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A Primer About Stansted Airport

by on Dec.08, 2012, under Travel

Following Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, Stansted is the next busiest airport in Britain. As with all airports, Stansted’s operations began with the opening of its first terminal building in 1969. The current one, however, did not start operating until 1988. When this terminal building was finally ready in 1991, Stansted Airport became the world’s most modern airport complex.

Stansted is home to Ryan Air, a leading UK budget carrier which goes to 106 destinations in Europe and elsewhere. According to statistics released in the year 2011, Stansted airport was ranked as the fourth busiest airport in the UK after Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airport. This particular airport is owned by BAA, the British Airports Authority. The authority also manages and owns five other major UK airports.

Basically, Stansted Airport has one major passenger terminal with three different passenger satellites used mainly by departing travelers. The airport provides quality services to its clients and users. They range from airport parking facilities to smoking areas and meeting rooms. Other services and facilities available at Stansted airport include rest and relaxation facilities, shops, meeting rooms, worship centers and many others.

Most of the destinations out of Stansted are served by two of the UK’s most well known low cost airlines, Ryanair and Easyjet. Stansted won the Skytrax award for world’s best low cost airport for low cost airlines in both 2011 and 2012. Other airlines serving the airport include Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson Airways.

The parking facilities provided are fully automated and secure. Passengers can book and pay for their parking spaces online through the Stansted airport online website. The airport provides trolleys that are used to ferry passenger baggage from their cars or taxis to the terminal. Trolleys can be collected at a small charge of about 1 pound which is refunded to passengers upon return of the trolley.

It is still the third busiest airport in London, but as they say, if you need the job done, give it to a busy person. The multi-faceted airport has figured in many films, including The Dark Knight Rises. Although Black Swan was not filmed at Stansted Airport, some passengers in the passenger lounge can’t help but associate the airport’s swanlike structure to a ballerina in motion. Efficient yet graceful, the airport beats with the frenetic pace of modern travel, seeming to challenge a sleepy passenger to a sprightly pas de deux.

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    The Highlights of London

    by on Aug.05, 2011, under Travel

    Even though London is preparing for the Summer Olympic Games of 2012, there is no reason not to visit the city today. In London you find many sights, superb shopping and pulsing nightlife. Even great food can be found in the city.

    The newest (and one of the most interesting) sight is the London Eye. The 135 meter (443 feet) high Ferris wheel can be found between Waterloo and Westminster Bridge. It was originally opened for the millennium new year by Tony Blair. But because of technical problems, the public couldnt use it before March 2000.

    The 32 cabins on the wheel have room for 25 persons each. It is a very popular attraction; and because one rotation takes about half an hour, you can expect long queues in the high season. But the view from the top over the central London (including Big Ben and the House of Parliament) is worth the waiting.

    A 900 older sight with a very bloody history is the Tower of London. The Traitors Gate was the entrance for many, but the exit for few. The majority were killed because of torture or rats; or executed.

    Today the rats have gone; and the torture and executions stopped. And the prisoners have been replaced with tourists watching all the ceremonies. One of the most exciting is the Ceremony of the Keys. At exactly 9.52 pm the head of the guards hands over the keys to the head of the night watchmen.

    On a tour in the Tower of London, you can see both the royal apartment as well as the dungeons. But the most fascinating is the Jewel House where the British crown jewels can be seen; including the worlds largest diamond Star of Africa, which is placed in the scepter of the sovereign.

    For more great sights, visit St. Pauls Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Do also take a look at the 106 meter (348 feet) high Big Ben, and go for a walk in Hyde Park. Finish the sightseeing in British Museum, where you find an enormous collection of art.

    A must thing to do in London is people watching. In the city you can see everything from punkers with safety pins through their noses and cock’s combs to businessmen with bowler hat sand stiff upper lips.

    It is actually possible to find great food in London. And no, it is not the notorious fish and chips. Many famous cooks like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver have restaurant in the city. If you like cheaper options, you can find great, exotic restaurants with inexpensive food. London is a melting pot of multi-ethnic populations; which means you can eat food from all around the world.

    For shopping visit the famous department store Harrods; they brag about that they can provide everything. If you are looking for something for your home, you can find wallpaper and fabric in Designers Guild and minimalistic, Japanese design in Muji. Make the kids happy with a visit to the six story toyshop Hamleys of Regent Street.

    Martin Elmer is the editor of Weekendophold. Here you can also read about London sevaerdigheder.

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      On the Hunt for Cheap Flights to London

      by on Apr.10, 2011, under Vacations

      Availing cheap flights to London makes travelling to London quite possible. Most folks are unable to travel to London even if they aspire to. All you need to do is to make inquiries regarding these cheap flights. Don’t be easily thwarted. You’ll be able to get the opportunity you want.

      A good start is to gather useful information from different airlines and travelling agencies. Since London allows other international flights to land on its airports, booking a flight will be relatively easy for you. Among the many airports, you might want to check out flights that land in Heathrow. The fares here are considered cheap by most travelers because of its convenient connecting flights.

      A great end point would be landing on either Gatwick or Heathrow and vice versa if you are coming from a different continent. These airports serve as transportation hubs to many famous and respectable airlines. They accommodate up to 50 flights per day. You can get cheap and safe air flights if you make this your end point with such a competency.

      Still, your main task is to check out the best cheap flights to London. A lot of inexpensive prices are being offered online in many websites. Checking the credibility of the airline is one thing. You slitt want to be safe even if you’re buying an inexpensive ticket. Begin narrowing your list by selecting well-known larger sites. Later on, you can start browsing over cheap flights to London.

      If you’ve frequently travelled on air for the past years, you might want to inquire from the frequent airline company you’ve used. By doing this, you’ve started on your task. Let me give you a heads up on getting cheap airfare: Good promos can be availed by booking earlier than your expected date of flight. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have lower air rates than usual.

      Try out these two tips. They work! You can start booking cheap flights to London right now.

      Harvin Gulfill is the editor of Billigt fly. Here you can also read more about Billig flyrejse London.

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