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Sigma Derby in Downtown Las Vegas – More Than A Slot Machine, it’s a Whole Lotta Fun!

by on Jan.22, 2013, under Travel

A recent post-midnight jaunt to Downtown Las Vegas led me to the vintage gaming area on the second floor of The D Hotel and Casino. The first thing I heard as I approached the myriad of old-school coin operated slot machines was a voice yelling “c’mon two-three, c’mon two-three!” Surely I had heard this type of exclamation many a time at the race and sports book or perhaps walking by a craps table, but at a quarter past midnight on the second floor of The D? The reason for heading to The D in the first place was to check out the Long Bar on the main floor. I headed upstairs to simply snap a couple of photos of the sports book for a future review. I had no idea that I was going to spend the next two hours having a heck of a good time.

The sports book located in this area had long closed for the evening and there are no table games in this area, but the space is filled with vintage slot machines and the star attraction here is the Sigma Derby machine. There are a number of things that makes Sigma Derby fun. The free drinks, meeting new folks (I met people from Maryland, Minnesota, and California), and the chase of hitting the 200-1 jackpot. And a lot of people agree about the fun as Sigma Derby has quite a cult following, including their own Facebook page.

An occasional video poker or video blackjack session while watching a sporting event at one of the casino bars is the extent of my slot play. However, being a horse racing fan combined with the fact that there is no sports book action happening at “12-something” in the morning, the thought of joining this Sigma-Derby party was intriguing. Little did I realize how much fun I would have not only playing the game, but interacting with several of the folks sitting in on the fun – I made friends and enjoyed libations with folks from California, Minnesota, and Maryland. And as it turns out, this Sigma Derby thing has a bit of a cult following – a Sigma Derby Facebook group has been created for fans of the game to interact.

Playing Sigma Derby is pretty simple. An exacta combination (1st and 2nd place in exact order) is chosen by the player prior to the start of the race. You can bet anywhere from one to 200 quarters on each exacta bet you make. The biggest payout is 200-1, but the usual payouts range from 3-1 to 12-1. But alas, that 200-1 will come up and sometimes hit for a “jackpot” win. Each horse race (think miniature horse and jockey racing around a miniature model of a race track) goes off approximately every minute or so.

It should also be noted that the floor staff as well as the cocktail servers at The D were friendly and attentive. I thought we’d be forgotten on the second floor but servers came around often and were very quick with drink service, which certainly added to the fun. If you find yourself strolling through the much improved, yet still funky spots along Fremont Street, heading to the second floor of The D and spending some time making friends while enjoying Sigma Derby is surely something to try out.

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    Plan Your Next Las Vegas Vacation

    by on Dec.25, 2012, under Vacations

    Because Las Vegas hosts over 25000 conventions annually you’ll probably find yourself there this year. Besides neon the Liberace Museum dice and the Rat Pack this city offers so much to do. Your work trip can become a Las Vegas vacation because there is so much to do. Take a break from the casinos and investigate all the other fantastic attractions. Your Las Vegas vacation is one your whole family can enjoy.

    Most people think of Las Vegas as a playground for adults. But many of the hotels have developed features to appeal to the whole family. The Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand or the Circus Circus Midway can provide hours of entertainment. You could also enjoy the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum and the Magic and Movie Hall of Fame. Your kids will have a great time on your Las Vegas Vacation.

    Las Vegas has a lot of attractions for auto enthusiasts. Fantastic antique cars are on view at The Imperial Palace Auto Collection. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is hugely popular. The tracks and shows in the Neon Garage provide lots of entertainment. While you’re there take a track tour. Rent-A-Vette Exotic Cars provide a great alternative to a boring rental sedan. A convertible Corvette or an Astin Martin will really spice up your Las Vegas vacation. You’ll have a lot more fun driving down the Strip or touring the desert in one of these.

    People tend to forget that Las Vegas used to be a frontier outpost. This history is still alive and well in the modern West. A visit to The Las Vegas Natural History Museum will take you from prehistoric times through the modern desert. Leave the neon behind and take a Cowboy Trail Ride through the desert to get a real taste of the West. Try out mother nature’s answer to the neon of the Strip and a great way to spend the day on your Las Vegas vacation. A drive through the Red Rock Canyon Natural Conservation Area will leave you breathless.

    If you’ve always dreamed of a destination wedding Las Vegas is the perfect spot. You can find tasteful wedding chapels at many hotels. The whole wedding party can take advantage of special wedding packages through many independent chapels. Even if you want an unusual themed wedding you can find it. An Elvis impersonator will serenade you and you can take “Elvis vows” at the Elvis Chapel. Pick your own theme at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. The bachelor and bachelorette parties can find plenty of activities prior to the nuptials. Your friends and family can build a Las Vegas vacation around your wedding.

    Las Vegas has become a serious golf destination with over 35 golf courses. With the internet checking out the courses and booking tee times is easy. If you want to arrive ready to go this is a pretty good idea. The gals can hit the spas while the guys are golfing. Outstanding spa services that put you in the lap of luxury are offered at most hotels. While on your Las Vegas vacation this is a great way to pamper yourself. Everyone can have a great time at the many hotels that offer both golf and spa services.

    There is so much to do here that you’ll never experience it all in one Las Vegas vacation. You can spend the entire time hitting the casinos but you’ll also have a great time experiencing the other attractions. The hotels are all so phenomenal that you could spend a huge amount of time just checking them out. If you bring your family there are plenty of things to do with your kids. Whether you are interested in golf getting married the Old West or family friendly things to do you’ll find it on your Las Vegas vacation.

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      How Stress Impacts You

      by on Apr.02, 2011, under Travel

      The impacts of stress very from individual to individual and is all based on how the situation at hand is perceived. The impacts of stress depends on which events a person notices and whether the person interprets the noticed event in a positive or in a negative manner. Thus, the perception of stress-related events vary across individuals and across situations.

      As an example imagine that both Frank and Bob get fired from work.

      Now, look at the different ways that they interpret the event:

      Bob: “How could this have happened to me!! I’m useless and will never amount to anything! I know that I will never find a job again!”

      Frank: “Oh well, this was the way that things were meant to happen. I can use this time to spend it with my family”

      You get my point, right? Of course getting laid off is no pleasant experience, but the reaction of each experience that someone undergoes depends on the person. In this way, Stress is in the Eye of the Beholder.

      Why does it matter that stress impacts people differently? Well the mere fact that it is subjective not objective! This means that you have the power to change it and it begins within you. Many people have the perception that stress is an “all or nothing” phenomenon and they think that no matter what they do, they will always feel stressed. Well this isn’t true, the journey of stress relief begins with changing your perception of the world; specifically your perception of your environment and your interactions. The old saying “the glass isn’t half empty; it’s half full” goes a long way and although it might sound cliche, that type of mentality really does pay off in the long run and it is what will get you through each hard day you may face. If we actively pick out the best of every stressful situation that happens in our lives on a daily basis, in time we train our brain to automatically think of events in such a manner. Remember the old saying, “everything happens for a reason?”, well believe that it does. Think back on every stressful event that happened in your life and how something positive came shortly after, and you sat and thought to yourself “ah, am I glad that the previous stressful event happened, so this great thing can happen to me now”.

      When I was little, my mom told me to look in the mirror every day and say out loud the top 10 things which I love about myself. By doing this, it allowed me to get the most confidence I ever had! By telling ourselves out loud the things we love about ourselves, we allow our mind to actively be aware of all the accomplishments that we have achieved. Don’t get lost in trying to be perfect, whatever perfect may be in your eyes, because by doing so you will no longer realize all the things that you have accomplished in your life and how wonderful you are. Everyone has a “perfect” path which they want to embark on, and by all means always follow your goals, but do not ever think that dreams do not come with hard work and dedication…nothing comes cheap…but if you really want something, you can always get it! Let’s say however, too many things interfered with your dreams…things which were way beyond your control…do not EVER despair, because the things that you have learned on your journey are priceless and they truly will change you.

      I will end this by saying, learn what makes you tick, what makes you sad, and what makes you happy – avoid all situations where you feel uncomfortable and surround yourself with people who love you. Life is too short to be taken for granted & always “live, love and laugh”.

      Looking to find the best deal on conquering stress, then visit www.battlethestress.com to find the best advice on managing stress for you.

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