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Live as an expat on the ground in Mexico

by on Sep.02, 2012, under Mexico Vacations

Choosing to live as an expat in Mexico means going beyond the typical tourist concept of all-inclusive resorts in Cancun or Cabo San Lucas. While it is certainly true that you can be in English-speaking tourists who goes on vacation in one of the many Mexican resorts, there is a difference between being a tourist and visitor to Mexico and actually being an expat living on the ground.

One of the biggest myths about Mexico is that you have to have some sort of a visa to live here. The reality is that the Mexican government allows anyone from another country to stay for six months on the passport alone, so long as you have the income to provide for yourself. They don’t ask any questions, they simply let you in the front door and ask that you have a good time and spend your money wisely.

There are several different types of visas you can receive if you want to live in Mexico on a long-term basis. The pensioner visa is for individuals who are retired and have some form of pension coming in every single month from an official government source. Renters are those individuals who are freelancers who have some sort of online income coming in from the business. You can also establish a business in Mexico and receive a visa that way.

The cost of living is one of the primary reasons people choose to live in Mexico as expats, because you can have a nice middle-class lifestyle for around $10,000 per year, or you could have an upper-class lifestyle on around $20,000 per year. $50,000 a year will allow you to live like a rock star in Hollywood, with premium real estate on the beach and plenty of luxuries year round.

Unlike some countries which have very strict regulations and rules surrounding a way of life, Mexico is known for being one of the most laid-back destinations an expat can choose from. Drug use is completely decriminalized, tequila and ceviche are incredibly cheap, prostitution is completely legal and you have your choice of beaches, mountains or jungle to choose from.

Starting with an expat guidebook is a good idea, because more information is better than none at all.

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    Pursuing Early Retirement As An Expat

    by on Jul.11, 2012, under Vacations

    If you look beyond the hype of an early retirement you will find that more and more expats around the world are making this a part of their everyday reality. Gone are the days of working 40+ years as a slave to a system that requires you to work 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year with a mere two weeks of paid vacation. A lifestyle of absolute freedom is on the agenda for the modern-day expat.

    “Retire early” is a phrase that is an impossibility to most people. After all, the only way to achieve a proper retirement is to work your way up the corporate chain, rung by rung until you finally reach a manager’s position somewhere near the top. Year after year for at least 40 years after you graduate college; that’s the proper way, the way that society has been trained to believe and to follow.

    But if you are an entrepreneurial sort who is looking abroad at the expat lifestyle to establish your early retirement, there is an entire world’s worth of opportunities just waiting for you to take advantage of. Many expats are retiring as early as 35 years of age, or even 30 in some cases, simply by taking advantage of medical tourism and lowered costs of living in places like Costa Rica or Mexico. As long as you can receive your money online via PayPal or wire transfer you are good to go.

    Just think about the possibility of taking your 50k a year salary and moving somewhere like the countryside of France, where medical tourism flourishes and you can live on an easy 10k a year. While it might cost you 50k a year to enjoy a bare-bones existence in New York City, in a place like France you can stick 40k a year back into your savings and walk away like a king after just a few short years, with plenty of money to invest in some form of retirement.

    Or you can choose to go to a place like Mexico City, which is full of expats who are there enjoying the world’s fifth largest city with a cost of living that is less than $10,000 a year. When you can stick 40k per year of your 50k salary back into your pocket the potential for an early retirement is only limited by your annual salary and how hard you are willing to work.

    Any expat that wants to find the best benefits abroad can go anywhere. You can live in Cancun, Mexico just as easily as you can in any other country like Brazil or Chile or Japan.

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