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The Italian Flag

by on Feb.28, 2012, under Italy

The Italian flag is hoisted from European flagpoles throughout the Italian territory. This historical tricolor looks like certain other national flags. This national standard was adopted back in 1948, shortly after the Second World War. The three vertical stripes each have the same width, but feature different colors. The vertical band on the left displays green, the one in the middle is white, and the vertical stripe on the right is red.

The civil ensign can be seen attached to Italian flagpoles, every so often. This Italian tricolor displays a shield on the white vertical band in the middle. The shield is divided into 4 parts, representing the four “Maritime Republics” of the country of Italy. This tricolor type ensign is similar to the one flown by the Italian Navy.

Italy has a democratic republic. Despite the country’s financial challenges, it has been ranked as one of the most developed countries in the world. The quality of live that Italians enjoy is found in the world’s top 25 as well. Italy is a member of the European Union as well as the Euro zone. Italy also enjoys membership with the G-eight the G-twenty and NATO.

Some other interesting dates in Italian history. Before 1861 Italy consisted of several separate states. Towards the end of the 1700s Napoleon invaded the northern part of the country. Some years later the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy was organized. Some ten years later, Napoleon was defeated. During the eighteen forties the nationalists gained momentum. In 1861 the Kingdom of Italy under the House of Savoy was organized. And, in 1946 the republic of Italy was organized.

Since 2006 the president of Italy has been Giorgio Napolitano. He is the head of the state. An Italian president is elected for a period of seven years. Interestingly, it is the president who selects the prime minister as well as the cabinet. Silvio Berlusconi was the prime minister for a few years till 11/2011, when he officially resigned.

The national Mexican flag has been around for a while and very much resembles the Italian flag. Flown from Mexican flagpoles, the Mexican national tricolor features slightly different color. The Mexican standard is more rectangular. Even though these two flags are very much alike, Italy’s flag-design was based on the French “Tricolore,” indeed the national tricolor of France. Another similar standard to the Italian one is the Irish tricolor.

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