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Planning For Your Vacation

by on Jul.04, 2013, under Vacations

Many hotel-seekers are constantly looking for the best reviews in hotels. Although there are many factors that determine the ratings given to a specific hotel, some of them are more important than others.

There are a lot of people that just do not understand how they are going to be smart about the way that they develop a budget for their vacation. If at all possible you should make sure that you can pay for your vacation without going into any debt.

You should take the time that you need to understand how you are going to be smart about your budget so that you are not stressed about what you are spending while on vacation. Make sure that you take the time that you need to be smart about the budget that you set early on.

You have to make sure that you take the time that you need to set a budget that you feel comfortable with and that is actually attainable. When you are going to go on vacation you may have to start saving up for your vacation. Take the time that you need to understand how you are going to save up so that you can be sure that you will enjoy the vacation that you take.

As you are choosing where you want to stay, you may find that you are inhibited by the number of rooms that you need. Talk with a few different hotels about what options you would have if you chose to stay with them. Make sure that you take the time that you need to choose your hotel wisely.

While there are some that seek to get a low price, many others are willing to pay a premium price in order to receive a better service and a more enjoyable experience.

While many look for the lowest price and many look for a premium price, there are some people who seek for the best value to the price they are paying. Due to the fact that the price is correlated to the quality of service, some people seek the ultimate combination of price and quality of service.

You should not only be looking for hotels, motels and inns but you can also be looking for condominiums or time shares. There are many places where this can be your best option as you are preparing for your vacation.

Make sure that you take the time that you need to be smart about the way that you are vacationing. Explore the many different ways that you can stay at your destination to be sure that you are going to find the one that is best for you and your family.

While you are looking for the different destinations that you are going to stay at, take time to read the different reviews online. Talk with people that have vacationed in the same area so that you know you are making a wise decision.

This way, you can be sure that you are able to find the hotel that is going to work the best for you and the party that you are travelling with. Take the time that you need to be smart about the way that you choose your hotel and be sure to check out Iron River Michigan Hotels. It may make a big difference in the time that you spend vacationing.

Come and luxuriate in the charm and tranquility of Iron County at one of the most hospitable Crystal Falls hotels. The Chicaugon Lake Inn takes nature-hungry travelers 365 days of the year. If you love the outdoors–anything you name it–you are guaranteed to get what you and your family want and lots more at one the best Crystal Falls hotels.

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    Leucadia – Not Just For Hippies and Surfers

    by on Mar.18, 2013, under Travel

    Leucadia is an eclectic little community on the Pacific Ocean. It once was a mecca for hippies and surfers – remnants of those 1960s days can be seen throughout this north San Diego community. Here you will find palm trees, wooden cigar store Indians, tie-dyed T-shirts and blue jeans, barefoot kids playing in the streets, funky lawn art and glowing beads.

    Settled by English spiritualists in 1870, Leucadia was named after some Greek islands and its streets were named for mythological figures. You won’t find a Home Depot, McDonald’s or shopping mall in Leucadia, but you will still find some of the flower farms that made it the Poinsettia capitol of the world.

    Leucadia is home to Italian restaurants, funky shops, yoga studios, palm readers and cool art galleries. Local hangouts include Pannikin Coffee & Tea, a former 1880s train station much favored by the arts crowd; world-famous Lou’s Records housing an enormous collection of new and used CDs and records; and Karina’s Taco Shop, home of the best Shrimp Burritos on earth.

    Leucadia’s residents say that the best thing that ever happened to Leucadia was that nothing ever happened to it. Leucadia’s beaches are lost in the 1960s and are old neighborhood surf breaks where hundreds of Leucadian’s have been surfing for thirty or more years. There are four especially popular surf beaches – Moonlight, Grandview, Beacon’s and Stone Steps – all are hidden treasures.

    If you want a great work out, try “running the stairs” with the locals at Stone Steps Beach. 99 stairs take you from the bluffs to the beach. All along your workout you have incredible views of the Pacific Ocean while you exercise.

    You can learn to surf by taking a class at Beacon’s Beach from world-famous Kahuna Bob, a Leucadian celebrity. Dolphins and whales are regularly seen, especially from the “high-bluff” beach entrances at Stone Steps and Beacon’s. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the famous “green flash” as the sun takes its final dip into the vast Pacific Ocean.

    Moonlight Beach is a Leucadian treasure – often called “the beach with everything” because it has lifeguard stations all year long, a big new playground for children, multiple spacious parking lots, fire-rings, restrooms with clean showers, beach rentals and a wide sandy beach.

    Adventure and travel interest the author. He loves the ocean. His special interest is marine animals. He operates a small inn in Encinitas. Visit: Encinitas Hotels or Bed and Breakfasts in Encinitas.

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      What To See In Encinitas California

      by on Mar.17, 2013, under Travel

      Encinitas is a California beach town locked in the 1960’s. Here you can see tourists and locals alike dining at outdoor restaurants, walking around downtown barefoot or in swim suits, just sitting in their cars at Moonlight Beach watching the waves or carrying their surfboards as they pedal their bikes to the nearest beach. World famous Swami’s Temple and more than 20 yoga studios add to the funky “cool” vibe.

      The rooms and suites at Ann’s Inn at Moonlight Beach recall a lovely French Country Inn with private baths, wi-fi & refrigerator. Each morning Ann bakes her guests mouthwatering home-made, warm-from-the-oven pastries with their breakfast – all included in the cost of their stay.

      Guests at the Inn might begin their day with a walk on the beach in either direction at the crack of dawn and then return to the Inn for Ann’s home-made breakfast – all included in the cost of the night’s stay. Swami’s Beach was made famous in 1963 by the Beach Boys and is just a ten minute walk along the sandy beach where world class surfers still surf every morning.

      If you stay at Ann’s Inn, you will awaken in the morning to the sounds of the of her meditative waterfall. You can drift back to sleep take a walk or jog along Moonlight Beach as Encinitas awakens.

      After their early morning activities, guests return to the Inn and relax with a cup of fresh, hot Starbucks coffee and the morning newspaper in Ann’s breakfast sunroom, or enjoy their breakfast outside in the sunshine next to her soothing waterfall.

      In the evenings, guests enjoy romantic moonlit walks on the beach. Others prefer to relax on the front porch of the Inn with a glass of wine while they enjoy the twilight over the ocean. When guests are ready for bed they can snuggle down under fine cotton linens and down-filled pillows and let the soothing songs of the waterfall and distant surf lull them to sleep.

      Encinitas is a wonderful place to live and to visit. No other beach town in the San Diego area has such a great selection of restaurants from Mexican take-out to fine Italian dining. If you come to visit, bring your appetite!

      The author moved to California from Michigan to sail NOAA research ships studying marine seabirds.Hunefeld and Ann Dunham own the Inn At Moonlight Beach in Encinitas near Del Mar and San Diego. For more information visit: Encinitas Hotels or Hotels in Encinitas.

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