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Sri Lankan Tea Factory Tour

by on May.12, 2015, under Travel

Tea is a national obsession in Sri Lanka and here where it is grown is a great spot to visit on your travels. Sri Lankan tea is famous the world over and when in the country you should head to the Hill Country and visit tea factories and plantations. It’s just marvellous! Head to Haputale which houses the impressive Dambatenne Tea Factory, built and created by Thomas Lipton who came from Scotland and made it his base over one hundred years ago. You can get a tour of the factory up in the hills![


The Haputale valleys and Dambatenne Tea Factory are in the middle of nowhere! It’s a hard place to get too but if you love tea then you need to find a way to get here!

How do you get to the Dambatenne Tea Factory?

It’s not going to be easy to get there. There are no rail or bus links directly, so your best bet is to get to the mountain village of Haputale first and get a local bus over to Dambatenne. Tuk tuks/three wheelers are also available. You can also go with a tour group. A local driver was my preferred option and worked a treat. [


How much does visiting Dambatenne Tea Factory cost?

It’s a simple 250 Rupees fee payable at the door and in cash only. There might be a slight delay to wait until one of the workers is available to show you around but it will be worth it – this place is off the beaten track!

How long does a tour of the Dambatenne Tea Factory last?

It can be split into three parts and takes about 20 – 25 minutes, here are the three parts:

1. First of all you visit a room upstairs where the tea has just arrived in from the mountains. Here the tea leaves are put into machines ready for the process.

2. Visiting the downstairs room where the tea goes through different levels of refining and is eventually left out to rest before being heated.

3. Finally the tea is heated, later cooled and put into large bags ready to be shipped worldwide!

No photos are permitted during parts 2 or 3. The below photo is from the upstairs room. The workers are hard at work while you’re walking around, for this reason I respected the “no photos” rule. With regards to opening hours, check and ask around at the time, as a general rule it’s normally 9 – 5pm but don’t take my word for it.

What else can you do on the tour?

The tour is fast and will be over in a flash but it’s still really worth doing. There is no shop to sit and have a tea though which I found incredible – I wanted a cup! There isn’t even a souvenir shop but you can buy packets of Dambatenne Tea to take away with you, which I did. The only real souvenir.

The packet of tea cost 300 Rupees and that’s the Dambatenne stuff. However the better tea called Simondou costs a whopping 1,100 Rupees! You can also buy them in the nearby towns of course.

What else can you do near to the Dambatenne Tea Factory?

It’s such a mountainous region so there are four other things to do which is best done with a driver:

1. Admire the views of the mountains

2. Walk at leisure round the endless tea plantations on the hills

3. Have a cup of tea with a great view over the landscape

4. Visit Haputale town and stay in a hotel, check out the markets and shops (there is also an ATM in the town)

So that’s really all there is to it – it’s a short and sweet tour but definitely worth doing!

I’m heading to get a cup of tea…a lifestyle of travel!

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