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5 Helpful Tips for Family Road Trips

by on Apr.24, 2012, under Vacations

Family vacations and getaways are great, just be sure to remember to plan your road trip as well. To make your road trip relaxing and enjoyable, you should also remember the basics.

Remember to bring music and DVDs

Music can pass the time and gives you the opportunity to prove you’re just as deserving to be on American Idol. To help keep your kids occupied, you could try putting on some classical CD or music from a kid’s TV show. If your vehicle has a DVD player then bring some movies for the kids. With your kids occupied, time will pass by quickly and the music can even inspire a family sing-a-long.

Don’t forget the snacks

It’s important to bring snacks for everyone to munch on. Bringing snacks may be simple but it’s still easily forgotten, because usually people are in a hurry to leave. If you do remembered to bring snacks, like yogurt or fruit cups, don’t forget to bring plastic spoons as well. Also, don’t forget to bring paper towels, napkins, and cleaning wipes. You know how it is with kids, sometimes things just get messy especially in a moving vehicle.

Remember to bring entertainment for the kids

To help alleviate boredom as well as keep your kids occupied, it may be a good idea to bring some games, books, and toys with you. Other games, such as “I spy with my eye” can also get the family involved and make time fly by. If your kids are busy with activities, then traveling with them doesn’t have to be distraction.

Don’t forget the emergency supplies

Bring sun screen, blankets, first aid kits, etc. on your trip, depending of course, where your road trip is taking you. You’ll be more at ease knowing you have basic supplies with you, just in case of emergencies or really bad traffic.

Vehicle ready? Check

Before going on a road trip, tune up your car to prevent a break down on the road. That also means getting an oil change and making sure your fluids are up to the proper level. It’s a bad idea to be in an unfamiliar territory and have car trouble.

With these simple suggestions, your family road trip wouldn’t be stressful so that when you arrive at your destination, you’ll still be in a good mood with plenty of energy to spare.

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    Kids Travel Toys – Inexpensive Fun On The Run

    by on Oct.07, 2010, under Travel

    Travel toys do not batteries or be expensive to entertain kids on a long journey. Follow these tips to identify and create inexpensive kids travel toys for your next adventure.

    Subscribe to kids’ magazines? Hide a few issues and pack them for the trip. If your kids pick them before you, head to a bookstore and select up a few new ones for the journey. While you are there, check out the selection of coloring/activity books to give as fun surprises along the way.

    Visit a local library before a journey to stock up on fresh reading material. Use the library as a free source for audio books and DVDs. Inspect these items for scratches or damage prior to embarking on the journey. If your trip requires traveling at night, include a book light in your travel bag. Keep the book light as a surprise until it gets dark to save on battery life. Store batteries turned the wrong way so they will not drain if the light is accidentally turned on during the trip. Be sure to rotate them before using!

    Use maps for education and fun on the journey. Have kids highlight the route from home to the final destination. City maps can be used to discover fun sites in the destination city. Use the map legend to find parks and museums in the destination city or places to stop on a road trip.

    Create travel journals using inexpensive notebooks or templates from the internet. Include pages for directed questions such as: favorite site, favorite restaurant, and best day. Also include blank pages for coloring and drawing pictures. Journals are also great for school age kids that need to complete homework on the trip.

    Download free travel activities and games on-line. All sorts of fun, free downloads can be found through simple searches.

    Travel toys do not need to be expensive to be fun – these tips will help you create an adventure to remember on your next trip.

    No time to shop for kids travel toys? Save time and money by shopping Jenny Untermeyer’s TravelKiddy site first. Find the best variety of travel activity kits, games, accessories, travel tips, and more.

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    Things To Do In Antigua Guatemala – Private Salsa Lesson

    by on Sep.26, 2010, under Vacations

    It is not very often that my husband and I had some time to spend alone and together and we wanted to do something extra fun. The day went fantastic and ended with a fabulous romantic dinner in Mezon Panza Verde. But in between that we decided to go for a short adventure and do something I have never tried before: A private salsa lesson in Antigua Guatemala.

    There are many salsa academies in Antigua so it was hard to make up my mind. But when we were talking about it I remembered that I had been told about a really good place where they offer private salsa lessons called Salsa Chapina Dance Company. So we were ready for this adventure. I was a bit nervous at first because I have no idea of how to dance salsa. But salsa is really good music and worth dancing and it wasn’t that bad, in fact it was actually really good and a lot of fun. Here is how it went:

    It is located in the center of Antigua so we simply walked there. When I first got in it the place didn’t look like anything special, it’s just a room with mirrors and some ornaments. We met our instructor whose name is Alexander Miranda and was great with us and so patient. He told us about all the different styles of Latin dance he could teach us and we decided to start with some basic salsa moves. At first I was a bit stiff and my feet were not responding very well but after a little while I got very comfortable and that was when all the fun started. I learned nothing fancy but made great progress in my dancing skills.

    Then as I started to feel brave I asked our instructor to show us some Rumba and later some Cumbia. Which are a bit differet but not hard to learn. He also knows merengue an bachata but we didn’t have the time to try that. We decided that we would go back as soon as soon as we had some time (i would love to become a good dancer). But this time we will bring along some friends to come with us. I bet it will be just like a party!

    As you can see Guatemala has so many different things to offer. Don’t you miss it!

    Marina K. Villatoro, the Travel Experta, has been living in Central America – Costa Rica and Guatemala for the past decade. Traveling with her family to all parts of Costa Rica and Guatemala, she now loves organizing vacations for people and offers first hand experience. Contact her for advice and to plan your perfect trip!

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