodation in Surfers Paradise. Aside from the beaches and the nightlife, this area is a haven for families who come to the area to enjoy the many theme parks in the vicinity.

    One of the largest of the theme parks is the mammoth Marine World Park. It is so big, in fact, that many families stay at the park’s hotel. Some families go directly to Marine World and never leave. Between all the water parks, rides, shows and other activities they have to choose from, they never run out of things to do.

    Instead of a hotel or motel, many people choose a high-rise condo as their Gold Coast Accommodation. A condo or apartment has the advantage of including a kitchen, two or more bedrooms and a large living area. Usually, these also have gyms, saunas and pools as well, so you can enjoy all the comforts of home plus more while you’re enjoying the Queensland sun. These condos can be remarkably inexpensive, too, as compared to high rise hotels. Often, the owners live out of state and only use them for a few weeks or months per year.

    The best way to find the perfect Gold Coast Accommodation is to look online. Whether you are travelling from elsewhere in Australia or from overseas, you are sure to find exactly what you want at a Gold Coast website. Make all the arrangements online and when you get to the Gold Coast, your dream accommodation will be there waiting for you.

    If you are looking for some time far away, maybe to a surfers paradise accommodation, you may need to know more about gold coast accommodation.

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      Finding More Cheap Sydney Accommodation Darling Harbour Vicinity

      by on Jun.15, 2012, under Travel

      Sydney Accommodation Darling Harbour‘ sounds like a personals ad, but it actually exists – if not right at Darling Harbour, at least within an easy walk. The obvious way to stay in Sydney long enough to see this tourism and entertainment centre, and not spend very much money is to stay at a hostel. Fortunately there are many of these informal and affordable answers to cheap travel near the center of this exciting city.

      Hostels in the original sense meant safe places to stay where backpackers could find at least a running water spigot and a place to unroll a sleeping bag. Today, however, hostels usually offer many more amenities, and sometimes only the informal atmosphere will let a traveler know that it is not a hotel.

      Among the best known downtown hostels is ‘Wake Up! Sydney Central’, a swinger’s paradise with a cafe, an internationally known night spot named the SideBar, dormitories and even private rooms, game rooms, parking lots, 24 hour staff, and more. This hostel is very close to Darling Harbour, rents bed starting at $28 a night (US), and is mainly designed to delight teens and wild, restless young adults. Other similar, centrally located, and slightly cheaper hostels are the Maze Backpackers and Base Sydney.

      For a quieter stay, the Haven Inn is even more like a hotel, with the low prices of a hostel but the ambiance of a traditional, casual boarding house. Its large bathrooms rate high with economy minded travelers, and the beds are said to be comfortable. One of its charms is its faintly bohemian neighborhood, which makes the short walk to the Harbour fun.

      For children, or those who are neither young nor wild, there is the Woolbrokers at Darling Harbour, either a casual hotel or a sedate hostel. You can get a comfortable bed in a clean rooms with a bath very close by. The shared facilities should not be a bother, since there are 19 bathrooms for 27 beds. The Woolbrokers advertises group rates and other special discounts.

      A room in a large Sydney hotel starts at around $170 per night, but many of these inns claim to have cheap rates. It will surely pay to call them on these promises, and find out just how affordable they can make your stay.

      Since you won’t be in your bed much anyway, you might as well save as much as possible. There is so much to see just in Darling Harbour that you will want to get out early. Between harbour cruises, carnival rides, museums, incredible shops, great restaurants, and just following the boardwalk around the inlet, you will scarcely have time to get home before it is time to go out again. By night, the harbour has an amazing view of the city skyline, all sorts of clubs and shows, the casino, and the views of the water by moonlight to keep you out late.

      This tourist mecca is easy to get to from anywhere in the city, by monorail, light rail, bus, taxi, or water taxi. However, by exploiting ‘Cheap Sydney accommodation darling harbour’, you can stay close enough to not miss a thing.

      Zara Kennedy is seen as a professional reporter who is seen as a Sydney Accommodation specialist and is also well known for focusing on Sydney tourism and information projects

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