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How I Spent My Summer Holiday In Lake Como

by on Aug.03, 2012, under Italy

Italy is known for many things, among them the wonderful food that is prepared there and the scenery. During your Italian Lakes holiday be sure to spend some time in Bellagio to try some amazing dishes. This is a must see town. It is gorgeous and is often thought of as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

Lodging is varied. You can choose to stay at a campground, a villa or a hotel that is as simple or as elegant as you like. The choice is yours. You are able find rooms for every taste and every budget. Just like everything else in this area, the aim is to cater to a large variety of people and to have each of them happy and satisfied.

This town is a popular romantic spot. With good reason, the beautiful scenery, amazing restaurants and the wonderful atmosphere. This place is also very popular with photographers since it is so pretty. Not only the water but the architecture itself.

Do not overlook the shops in the area. There are plenty if shopping is something that you enjoy. In these shops you are able to buy authentic items that are only made in this location and available only in this area.

If your idea of a work out is shopping rather than being on the water or hiking, you are in luck. Shops are plentiful. If you love silk, you simply must visit the silk factories. You can get designer fabric at deeply discounted prices. Tourists often flock to these factories and are known to make repeat visits due to the low pricing.

Salice Blu is another great place to eat in the area. Here you will find freshly made pastas and risotto, seafood, and beef. One of the specialties that is a must try is the Mediterranean seafood salad. The food here looks as wonderful as it tastes. It will truly be a treat for both the taste buds and the eyes.

Finally, a trip would not be complete without some shopping. One can find authentic foods and household goods in the open market. One can also enjoy getting super deals in the silk factories.

Stopping in Bellagio during your Italian Lakes holiday is something that you will not regret. The sights, sounds and smells are something that you will look back on fondly for many years after your visit. During your visit you will be making memories to last a lifetime. Many who visit find that they must come back year after year. The friendly people in the area make each guest feel like they are part of the family.

Walking the streets of Cernobbio

This is only a small taste of the meals which will greet each and every visitor to this location. Visit this useful tourist guide to learn a little more about the fun and heart stopping items one can do when touring this special area of Italy.

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    Your Stockholm Vacation And How To Make The Most Out Of It

    by on Jun.27, 2010, under Travel

    I have finally proven that with good planning, one can really get the best out of your Stockholm vacation. I have come to a point where I was wondering if I can really enjoy my stay there but to my own surprise, everything was all worth it. I will always remember the beauty and splendor of the place.

    Make use of those legs and start taking a walk to really see for yourself what it is like to treasure everything that you see during those strolls. You don’t have to hurry or wait for somebody else just to see one sight after the other. It made me learn more about the place while taking a walk and reading every signs or ads that I encounter.

    There are defined routes offered by some guidebooks but nothing beats just making up your own route. You would find yourself just unexpectedly coming across some of Stockholm’s famous sights, notable buildings and exquisite architecture as well as get to meet some of the locals who are generally friendly and a very good source of information.

    I was fortunate to go to the Vasa museum which is one of the biggest and the most visited museums in Stockholm. I was also able to go on a long but eventful day trip to see the countryside and it was as fabulous as I have expected it to be. I had some time to enjoy some silence while admiring the amazing pastures surrounding some castles and ancient villages.

    I was advised by some of the locals that I should never leave Stockholm without going to one of the oldest glass manufacturer in Sweden and it is called the Glass Palace. I never hesitated and went ahead. I knew I could count on the locals to tell me where the real thing is for tourists to go to.

    The biggest and most extensive art gallery in Stockholm is the National Museum of Fine Arts. Here you will be able to see a vast collection of paintings and sculptures, some dating back to the 16th century. Most of the art works here are extremely valuable and were created by well known artists such as Rembrandt and Renoir. For amusement parks, The Grona Lund Tivoli is the most famous amusement park frequented by the locals and favored by tourists. A wide range of amusement rides to choose from. This is a great way to unwind and feel childlike on your vacation.

    This place is never short of entertainment and amusement. The Drottningholm Palace and Court Theater, the Opera House are two of the most outstanding venues for the performing arts. The Grona Lunds Tivoli is an amusement park frequented by the locals and tourists alike and is a great way to spend your afternoon in the city.

    As the night draws near, see the city come alive with the beautiful people of the party circuit. Some of the famous nightspots to check out would be Sturecopagniet, Hell’s Kitchen, Laroy, White Room and Spy Bar. These places are where you’d find the “in” crowd and the “who’s who” of Stockholm. Party till you drop in these most happening places in the city.

    Estanislao Chapel is the author of getting the best out of yourStockholm Vacation For more tips, visit his website http://www.best-stockholm-hotels-sweden.com/ Free reprint avaialable from: Your Stockholm Vacation And How To Make The Most Out Of It.

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