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Spend Your Vacation In Serene Surroundings With Rented Lodging

by on Apr.02, 2013, under Vacations

Getting a good lodging is quite beneficial if you want to plan a vacation with your family members to a distant location for a week or so. This place should not be too far as so as not reachable car. Lots of families tend to plan a vacation for two to three weeks to be able to have some fun without having any worries. An affordable and good lodge should be appropriate if you want to enjoy with your family without wasting too much money. Many lodges have started catering to the needs of the modern families in order to help them have a great time while they stay.

A holiday lodge is the perfect way to take your family out on a vacation for spending some quality time with them. You stand to lose a lot of money if you opt for meals in restaurants for the entire duration of your vacation. A very good aspect related to lodges that they normally have a kitchen or cooking appliances for the convenience of the guests. This feature is quite valuable as indoor cooking will enable you to save loads of money during your stay. Eating out all the time may not be a good idea and you can use the kitchen if you are craving for some homemade food.

In addition to families, even couples can come out and have a romantic time at the lodges. This is perfect if you want to surprise your partner on an anniversary by making a grand romantic gesture. One of the best things about a lodge is that it would have all the modern facilities like kitchens, hot tubs, spacious rooms and fire logs. These facilities are quite useful and they are starting to lure people to make bookings at a lodge. A lodge is able to give the much needed privacy that couples wish to have which is not available even in five star hotels.

The natural surroundings that are part and parcel of a lodge are perfect for partaking in outdoor activities during the duration of your stay. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can take part in such as water sports, mountain climbing, horse riding and taking a stroll to the beach. This is a very good option for adventure lovers too. You can even simply take joy in the scenery of the outdoors that one does not get to see in the cities nowadays. Everybody has something or the other to do while residing in lodges on accord of the various facilities available.

Lodging can be obtained in a quite settings or vacation parks if you want to spend time with your family. Many of the vacation parks keep a lot of activities for the children so that everyone in the family has something to do. Major attractions are also ideal if you want to spend the whole day out with your family members. It is not difficult to rent a lodge as it is available at affordable rates. Lodges that are surrounded with natural greenery is the best place to be with your family members during vacations.

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    Are postcards a lost art?

    by on Mar.20, 2013, under Travel

    One of my first travel memories was seeing a postcard come through our letterbox when I was a child in Bangor, Northern Ireland. As a kid, you ignore those boring brown or white envelopes and you are intrigued by colour so the postcard that arrived in the post caught my eye.

    That postcard was from possibly Holland or maybe London, I can’t remember exactly but I kept it. Postacrds are the best and ultimate travel souvenir! Postcards tell a journey for themselves. These days getting an e-mail or a photo from a friend travelling will never mean as much as getting a postcard, which has been on a travel journey of its own. Hopefully postcard writing and sending is not becoming a forgotten art.

    The last time I visited my family I sought out my travelling postcard collection that I had sent them – mostly to my youngest brother. The collection has now amassed postcards from over 50 countries – hundreds of postcards.

    All bought in various shops across all seven continents (yes, I bought and posted a postcard when I was in Antarctica!), then written with details about what I did there at the time, then a stamp is put on them, then I find a post office or postbox and post them. Then the completion of the journey when my family receive the postcard. What an amazing journey.

    One of the most pleasing things for me was buying, writing and posting a postcard at Port Lockroy in Antarctica in a cold hut, where there was thankfully NO mobile phones, NO internet and certainly NO other way to send home my special travel memory!

    Young and new travellers might not remember the era before the internet and mobile phones and they may even wonder why people still bother to send postcards when an e-mail is a lot faster. However it’s the real life journey of the postcard and the physical element to it.

    Spot the difference:

    1. E-mail: E-mail v postcard. So I logged onto the internet and sent a quick e-mail.

    2. Postcard: Postcard v. e-mail? A real life physical postcard is bought, written and posted. You don’t even need internet access!

    Which one would you rather receive?

    Don’t forget on your next trip you should send a postcard! A physical present. Sending postcards to friends and family really puts a smile on their faces and means a lot more to people than an e-mail.

    I love postcards, don’t stop buying them, don’t stop writing them, don’t stop posting them and Don’t Stop Living!

    To find more stuff like Lost art of postcards visit Jonny Blair’s hugely resourceful website Lifestyle of travel for more travel stories and advice.. This article, Are postcards a lost art? is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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      Transport Dog Crates

      by on Mar.20, 2013, under Travel

      It is not ideal to travel by air with your dog, but sometimes there is no other option. You’ll need to consider transport dog crates, and the key is to make the trip as stress free for your dog as you can.

      Airplane travel for dogs is fraught with problems, and most pet owners who have made any enquiries about transporting animals by air are aware of dogs being injured or worse on such trips. Don’t misunderstand me, most dog air travel is incident free, but because things can go wrong, planning ahead can mean the difference between a smooth journey for your dog or one with mishaps.

      Prior to looking at transport dog crates or buying your airline tickets, the first thing you should do is to call the airline to ascertain their current policies in relation to pet travel. If you plan to transport a puppy, you also need to bear in mind the federal regulations that provide that a dog cannot be less than 8 weeks old as at date of travel, and must have been weaned for at least 5 days before the flight date.

      Puppies and small dogs (usually less than 15 pounds in weight) can sometimes travel with you, in transport dog crates or other pet carriers, underneath your seat. If traveling with a small dog in this way, then, it is imperative that you ensure that the transport dog crate or other pet carrier’s dimensions are such that the crate or carrier will fit underneath the seat. Large dogs obviously cannot be slid under seats, and need to go in the cargo compartment of the airplane. It is still essential that the transport dog crates are of a suitable size for the dog, so as to minimize any distress caused to the dog. They need to be big enough so the dog is not completely confined, but not so big that the dog can be injured if the crate is handled carelessly.

      These are some steps you can take to ensure a less stressful trip for your pet if you need to transport them by airplane:

      – book a direct, non-stop flight wherever possible. Avoid plane transfers and stop-overs.

      – confirm your flight before you leave home, to ensure that there have been no changes to your flight schedule.

      – take your dog for a walk shortly before you leave for the airport.

      – will your dog need food during the flight? Ask your vet well in advance. Generally pet owners are advised to ensure that their dog starts the flight with an empty stomach, but with long flights food may be required, and it will vary depending upon your dog’s usual feeding schedule, your dog’s usual food, and your dog’s size and age.

      – make sure your dog will have a good supply of water during the flight in order to keep him properly hydrated.

      – arrive at the airport in plenty of time.

      – toilet your dog just before you place him in the transport dog crate if at all possible. Enquire in advance whether there are facilities for your dog to toilet at the airport. If not, get your dog to go immediately prior to leaving for the airport, or stop enroute to the airport just before you get there.

      – before boarding your dog, stay with him for as long as the airport staff will allow you to. And ask whether it is possible for you to personally deliver your dog to the gate.

      – notify the flight staff once you board the plane that your dog is flying with you and that he is traveling in the cargo compartment (unless he’s with you in the passenger compartment, that is).

      – upon arrival at your destination, go immediately to the baggage area to welcome your dog.

      If you need transport dog crates, you can obtain further info in relation to dog transport and stylish pet carriers at HealthierDogs.com

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