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Live as an expat on the ground in Mexico

by on Sep.02, 2012, under Mexico Vacations

Choosing to live as an expat in Mexico means going beyond the typical tourist concept of all-inclusive resorts in Cancun or Cabo San Lucas. While it is certainly true that you can be in English-speaking tourists who goes on vacation in one of the many Mexican resorts, there is a difference between being a tourist and visitor to Mexico and actually being an expat living on the ground.

One of the biggest myths about Mexico is that you have to have some sort of a visa to live here. The reality is that the Mexican government allows anyone from another country to stay for six months on the passport alone, so long as you have the income to provide for yourself. They don’t ask any questions, they simply let you in the front door and ask that you have a good time and spend your money wisely.

There are several different types of visas you can receive if you want to live in Mexico on a long-term basis. The pensioner visa is for individuals who are retired and have some form of pension coming in every single month from an official government source. Renters are those individuals who are freelancers who have some sort of online income coming in from the business. You can also establish a business in Mexico and receive a visa that way.

The cost of living is one of the primary reasons people choose to live in Mexico as expats, because you can have a nice middle-class lifestyle for around $10,000 per year, or you could have an upper-class lifestyle on around $20,000 per year. $50,000 a year will allow you to live like a rock star in Hollywood, with premium real estate on the beach and plenty of luxuries year round.

Unlike some countries which have very strict regulations and rules surrounding a way of life, Mexico is known for being one of the most laid-back destinations an expat can choose from. Drug use is completely decriminalized, tequila and ceviche are incredibly cheap, prostitution is completely legal and you have your choice of beaches, mountains or jungle to choose from.

Starting with an expat guidebook is a good idea, because more information is better than none at all.

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    Rio De Janeiro Hotel Accommodations Are Excellent But Ipanema Penthouse Flats Are Actually Better

    by on Apr.18, 2012, under Travel

    The Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro’s famed beach Ipanema was all the rage back in 2007 eclipsing the legendary and luxury Copacabana Palace as the top hotel for Brazil’s affluent. As the initial hoopla might have faded and celebrity sightings are less frequent, this Rio de Janeiro hotel nonetheless holds an element of exclusivity, specifically from its bossa nova style reception and captivating rooftop swimming pool. Almost makes you feel sorry for all those slumming it down below on Ipanema Beach.

    Slip beyond the assortment of armored SUV’s and enter a lobby enveloped in glass and billowing curtains, which everybody from Yoko Ono to Madonna has paraded through and these days it’s filled primarily with dapper middle-age men along with much younger arm candy enjoying a rio holiday getaway

    The rooms of the Fasano Hotel are understated and not very ample with whitewashed walls, dark wood flooring, smallish flat-screen TVs. However they come loaded with wonderful benefits from touch-lighting dimmer switches to free flip-flops. The decor includes the Dal-inspired oblong mirrors to the shapely lighting fixtures that glow like ghosts. Rooms in the back can be more peaceful nevertheless the ocean front rooms offer views and peaceful waves.

    The rooftop bar and restaurant are top-notch. A private cabana on Ipanema Beach dispenses free beach recliners and bottled water to guests. But you will find small annoyances for example electrical sockets that sprout from the walls, room keys that continuously fail to work and the wireless internet needs a boost in bandwith particularly at 50 reais daily. It additionally took three phone calls to the front desk before getting some maid service. The spa and fitness center are also disappointingly quite little.

    When staying in this hotel is definitely worthy, you will find much better vacation alternatives for your money such as rio de janeiro penthouse apartment. With rio penthouses, you could find a spacious three or four bedroom flat looking over the beach for as much or less than a standard room at the Hotel Fasano. Rio de Janeiro penthouses are second to none in quintessential luxury. These apartments are available in Ipanema and Copacabana however a penthouse property in Ipanema can cost you quite a bit specifically should it be large.

    The luxury hotel rio de janeiro are generally perfect for any Rio de Janeiro holiday vacation however travel rio de janeiro really are a much better option.

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      Things An Expat Should Know

      by on Mar.19, 2011, under spain

      There many things that make Spain an ideal place to live in. People often go there for a vacation because it offers a lot of new things that many have not seen or experience in their own country. The rich culture and colorful past all combined to come up with a fascinating place like Spain. It is no longer a destination for holidays only but a have become a home for many expats who have relocated there.

      Expat is a slang term for the word expatriate which means leaving or relocating to a new place and staying there for a long period of time. Many are now considering settling there for good and that is not only true to those who are in their retiring age but also for young professionals and even an entire family who are hoping of finding and starting a new life there.

      There are numerous expats communities around the country. From Costa Blanca to Andalucia it all depends on your taste or what you are looking for in an area. You can always settle near the these communities especially if you are new because these people have been through the same things that you will probably go through once you are there.

      Before you actually decide to inhabit yourself in a new place you might wan to know that it s not as easy as you think it might be. Do not forget that you are planning to transfer to a new country and not just across town. Legal papers like your Spanish Visa is needed especially since you will be there longer than the usual and this is also a legal document that proves that you are allowed to be there and to relocate. This gives you the right to be in that place and that you are a good citizen with no legal problems in your country of origin.

      You also need to consider finding a job. This is important because you need to support your daily expenses and the house, foods, clothing and many more with your income. If you find a work even before you transfer the better because you want to start earning the moment you settled in. This will also aid you in adjusting to the new place since it will give you a chance to meet people and eventually and hopefully will start a friendship.

      Also it is vital that you learn the language even before you arrived in the area. Spain is a non English speaking place and therefore the probability of having a language barrier is high. Misunderstanding and arguments can start when you and the person you are talking to do not understand each other and this is a big problem especially for you because you are the one who needs to adjust not them since you are moving to their country. Enrolling in Spanish class is a good game plan and you should do this beforehand to gain mastery or even just the basics of their language.

      Soldan Tobowski pens for the most part for http://www.spain-tips.com , a website on the topic of tips for expats in spain and expats living in spain. You can see his articles on expats living in spain and expats in spain over at http://www.spain-tips.com .

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