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Things To Know About Cheap Holidays In France

by on Oct.11, 2014, under Vacations

With beautiful country, historical landmarks, and amazing food, it is easy to understand why planning cheap holidays in France is a great idea. First of all, while Paris may be the focal point for many, it is much cheaper and more authentic, some would say, to travel to one of many other interesting and lively cities to economize without giving up a memorable vacation.

As an alternative to pricey hotels, camping is quite popular with the locals. Campgrounds in France are rated on a scale just like hotels and many have better amenities than hotels with the same rating. There are a variety of budget accommodations available. As a rule they tend to be smaller lodges, B and Bs and hostels. Great for connoisseurs, Smaller inns are often serve delicious home cooked meals. Other places to stay can be as unique as rural farmhouses that also cater to foodies where often farm and garden fresh cuisine is prepared.

The most expensive way to travel is by train, car or taxi. Cheaper alternatives are available, however. To travel across country a rail pass is a less expensive alternative. There are also a couple of discount airlines available. Sometimes, airfare on one of these low cost carriers to an outlying city is cheaper than going by train or car.

Eating can be inexpensive if planned ahead of time. Staying away from the tourist areas can save a lot of money and reveal the real culture. French bakeries are great places to get inexpensive goodies like bread and croissants. Stopping in at the local market and picnicking in are park is an authentic and reasonable way to experience the real France. There are many fabulous and low cost ethnic restaurants that also provide haute cuisine on a budget. Many restaurants in tourist areas provide set price meals for a discounted price.

While Paris can be supremely expensive, it can also be reasonable to visit. The key is to plan carefully and spend wisely. Paris has it all and just like any major city, traveling out of season, staying in alternative lodgings and eating at fancy restaurants sparingly will save, save, save. Despite the fact that tickets to museums and landmarks are pricey, there is generally one day a week when tickets are discounted.

France is a country of countless splendors often thought to be out of reach for the budget traveler. With a little planning, however, a trip to France is more likely to be a more genuine and rewarding vacation than most people get who go first class. Planning cheap holidays in France are a great way to see the country.

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    Come For A Family Vacation In France And Stay In Rented Accommodations

    by on Mar.13, 2013, under Vacations

    Each area of France has its own history, cuisine, culture and character. The fascinating mix of this nation has been the magnet making it the most visited country in the world year after year. Many visitors prefer to savor their visits and choose to rent a place or places during their vacation.

    New statistics have indicated that in 2012, the number of worldwide tourists would exceed 1 billion for the first time. In the previous year, there were 982 million international tourists. Europe has been the most visited region and France with 79.5 million tourists topped once again.

    A record of 467 million tourists in 2012 was counted between the first six months by UN WTO. It is known that foreign tourism is at a peak during July and August, while 45 percent of tourists travel within first 6 months of a given year. The new data for 2012 indicated that the count in 2011 would be surpassed.

    The country has 22 regions and 96 departements or county level units of government. Fabulous architecture, world famous cuisine and wine, its beautiful landscape steeped in history is a constant draw for visitors from afar. The rugged coastline of Brittany, spectacular scenery and medieval villages of the Dordogne, the mountains of the Alps or the sunny sophistication of the French Riviera reflect a regional diversity that keeps travelers coming back for more.

    A variety of places to rent can be found available to let whatever your taste. Self catering cottages, farmhouses, villas, manor houses and self catering apartments in cities are among a wide selection of rental choices on offer. Typically rentals will rent from one Saturday to the next. Rentals are let in one week segments as normally travelers stay for this amount of time. Accommodations are supplied with everything needed to stay in comfort. But, food is normally not provided. Some rentals may have a welcome basket supplied for new arrivals. Usually cleaning is done before new arrivals and after they leave.

    When you decide where you want to visit, it is wise to check out any accommodation reviews, if available, to get an idea of what to expect. Of course, careful research will improve chances of a satisfactory visit. Normally, partial payments in advance are due on booking. Full payment may be required one or two months prior to arrival. Cancellations are not normally accepted at the last minute.

    Most travelers choose to visit during summer months. Summer tourist season begins in June and runs until end of September. Peak travel is during July and August. Those traveling to ski will come during a season which extends from early December to April. Peak winter travel is during December and January.

    Gites are typically selfcatering rentals in rural France. Their attraction lies in that they are cheaper than hotels and nicer than tents or campers. Such lodging is often a refurbished cottage or a transformed barn. These originally offered only simple comforts. But things have changed. Now, many offer more luxurious settings, especially if publicized abroad. Available rentals can suit any holiday budget and accommodate different preferences. There are so many options now, it is hard to chose between them.

    When looking for self-catering holiday in France you should check out FrenchVillaRentals.co.uk. Some magnificent holiday cottages in France can be found to rent for your trip.

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      Paris Metro: Money Saving Tips For The City’s Subway

      by on Mar.01, 2011, under France Travel

      Traveling on the Paris subway system (Le Metro) is an excellent way to explore the city on the cheap. And like many popular destinations, Paris offers a tourist card called Paris Visite Carte, but as we found out it may not be the cheapest way to ride the city’s subway.

      Sure, the Paris Visite Card maybe the easiest way to start using the Paris Metro, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its the most budget friendly. Depending on what day of the week you arrive in Paris, and how long you are staying, a better (cheaper) option maybe to purchase the weekly or monthly pass known as Passe Navigo Decouverte, which is only available through RATP/SNCF ticket windows in the subway and at train stations. One of the main differences between the two passes, is that the Paris Visite Card is valid from the first day of use, while the Passe Navigo Decouverte takes effect at the start of each week or month.

      Except for Disneyland and Versailles, Paris’ famous sights and attractions can be found inside subway zones 1 and 2. Check out the fare chart below to see the different price categories for the Paris’ Metro and subway passes. All prices are in Euros.

      Le Metro Individual Tickets:

      One ticket 1.70

      Book of 10 tickets 12.00

      Single-use ticket purchased on a bus

      Le Metro Paris Visite Carte

      Zones 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day

      1-3 9.30 15.20 20.70

      1-6 19.60 29.90 41.90

      * A perk to the Paris Visite Card is that the tourist pass can be used for discounts for various sightseeing tours and attractions in the city, for example, 20-40% admission discounts to Arc de Triomphe, the Opera House and the Pantheon.

      Paris’ Pass Navigo Decouverte

      Zones Week Month

      1 – 2 17.20 56.60

      1 – 3 22.70 74.40

      1 – 4 27.90 91.70

      1 – 5 33.40 109.90

      1 – 6 37.60 123.60

      *It cost an additional one-time 5 euro fee to obtain the Paris’ Navigo Pass. In addition, A passport size photo, which you can supply or purchase from a photo booth near the ticket window for 4 euro , is also required for your Paris weekly or monthly Navigo Pass, which is transferable between your Paris’ Navigo Pass.

      Considered one of the most efficient transit systems in the world, I highly recommend picking up one of the passes for your Paris travels.

      Learn more about budget travel . Stop by Randy Kalp’s site, BeersandBeans.com, where you can find out about Paris camping and other European budget travel tricks.

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