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Camping Tips: Choosing the Right Outdoor Tent

by on May.16, 2011, under Vacations

Spending time outdoors can be a very enjoyable experience but having the relevant equipment can sometimes enhance the experience and make things a lot more convenient. You may be spending the day at home in your garden, enjoying the day lake side, attending a festival or camping for the weekend. Having the use of the right equipment can take the experience to the next level.

A camping tent provides you protection from the elements and a safe warm place to sleep. It is your home away from home whether you are partaking in a backyard camp out for one night or a month long trek into the mountains. So understanding, the different types of camping tents and what kind will best meet your needs will help you choose the best one for you and your family.

Many campers are gravitating toward pop-up tents. These tents are simple to put up at the campsite and easy to take down when you’re ready to go home. They do not require a lot of complicated assembly. Often, all that is required is to put the tent on the ground and move a few poles. The tent pops up and provides instant shelter, leaving you more time to enjoy your outdoor fun.

To add to their ever increasing uses because of the accessories that are available with some of these canopy tents there are even more ways to use them. The main accessories available with these products are attachable side walls in the shape of zippered walls, curtain rail walls and breeze walls (which let air flow through them). Depending on your requirements you can choose the right accessory for you. This can allow one to have a full enclosure for storage requirement, more privacy for outdoor recreation situations or protection from sand or debris with breeze walls which still being out in the fresh air. To add there is also extra anchoring systems for more support and sturdiness if needed and canopy replacement solutions.

Expedition tents are usually designed for larger numbers of people and in many cases are designed for different seasons. These tents are used as base camps for mountain climbers and for other people who camp in groups for a somewhat longer period of time such as Boy Scout troops and others.

Individual, couple and family tents are usually set up by the number of people they will hold. These tents are designed for car camping and many have additional features such as pockets to place small items, overhead lofts, attached screen houses and even electrical outlets so that you can hook up electric lights when camping in a campground that has all the amenities. Many of these tents can be purchased as one-room tents or may have divided rooms for added privacy.

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