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Is Bulgaria A Great Summer Destination?

by on Nov.11, 2015, under Vacations

Summer cannot be complete without a family holiday on the beach. Bulgaria is among the most preferred summer holiday destinations in Europe, as it has a lot to offer to the tourists: clean sandy beaches, sunny days throughout the summer, guaranteed rest, a lot of fun and all this at comparatively cheap prices.

The variety of luxury hotels in Bulgarian summer resorts is striking and many of these hotels are built in a few steps from the beach. It is wise to book your accommodation in advance, especially if you plan to come during July or August, which is the peak of the summer season here and it is hard to find a spare room. The duration of the summer tourist season continues four months – from June till October.

Sunny Beach, Albena and Golden Sands are among the most popular Bulgarian beach resorts, but there are many smaller ones that are not less attractive. These are Kiten, St. Konstantin and Elena, St. Vlass, Nesebar, etc. Sunny Beach, which is the biggest and the most popular resort, is located in Southern coastal part, while Albena and Golden Sands are in the north not too far from each other and from the city of Varna. Families with children and young couples will have a lot of fun in the attractive Aqua Parks located in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

They all are characterized by ideal conditions for sun bathing and relaxation, as well as first-class accommodation. Sunny summer weather without rains is another factor that draws more and more tourists from near and far.

Due to these and many other advantages, Bulgaria is in the list of the best European destinations for summer holidays. Tourists that have come in this region promise themselves that they will come again due to the fulfilling summer retreat they have experienced here. Many important and interesting landmarks, such as “The Stone Forest” near to Varna, also attract tourists, being irresistible temptations for them.

The Sea capital of Bulgaria is the seaside city of Varna that offers its guests a lot of cultural monuments, museums, theaters, art galleries and other places for entertainment, along with crowded beaches. Some of the best places for families with children to visit are the Zoo, the Sea Garden, Dolphinarium and Aquarium.

Probably the most amazing feature of Bulgarian summer resorts is their serenity that amazes all the tourists, who find here an ideal place to escape from the troubles of their hectic lifestyle and get a real rest. The time is as if stopped during the day and starts to run again in the night, when the resorts turns into a fair full of noises and colors. You can find a lot of traders, painters, craftsmen and shops along the streets that offer whatever you can or cannot imagine. It is safe to walk in the night, as the streets are lighted and there are many people everywhere walking, buying or selling.

Nightclubs and restaurants are also occupied keeping their clients entertained with live music and dancing waiters. They offer a big choice of meals along with traditional Bulgarian meals like “tarator” and “banitsa”. Even though some of the waiters might not be professionals, you will surely be satisfied with the food and the services provided.

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    Things To Know About Cheap Holidays In France

    by on Oct.11, 2014, under Vacations

    With beautiful country, historical landmarks, and amazing food, it is easy to understand why planning cheap holidays in France is a great idea. First of all, while Paris may be the focal point for many, it is much cheaper and more authentic, some would say, to travel to one of many other interesting and lively cities to economize without giving up a memorable vacation.

    As an alternative to pricey hotels, camping is quite popular with the locals. Campgrounds in France are rated on a scale just like hotels and many have better amenities than hotels with the same rating. There are a variety of budget accommodations available. As a rule they tend to be smaller lodges, B and Bs and hostels. Great for connoisseurs, Smaller inns are often serve delicious home cooked meals. Other places to stay can be as unique as rural farmhouses that also cater to foodies where often farm and garden fresh cuisine is prepared.

    The most expensive way to travel is by train, car or taxi. Cheaper alternatives are available, however. To travel across country a rail pass is a less expensive alternative. There are also a couple of discount airlines available. Sometimes, airfare on one of these low cost carriers to an outlying city is cheaper than going by train or car.

    Eating can be inexpensive if planned ahead of time. Staying away from the tourist areas can save a lot of money and reveal the real culture. French bakeries are great places to get inexpensive goodies like bread and croissants. Stopping in at the local market and picnicking in are park is an authentic and reasonable way to experience the real France. There are many fabulous and low cost ethnic restaurants that also provide haute cuisine on a budget. Many restaurants in tourist areas provide set price meals for a discounted price.

    While Paris can be supremely expensive, it can also be reasonable to visit. The key is to plan carefully and spend wisely. Paris has it all and just like any major city, traveling out of season, staying in alternative lodgings and eating at fancy restaurants sparingly will save, save, save. Despite the fact that tickets to museums and landmarks are pricey, there is generally one day a week when tickets are discounted.

    France is a country of countless splendors often thought to be out of reach for the budget traveler. With a little planning, however, a trip to France is more likely to be a more genuine and rewarding vacation than most people get who go first class. Planning cheap holidays in France are a great way to see the country.

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      Cheap Vacation Choices In The Algarve Are Available

      by on Oct.10, 2014, under Vacations

      If you are on a budget like most people, you may be wondering if you can find cheap vacations in the Algarve. The fact is that you definitely can. There is something here in most price ranges. And since it boasts over 100 miles of beach, you and your family are sure to have a memorable vacation.

      The area has some of the friendliest locals you will find anywhere. With a steady flow of tourists, they are experts at making their guests feel at home. If all the beach area was not enough, the area also has an absolutely gorgeous countryside. Set aside at least a day of your trip to explore and appreciate this beautiful scenery.

      There are activities here for all ages and all budgets. If you love water sports, they have many from which to choose. You will not be bored. If golf is your favorite past time, they have many golf courses with renowned reputations. There is a course for every skill level. If you have a passion for tennis, you can play tennis on the some of the best courts in the world. If you prefer horseback riding, they have some wonderful trails.

      Kids will find many great activities here as well. They offer some fantastic water parks. They will also enjoy various zoos, pirate ship cruises, and even bird watching. You can be a kid or just a kid at heart and enjoy all they have to offer.

      Of course, if you are planning a vacation here, you want to know about the accommodations and the dining. There are many wonderful choices when its comes to accommodations. You can choose anything from a villa, an apartment, a hotel, and everything in between. No matter what your budget, you can find nice accommodations. All will be relatively close to the beach. The dining has great options as well. There is everything from fine dining to simple fare. Be sure to try some local Portuguese foods while here.

      Nice, but cheap vacations in the Algarve are available. You do not have to be a millionaire to have a great time here. With miles of beaches, great shopping, and amazing scenery, you will think you are rich without actually having to be rich. The beauty and fun found here is priceless.

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