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Unusual facts about some of the worlds favourite holiday haunts

by on Mar.26, 2013, under Travel

In terms of being modern, Dubai is one of the most youthful spots in the world. Its impressive skyline has only come to life in the last couples of decades, as if emerging from nothing. This great architectural achievement wasn’t just the result of the work of nationals.

Emirati nationals are in the minority in Dubai, with expats accounting for 80% of the population, which is currently estimated at 2.1 million. The influx of expats has been so high that the 1995 population figure of 700,000 has tripled. People are still heading to Dubai in search of success, despite the recession

Morocco has a population of 32 million people, about the same as Canada, though its landmass is akin to California. The majority of the population is Muslim – with a smattering of Christian and Jewish – which means most nationals do not consume alcohol. And if there’s an urge to, the government has 100% domestic booze tax in place. Paradoxically, the country has fourteen wine regions, and the standard of wine is considered to be good too.

We British love a good cup of tea, and so do the Moroccans! Whilst we prefer black tea, they favour green and have a big variety to choose from. Much like in China, tea ceremonies are common; during these people are shown how to prepare and drink tea correctly. Moroccans have a much sweeter tooth than is common in Britain however, having as many as six lumps of sugar in their tea, so be careful when accepting a cup!

Home to the ancient city of Carthage, Tunisia played a vital role in the Mediterranean. As it is located so close to the edge of North Africa, it became a sort of hub with links to important routes for shipping. The Arabs, Romans, French and Ottomans all viewed Tunisia as strategically significance over the years, using it as a regional vantage point.

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    Mother and Daughter Vacations

    by on Mar.04, 2013, under Travel

    When it comes to seeking appealing holiday activities, mothers and daughters are usually on the same page, whether it’s lounging in luxury spas or shopping in local markets, this makes them the best of travel companions. If you do decide to take a break with your mother or daughter, it’s a great idea to do your homework first and check which local attractions are nearby so you can enjoy the ultimate girlie-fun getaway.

    To return from your holidays feeling like a pair of Greek goddesses, the island of Mykonos offers a heavenly experience. Fans of Greek food, culture and shopping will love this island which is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands.

    The capital, Mykonos Town, is filled with little boutiques, cafes and bars. The little Venice area with its picturesque medieval houses is an enchanting part of the city to spend an evening out with your mum or daughter. The tavernas sitting on the waterfront serve delicious seafood and traditional Greek fare with a stunning setting in which to toast the holiday.

    Marrakech is just the ticket for mothers and daughters with a sense of adventure. The exotic Moroccan city is famous throughout the world for its souks, so it’s an ideal place to do some serious shopping. Browse the maze-like streets in search of shiny objects and soft leather goods. The Djemma el Fna, the main square within the old city is a must-do for all mothers and daughters.

    The sights, smells and sounds of snake charmers, entertainers, traders and crowds mingle to create an intoxicating atmosphere. Sharing a drink on one of the rooftop terraces surrounding the square is a gentle way to escape the jostling crowds and enjoy the scene together. For an unforgettable treat, take a hot-air balloon ride over the city to get an aerial view or head out into the desert on a camel safari.

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      Enjoy A Dream Trip On a Discount

      by on Aug.28, 2012, under Egypt

      Globetrotting has never been easier to plan, with millions of holidays on offer online to compare against each other. Fancy seven nights in Geneva? Easy. Want to pick a different hotel? No problem. The benefits of choosing your ideal holiday plan from one of the largest holiday comparison websites on the planet is that not only do you get low prices, but you get to pick from some of the finest up-and-coming hotels and holiday apartments on offer.

      You probably aren’t even considering a holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a look at what’s on offer. We’ve got another bank holiday coming up in August and with the weather that we’ve had do you really want to chance another wet weekend? It totally isn’t worth it, not when you could be somewhere warm and exotic, such as Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. These three Arabian gems are pretty much guaranteed summer sunshine which is more than can be said for the UK. Why count your change for a pint of milk in your local supermarket, when your bank holiday could involve you bartering for spices and silk in the souk. So swap that daily commute for a camel trek and consider heading into the Sahara.

      For a long-haul option, Sin City itself has some great deals with Holiday Discount Centre. You can visit the Bright Light City of Las Vegas for less than 800 a week, including flights. Spend your nights in the glamorous casinos or partying in the extravagant casinos, this really is a destination for a holiday that you won’t forget.

      Don’t just sit there and worry that the next floods could be hitting your hometown this weekend, ruining all your Olympic street party plans. Get on a plane and go somewhere special this summer – you only live once, you know!

      If you’re keen to depart to sunnier shores and soon, then you should spend some time looking at the fantastic destinations available on Holiday Discount Centre. How soon you want to set off depends on how flexible you are.

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