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What Is An Otoshi-Buta And What Is It For?

by on Jul.10, 2014, under Japan

Japanese home cooking features a lot of simmered dishes (nimono). Naturally, every properly equipped Japanese kitchen must have this simple device to enhance the simmering process: the otoshi-buta.

You can think of the otoshi-buta as a snug sweater for your simmering foods. It is a circular lid that is placed on simmering food instead of over the pot. Using a lid in this way allows for less liquid to be used since the otoshi-buta helps to weigh down the ingredients. Since less liquid is used, less flavor will diffuse out of whatever you’re simmering and into the broth. It also holds all the ingredients in place and prevents them from jostling and breaking apart due to the boiling broth. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the otoshi-buta aids in even heating by preventing heat from escaping the broth.

Traditional otoshi-buta are made of wood. They must be soaked in water before use to prevent the nimono broth from seeping into the wood and contaminating other dishes. After use, they must be thoroughly scrubbed and left to dry before reuse. Modern otoshi-buta now also come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel and silicone, each with their own unique characteristics.

A makeshift otoshi-buta can also be made out of aluminum foil or cooking paper. The French call this a “chesimer”. There are certain situations, such as when simmering brittle vegetables, where a lighter otoshi-buta is more appropriate than a heavier one. The best part of using one of these impromptu otoshi-buta is that clean up is super simple: just toss it in the trash.

It’s quite incredible how much of a difference this simple device can make. Do yourself a favor and try one out for yourself. You’ll be a believer once you taste the improvement!

There is a reason why Tokyo has more Michelin stars than Paris; the Japanese kitchen is a fascinating product of centuries of culinary heritage. If you want to learn more about Japanese and other Asian cooking supplies, recipes, and techniques, check out my blog about Japanese kitchens at fareastcoastkitchen.com.

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    Chinese Sweet Coloured Rice in Yunnan

    by on Jun.15, 2013, under China

    China offers a range of fantastic food that you might never have heard of elsewhere. How about some sweet rice, with colour added to it? It certainly sounds intriguing and if you head to the fantastic Jiulong Waterfalls in China’s Yunnan Province then you can try the sweet coloured rice. It’s near the city of Luoping in the Yunnan Province.

    Whereabouts can you get Chinese coloured sweet rice?

    You can find the sweet coloured Chinese rice in a load of places, but Yunnan is one province that definitely has it. If you head out to the amazing Jiulong Waterfalls you can see a lot of food stalls there and some of them sell the Chinese sweet and coloured rice.

    It is very sugary, it’s hot and of course this rice is colourful, it’s a really different style of rice to the normal.

    What price is this sweet and coloured Chinese rice?

    Now come on, this is China so everything is cheap. It won’t be more than 5RMB (50 pence) for a pack of it.

    You have to sample the fantastic sugary coloured rice in Yunnan in China.

    In terms of taste, what’s this Chinese rice like?

    It’s delicious and really sweet. It will surprise you – you will munch and scoff it down really quickly. Despite not having much flavour, the sugar really is noticeable and it goes down a treat. It comes in multicolours – purple, pink, yellow, blue and white.

    Overall what about travelling in China, what’s it like?

    To see China properly you need to get out of the big cities like Shanghai and Beijing and you will see all this massive country has to offer. The countryside has endless travel options and the country of China is quite simply littered with ancient and modern popular tourist sites to see!

    So head to China and get trying the excellent sugary rice which is coloured. You should go to the Yunnan Province to buy it. You might just love them!

    To find more articles like sweet coloured rice go to the world’s best travel blog by Jonny Blair which includes fantastic travel tips and stories.

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      Great Tips from an “Insider” to Appreciate Unforgettable Holidays in SA

      by on May.14, 2013, under Travel

      South Africa is a very big country. There are domestic flights that are easily two and a half or 3 hours long. Also it is a nation which has actually gone through massive changes in the previous twenty years. You will need some really trustworthy assistance to make the most of your vacation in SA.

      There are some places in South Africa that are unsightly which can also be unsafe, so it is worth your while to understand precisely where you are going. Nonetheless, South Africa isn’t really any more unsafe than a lot of other countries. It is just a nation with a high poverty rate and if you walk in the city center during the evening and the malls are closed, you are basically asking for trouble. This does not indicate that you need to necessarily adhere to the touristy areas if you prefer traveling off the beaten path.

      South Africa provides a variety of vacation accommodation and if you like the less touristy type of holiday, there are plenty of locations that South Africans travel to when on vacation and where you can still feel the un-jaded friendliness of the regional people.

      SA is the 25th biggest country in the world and has the 24th biggest populace, counting about 51 million occupants. The regional individuals are either of Bantu beginnings, generally coming from the Xhosa and Zulu ethnic people, or they are descendants of the Indian Muslim slaves or of the English and Dutch inhabitants.

      In the 1990’s, Apartheid was cast off. Prior to this schools, marriages and suburbs were all divided racially. The tranquil change to full democracy is merit of the unusual political capabilities of Nelson Mandela, who allowed the whole populace to become conscious of “the full picture” by running lawsuits in which people were offered amnesty if they told the truth about facts and proceedings that had actually been suppressed by mass media in previous years.

      Today SA is a country that stands proud and being able to see this land and feel the optimism and strength of its people is well worth the journey. English is spoken by most of its residents so you will not have trouble communicating. Ethnic languages and Afrikaans are likewise spoken.

      When booking holidays to South Africa you need to be realistic about exactly what you can do while on your vacation. Your best bet is to fly straight to Cape Town and then drive up the Garden Route if you have a week or less to be in the country. That way you reach see the heritage, night life and do some buying but can then appreciate gorgeous uncontaminated nature and ocean safaris.

      If you have even more than a week you must consider going on a safari in the northwestern area of the country as well as going to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, previously known as Santa Lucia. The Safari Lodges there are just remarkable! Some of them offer 5 star comfort and luxury without taking away from the close contact with the surrounding nature. Many lodges provide SPA treatments and outdoor Jacuzzi sand massages, overlooking the Savannah.

      Seeing the north-western area of the country and then visiting Cape Town entails booking a residential flight halfway through your holiday, nevertheless it can be extremely well worth your while to do so if you want “the genuine thing” as far as Safari’s go. At the same time, visiting South Africa and not seeing Cape Town is an awful pity as it genuinely is among the most gorgeous cities on the planet.

      Whether you just have a week or are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a longer stay, South Africa will leave you feeling completely in awe of its natural charm, its lively creativity and its welcoming people.

      We are a tourism business founded by South Africans. We concentrate on customised trips and can help you enjoy precisely the vacation you wish for. For even more info visit our site.

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