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The Zen Of Great Journeys

by on Nov.26, 2015, under Adventures

The greatest adventure you could ever go on is calling you.

It’s the greatest adventure of your life in fact. It’s an adventure that could change your entire life.

What would it take to answer that call even if you were scared?

What if you could have a dream that wasn’t under control? What if you could begin a voyage that would never end? What would that look like? How big could you dream?

Winston Churchill once famously claimed, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Churchill has it right as it really is all about changing and improving upon your life constantly. If you can adapt and adjust to situations and prevent yourself from getting too attached to things you can really take things up another level.

The journey of a lifetime isn’t a journey really to anywhere in particular but rather a commitment to seeing what you could really do with your life.

Maybe that deep fear is of being alone, not being important enough, or failing to make an impact on the world. Perhaps that deep fear is only something that you actually know within and have been scared to tell any other person. But when you confront that fear and dedicate the rest of your life to a mission, it subsides and the chances of life open up in front of you.

Stop running from your fears and life will continue to surprise you in the best ways possible.

Many might think this idea is pure moonshine, but I have seen it occur with my own eyes in my own life and to the various lives of others I have coached professionally. When you face your fears and come to a decision to go on a journey, you become the hero of your own story. You give yourself the chance to be consistently surprised by life and live in precisely the way you’re fully free from your greatest fears.

So what will it be today? Fear or adventure?

Evan Sanders is a fearless adventurer, professional life coach and writer. He is on a mission to incite the hearts and minds of those around him and help them live their best lives. Read more of his work at The Better Man Projects and throw yourself into these Quotes About Strength for some more inspiration and motivation.

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    Why Hypermilers Prefer To Drive Without Shoes

    by on Nov.12, 2010, under Travel

    The ‘hypermiler’ is concerned with utilizing each litter of fuel to its maximum potential using a number of unusual, if not eccentric, methods. One of these controversial methods is the practice of driving barefoot.

    Every experienced driver knows that one way to improve fuel efficiency is to accelerate gently or even as little as possible. Accelerating burns more fuel and thus, hypermilers believe that if they can control acceleration by driving barefoot, then they can squeeze more miles out of fuel.

    On the other hand, there are those who disagree that driving without shoes gives one better control of the car. In fact, they have termed this practice as illegal and should not be practiced at all.

    Based on observation, the school of thought that hypermilers promotes sometimes go against common sense and for some illegal.

    There are a number of practices that are considered illegal in some states. But for a fanatic of maximizing fuel consumption, pulsing and gliding ten miles an hour beyond the limit or turning off the engine while the car is running at a high speed is good. Pundits say driving without shoes can be considered illegal.

    In practice, it is legal to drive without shoes in the United States of America. However, flip-flop sandals or high heels that impede you in stepping on the pedals properly should be the culprit when some who uses either type of shoes encounters in an accident. Clearly, driving without any covering will actually make things simple to everyone because there would be no obstruction between the foot and the pedal.

    Thus, it is a matter of preference as to whether one would like to drive barefoot or not and the plain truth is, it is not illegal to do so.

    For those who are interested to learn more about the advantages of driving barefooted and how to protect your rights legally, get in touch with the leading lawyers specializing in car accidents.

    Besides energy saving tips, this author additionally regularly shares knowledge on the brushed nickel bathroom lighting and the large digital wall clock.

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    How Multi-Travel Insurance Can Save You Time And Money

    by on Aug.18, 2010, under Travel

    For those who travel out of the country often on a regular basis, it would be wise to invest on a insurance plan that would cover, not only for one trip, but also for the series of travels – all travels rolled into one insurance policy, commonly known as the multiple trip travel insurance.

    Obtaining multi-trip travel insurance is the most cost-efficient way of keeping yourself financially safe whenever you travel. You only have to purchase it once and that will keep you covered in whichever country you travel to.

    Multi-trip travel insurance is essentially a travel insurance policy that insures the traveler for several trips. If it is an annual plan, then it covers all trips that are made within a year with a length of 30-120 days for each trip.

    The specific risks or event that the insurance policy intends to cover varies from one insurance to the other. These are spelled out in the fine prints of the policy. Some covers for expenses incurred due to some hospital services, flight cancellations and/or simple delays, and worse are damages or even loss of belongings.

    The benefits of obtaining this type of insurance policy are obvious. A businessman who is on a trip can rest assured that if anything unexpected happens while he is away, he or his loved ones will be compensated for their loss. The convenience of the one-time purchase and the peace of mind one has while traveling is incomparable to the other types of insurance policies.

    Before purchasing an insurance, one has to examine one’s situation in terms of one’s capacity of ignoring coverage to a potential risk travelling has on the person. If one cannot cover such risk, one should include that in the insurance. However, one can always insure the travel partially, if one can carry the portion of the loss.

    If you surf the internet you’ll find a lot of information about these insurance policies. There are numerous sites that offer detailed information as well as price quotations on the varied travel insurance policies available.

    Do not be in hurry in buying insurance policy. You can hop from one company to another, get more information and ask their quotations. Consider also those insurance companies that are preferably taken mostly by travelers. Their offers and packages might be good.

    In addition to travel advice, this author additionally frequently gives advice on the shoe organizer and shoe storage boxes.

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