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The Zen Of Great Journeys

by on Nov.26, 2015, under Adventures

The greatest adventure you could ever go on is calling you.

It’s the greatest adventure of your life in fact. It’s an adventure that could change your entire life.

What would it take to answer that call even if you were scared?

What if you could have a dream that wasn’t under control? What if you could begin a voyage that would never end? What would that look like? How big could you dream?

Winston Churchill once famously claimed, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Churchill has it right as it really is all about changing and improving upon your life constantly. If you can adapt and adjust to situations and prevent yourself from getting too attached to things you can really take things up another level.

The journey of a lifetime isn’t a journey really to anywhere in particular but rather a commitment to seeing what you could really do with your life.

Maybe that deep fear is of being alone, not being important enough, or failing to make an impact on the world. Perhaps that deep fear is only something that you actually know within and have been scared to tell any other person. But when you confront that fear and dedicate the rest of your life to a mission, it subsides and the chances of life open up in front of you.

Stop running from your fears and life will continue to surprise you in the best ways possible.

Many might think this idea is pure moonshine, but I have seen it occur with my own eyes in my own life and to the various lives of others I have coached professionally. When you face your fears and come to a decision to go on a journey, you become the hero of your own story. You give yourself the chance to be consistently surprised by life and live in precisely the way you’re fully free from your greatest fears.

So what will it be today? Fear or adventure?

Evan Sanders is a fearless adventurer, professional life coach and writer. He is on a mission to incite the hearts and minds of those around him and help them live their best lives. Read more of his work at The Better Man Projects and throw yourself into these Quotes About Strength for some more inspiration and motivation.

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    Gay Tours And Gay Vacations In 2010 To Turkey

    by on Mar.31, 2011, under Travel

    Turkey is a unique nation with a distinctive history and culture, resulting largely from its particular location on two continents: Europe and Asia. This positioning has influenced Turkey throughout its long history and is evident in daily life, with most placing it more in line with Europe when it comes to the economy and politics, while it is geographically mostly Asian and distinctly Islamic, like most of its Middle Eastern neighbors.

    However, while Turkey is definitely an Islamic nation, visitors will find that a much more progressive mindset and Westernized culture is more evidence of the European influence that abounds. These characteristics that distinguish Turkey from other Islamic countries allow for safe, enjoyable gay tours.

    Millions of visitors travel to Turkey every year, many enjoying gay vacations that include exploring old-world architecture and ancient ruins, relaxing on beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines, and partaking in gay tours that visit sites of historical, cultural and spiritual importance.

    As the historical capital of both the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, there is virtually no end to the historic sites located throughout Istanbul and Turkey. Whether travelers opt for an urban gay travel experience in Istanbul, or a more rural vacation exploring old-world villages, visitors will feel like they have stepped into a different world where culturally-rich experiences are waiting around every corner.

    From indulging in sweet black tea or hardy Turkish coffee at a sidewalk caf to experiencing an afternoon at a hammam (a traditional Turkish public bath), gay vacations to Turkey will allow you to fully immerse yourself in this distinctive culture and to partake in many memorable experiences.

    When you opt for participating in gay tours to Turkey, you will find that the experience will be truly unforgettable and that the added benefit of having a travel professional manage the logistics of the trip allows for a more relaxing experience with nothing to worry about but making memories and having the time of your life.

    While travelers may not see a vocal, well-organized LGBT community during their gay vacations to Turkey, they will see that there is an LGBT scene and community. Unlike other Islamic countries, there are no laws specifically targeting the LGBT community and there are numerous community discos, bars and other establishments, many of which can be found in the Taksim Square neighborhood of Istanbul.

    With numerous establishments from which to choose, visitors enjoying gay travel to Turkey have the opportunity to experience the Turkish LGBT community during their stay, and those who opt for participating in gay vacations will find that this is an excellent way to see some of the most awe-inspiring sites of historical, cultural or spiritual significance that Turkey offers.

    The author of this article about Turkey is Howie Holben. Howie caretakes Spirit Journeys, a gay naked yoga enterprise. Spirit Journeys proposes spiritual gay travel groups world wide.

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    Tips For Gay Tours To England

    by on Mar.27, 2011, under Travel

    England always has been and always will be a gay vacation destination and offers a wide variety of options for gay tours in 2010. With a thriving, very visible gay and lesbian community and far more rights than those given to the LGBT community in the United States, England is an ideal location for gay vacations. From lively London nightspots to the relaxing beaches of Brighton and all the bucolic countryside and urban adventures that can be found throughout the country, England offers something for every kind of gay travel tourist.

    Gay men and lesbians visiting London will certainly want to head to Old Compton Street and the Soho neighborhood where they will find a lively gay vacation and numerous gay clubs, bars, businesses and restaurants. Soho is the center of gay life in London and is in close proximity to some of Londons famous tourist attractions, such as Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Chelsea, Piccadilly Circus and Kensington. Also, London has a wonderful public transportation system, making all that London has to offer within reach. Further north, Manchester also offers a thriving gay culture with an exciting gay scene including many gay pubs, clubs and bars. Visitors will want to be sure to check out Canal Street in Manchesters gay village.

    For seaside gay holidays, Brighton, aka Soho by the Sea, is home to the countrys second largest gay and lesbian community. Stroll along the pier, spend an afternoon on the famous pebble beach and explore the many unique boutiques and shops before heading to Kempton for dinner and a night on the town in this popular gay neighborhood in Brighton. Newcastle Gateshead is yet another gay-friendly option for a gay vacation in England and offers a bit of style and sophistication with a thriving gay scene complete with a gay village full of bars, clubs, cafs and pubs.

    Lesbians and gay men will have no trouble finding gay-friendly accommodations throughout England, including options that cater exclusively to the gay travel community or solely to gay men. By working with a travel agency that regularly organizes gay vacations to England, you can be assured that your travel agent will be able to find the gay-friendly bed and breakfast, hotel or other accommodations that will best suit your needs. If your ideal gay vacation in England includes spending a few nights under the stars, there are even gay-friendly and gay-owned campsites in England, including the gay-owned Out in the Open campsite in Cornwall and Brighthouse Farm, located in Suffolk, which offers a six-acre campground, self-catering lodgings and a farmhouse bed and breakfast.

    Make your England gay travel tours all that they can be by planning your gay travel with the assistance of a travel agency that is well-versed in organizing gay vacations.

    Trips to England ideas penned by Howie Holben. His company, Spirit Journeys, is a gay tours firm. Spirit Journeys proposes spiritual gay vacations world wide.

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