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Advised Accommodations Along The Garden Route

by on Jun.19, 2013, under Vacations

The Garden Route is really quite appropriately named. It gives the impression of the Garden of Eden would look like, all along the south-eastern coastline of South Africa. The name originates from the magnificently diverse greenery here and the many lagoons and lakes along the coast.

There are numerous little towns and villages all along the garden route. It starts at Witsand and continues through to The Crags, right there at the Tsitsikamma National forest. A few of the most well known and popular towns are Stillbay, Mossel Bay, Hartenbos, George, Wilderness, Knysna, And Plettenberg Bay, just to name a few. And at every stop you will find amusing things to do, delightful bistros and pubs, and a few of the sweetest little guest houses and hotels you can discover. All in all, the garden route accommodation selections are essentially infinite. You can find nearly anything you feel for, whether it be hotels, B&B, guest houses or guest lodges, and everything else in between.

Listed below are a few of the towns, the types of accommodation located in that town, and a few things of interest to do also.

The town of George is well known for golf, so if you are in the mood for an enjoyable round of nine or 18 holes, then this is the town for you! You can play at the George Golf Club or at the Fancourt Hotel and Country Estate. For those who do not favor the sport, you can always go to the George Museum where you will discover displays on the growth of the timber industry, a collection of souvenirs connected with PW Botha, the last nationalist leader of SA, as well as the AK47 rifle carved from ivory as a gift to Botha from Jonas Savimbi. For those who find museum tours a little too slow, there is canoeing, mountain biking, paragliding or abseiling instead.

As for accommodation in George, there is so much to pick from. It all depends on whether you are camping, caravanning, prefer a bush lodge, prefer self-catering chalets or feel like staying at a guest farm. The selections are endless and each has its own special beauty.

Hartenbos is right beside the Mossel Bay industrial town called Voorbaai. There is a resort right on the banks of the Hartenboss river which is very popular, especially throughout December and January. This is when about one hundred thousand individuals visit. There are all kinds of activities to enjoy like boating and fishing. However the most popular without a doubt is what the Afrikaans call the ATKV- Afrikaans Taal en Kultuur Vereninging, which translated means The Afrikaans Language and Culture Organization, which was established in 1936, along with the Hartenbos Resort.

The Great View Guest House is a sensational little gem that has 5 en-suite bed rooms and each has its own exclusive entrance. It has something all tastes from large living spaces, braai areas, a sundeck and splash pool and is child and wheelchair friendly. If you are more interested in self-catering, then there are a couple of to choose from, all with impressive views and spectacular surrounds. A lot of have scenic views of the ocean.

Wilderness is located in between sheer cliffs and lush woodlands and hillsides on one side and lakes and lagoons along the coastline. In the middle of the Wilderness National Park is a camp site with a little store, you can rent canoes and row-boats and enjoy the day on the lake.

There are way too many towns to mention and note the incredible locations you can stay for the night, and even a couple of days. Lip service cannot do the Garden Route and any of the accommodation any justice. It is something that you have to experience for yourself.

We are the proud owners of a gorgeous guest house here in Wilderness that sleeps fourteen. We have been around for over sixtenn years now, and are planning to be around for at least the next sixteen years. If you have any questions that require addressing, or just need some accommodation assistance, Cinnamon House accomodation.

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    Lovely Holidays in Wilderness

    by on May.12, 2013, under Vacations

    If you hear individuals discussing “wilderness” on the Garden Route, they are not talking in general terms about nature, but about a lovely vacation spot which is ideal for families and couples. The following article provides some basic details about exactly what to look forward to when reserving a holiday in Wilderness.

    Wilderness is a small town that is found along the national road called the N2, in between Mossel Bay and Storm’s River. We suggest you keep your camera ready whilst driving along this road because the N2 runs parallel to the coastline and provides incredible views of the ocean, the beaches and the high cliffs. The whole of the Garden Route is extremely stunning and dotted with lakes and stunning countryside.

    Wilderness accommodation is quite sophisticated without being excessively expensive. There are hotels all around the town center with gorgeous gardens and have their own swimming pools if you don’t feel like driving. The town is really small and is situated in between a stunning lagoon and a beach, that was recently granted the worldwide “Blue Flag” status. The little town is totally geared to making tourists comfortable so you will discover many different dining establishments, a shopping center and a bank and an art gallery. There is also a church and a physicians office. So when you arrive in Wilderness, you do not have to drive to get anywhere.

    There are some really lovely places you can go to on day trips if you don’t mind a little bit of driving. Wilderness is 15km away from George, 40km from Mossel Bay, 60km from Oudtshoorn and 40km from Knysna. The roadways are beautiful and you can even take the back roads to appreciate the wilder side of this area.

    It is highly recommended to visit the Goukama Nature Reserve which is impressive with its humungous yellow wood trees, its bush buck and duiker. If you are lucky, you will see the bush pig taking a mud bath and also baboons and monkeys going about their business. The caracal (rooikat) and the leopard just come out during the night so they are not easy to find. Camping is allowed in specific locations, however there areIt is highly advised to go to Goukama Nature Reserve which is amazing with its giant yellow wood trees, its bush buck and duiker. If you are lucky, you will see the bush pig mucking in the mud and also monkeys and baboons going about their daily business.

    The sea in Wilderness is warm and calm enough for swimming, and this is not always the case in the Cape. This part of shoreline gets the warm ocean current from the Indian Ocean, which is what keeps the environment warm here all year round. In winter, the temperature level never really drops below 8 degrees Celsius and there is roughly 700mm of rain spread uniformly over the whole year. The weather is most ideal for the beach in between October and April.

    Wilderness has the art for hospitality and has been renowned for it as far back as the 1800’s. Coming to Wilderness, you will not find a cold and contemporary vacation spot, but a welcoming and lively location that is rich in heritage and crafts. The lovely craft markets that are held once or twice a month are an excellent event to get to know the neighborhood people, who are at all times friendly and excited to chat with travelers.

    Wilderness is a location where you can take a tranquil beach-side holiday, where you can enjoy nature or where you can take day trips to the stunning bordering towns. You can take scenic drives to locations like “Map of Africa” viewpoint or Dolphin Point, or you can take pleasure in many of the activities and sports available in the area.

    Best of all, you can simply take pleasure in the friendly and laid-back environment of a beach-side resort with an “African Twist” to it.

    We have in fact been in the vacation accommodation business for 16 years and are proud to have opened our fourteen room, boutique style guest house in Wilderness. Contact us for special deals at Cinnamon Boutique.

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      Fantastic Holiday Activities in and Around Wilderness, South Africa

      by on May.11, 2013, under Vacations

      Wilderness is a small vacation town that has a real vocation for hospitality. It is big enough to allow for comprehensive holiday entertainment but is little enough to travel around without a car. The kind of holiday you choose to have in wilderness entirely depends on you. You can have a lazy beach vacation, an adventure vacation or a vacation rich in culture, crafts and arts.

      If you are preparing to appreciate a beach holiday, then Wilderness is an optimal spot since the sea is calm and warm. Wilderness Beach has actually been granted the worldwide Blue Flag recognition in 2013 for its clean water and ecological management. Additionally, most hotels have a pool and there are more than twenty five dining establishments within walking distance, so you can enjoy various food each night.

      There is something to be said about the accommodation; Wilderness has a tradition in hospitality since the 1800’s and you can find all kinds of accommodation areas to suit your requirements. Typically, accommodation is not extremely expensive and provides great value for money if you are a tourist from Europe or the United States.

      If you are the outdoors type, you will enjoy Wilderness. There is a lot to do as far as holiday activities go.

      Firstly, if you’re not scared of heights, you can go paragliding. Highly experienced instructors will take you on a tandem paragliding adventure in spots which have remarkable aerial views. You could take off at Map of Africa, Kleinkrantz, Wilderness Beach, Gerrickes Point or Sedgeview. This area is known as a paragliding paradise and individuals flock there from everywhere. There are places where you can hire all the equipment and get all the details you need for solo paragliding if you are already a competent paragliding pilot and have a license. Paragliding is readily available all the time.

      If something of this type is a little too extreme for you, you could possibly try something revitalizing but relaxing like horse rides in the countryside. You will probably see quite a couple of animals on your ride, especially baboons and monkeys. Horse riding is available all year round however most people places will ask you to book in advance.

      It is highly advised to enjoy one of the ocean safaris and activities. These can range from whale and dolphin watching, to cage diving or ocean Kayaking. Whales are seen in the winter , from April to October and dolphins are seen in the summertime, from November to March. If you would like to see dolphins or whales up close, make certain that you enquirer if your selected company has a SABBWWA license. These companies can get their boats within 50 m of the whales and dolphins. The rest of the companies may not come closer than tree hundred meters. Whales are seen in the winter months, from April to October and dolphins are seen in the summer months, from November to March. If you would like to see whales or dolphins up close, make sure that you enquirer if your chosen company is in possession of the SABBWWA license. If you are really lucky you might even be able to catch a peek of the rare humpback dolphin which is just seen in this location.

      You can likewise rent a canoe and paddl eup the Touw River. Canoes can be single, for two or for 3 and so will accommodate families and couples. The trip up the Touw River is stunning since the banks are covered in lush green, virgin woodlands. You can pack a picnic lunch, leave the canoe on the river bank and go swim and eat beside the Touw River Waterfall.

      Your vacation in Wilderness can be as eventful or as tranquil as you like. Its all up to you!

      We are the owners of a 14 bed room boutique guest house. We have in fact been in the accommodation industry for sixteen years and are extremely pleased to offer you any more travel info at Cinnamon Boutique.

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