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Magical Twin Centre Holidays In Cuba

by on Jan.12, 2012, under cuba

Touring the islands of the Caribbean would eventually reveal the exotic charisma of Cuba. Booking the stylish twin Centre Cuba holidays means receiving extraordinary service, which is what every traveler wants. An it’s an easy way of organising your vacation.

Apart from picking which tourist attractions suit you the most, the rest is done for you as part of the deal. All accommodation needs are set up, flights and transfers booked and arranged to make it the most convenient vacation you ever need to have. Landing in Havana, the capital of Cuba you will be directed to transportation that takes you directly to your lodgings.

Beach enthusiasts could ask for no better deal as a mixture of touristy sight seeing trips mingle with lazy days casually strolling along the coast. The water is superbly clear, the weather warm and the people friendly. All the ingredients you need for a pleasant tropical getaway.

Cuba is an inspired and enchanting destination. It’s natural beauty is displayed in the eastern areas of the wetlands, where the native “Tocoroco” bird can be heard singing. Along the coast of the warm tropical island are pairs of Manatee known to migrate to these waters from about July through to September in the warmest areas.

The local markets are as colorful as you could possibly imagine. Being artisan in nature, hand crafted dolls donning national garb representing the political aspects of the Cuban Republic. The aroma of fresh ground coffee beans fills the air and gives the task of shopping a pleasant edge.

The tropical paradise situated on the edge of Tropic of Cancer boasts of an everlasting warmth that makes for a most relaxing vacation. The Cuban people are friendly and have an inherent culture. A Twin Centre Holiday in Cuba offers the tourist a very mellow time in the Caribbean.

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Hotels In Havana

by on Mar.01, 2011, under cuba

If you are looking for Havana Hotels then you might find this article of interest. There are over 50 hotels in Havana at present and the standard ranges from 2 star very basic hotels to 5 star luxury hotels.

There are about 14 different neighbourhoods in Havana among which the most popular in terms of tourist affluence are The Old Town, Vedado and Miramar quarters.These areas have the best tourist infrastructure in Havana.

There are 22 hotels in the Old Town. If you are looking for the best possible accommodation in Havana you can get then I would recommend Parque Central Hotel, Saratoga Hotel and Santa Isabel Hotel.

Other hotels worth staying are the boutique 4 star hotels in the Old Town. All managed by the leading Havana hotelier Habaguanex. The most relevant fact about these hotels is the fact that they were all built in the 18th Century and they all have a great deal of character.

Among these 4 star hotels worth mentioning Raquel Hotel and Condes de Villanueva. They have very good reviews. Their location can not be better and their architecture styles are simply astonishing.

On the 3 star category then you can check Hostal Valencia, Comendador, Meson de la Flota and Beltran de Santa Cruz hotels. The only problem with this hotels is that you are not going to find availabilities if you don’t book well in advance as they are highly demanded for their price and comfort.

The cheapest hotels in the Old Town are El Lido and Lincoln Hotel. These are 2 star hotels suitable for students or other travellers on a tight budget. They are very basic but they all have air conditioning, bathroom ensuite and satellite TV.

Prices range from 15.00 CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos) per person per night for the cheapest hotels to 80.00 CUC per person per night for the most expensive 5 star hotels. The 4 star hotels which I highly recommend can be booked online for around 50.00 CUC per person per night.

Please visit Cuba tours web site by J. M. Maurette for further information on Havana Hotels

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The Hidden Caves of Cuba

by on Mar.01, 2011, under cuba

There are many interesting places in Cuba to visit on your holidays but among the most popular is Viales Valley. This jewel of the Cuban geography combines so many natural formations. It is located in the second largest mountain range in Cuba. It is branded the best land for tobacco in the world. Its people are considered the nicest and most welcoming people in Cuba. Its rivers, forests, valleys, mountains, beaches, lakes and caves make it a must see place while on your holidays in Cuba

Today I would like to write about and amazing cave formation in Viales: La Cueva del Indio. This cave is part of a cavern system considered the largest in Latin America. You can visit this cave on a tour that is divided on two parts. First you walk along very constricted passages and slippery floor for about 10 minutes and then you find a under ground river along which you will get a ride on a boat until you reach the other end of the cave.

The appearance of the stalactites and stalagmites please the observer. Already in the exterior, you are able to see snails: the Polymitas, endemic of Cuba and of a supreme beauty, and other species originated in that region. When Don Carlos de la Torre, eminent Cuban naturalist, visited the cave, he donated to the institution considerable part of his collection of mollusks, during the first visit to this territory.

In the boat, a guide takes you to see the cave and at the same time he shows you the rock formations that exist in the cave and which have names due to the shapes they have. You may find a head of snake in the rock and you may wonder about nature.

The waterway inside the cavern is accessible for the ride for about 500 meters. Even though the river is a lot longer, for your own protection is not navigable along its total path. The entire grotto has not being entirely explored since there are some parts that are completely sank under water.

The trip itself is incredible but you get yet more thrilled towards the end of the ride. You get to a small tropical forest where there is a little waterfall and it seems like the ferry is going to fall over. This, of course is just a joke that these naughty guides like to play on you. Your safety is a priority and they would not joke about it if they thought they were putting you in any danger.

While in Viales having fun in your holidays, you must come here and enjoy this trip. This cave will have you breathless for sure. This is one of the many treasures that Cuba holds for you. Do not miss this chance.

Before you decide to go to Cuba make sure you check some few options on cheap Cuba holidays.

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