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Tips On Getting China Visas

by on May.12, 2015, under China

In order to visit any country in the world, an individual may be required to apply for a visa. The rules governing the application of visas will vary from one country to the next one. China is no different. You will find that there are several types of visas that individuals can submit applications for.

If looking to head there for a holiday, there are two type of gate way documents that one should apply for. This could either be a single entry or a double entry document. For tourism visas, they are often valid for three months from the time of issue. The travel itinerary will also be required.

Businessmen and individuals looking to visit this country for official purposes have a special type of visa that they need apply for. The multi entry visa can either be valid for one year or half a year. To access this visa, you need to have with you an official letter of invitation from a Chinese department.

Individuals looking to relocate for work will need an employment visa. Employment visas are important for professionals such as teachers, scholars, managers and the different foreign experts. The original letter of employment must be submitted if one is to get his visa approved.

Students have their own type of visa which they need to apply for. The Chinese student visa is available for individuals looking to join the local universities and colleges. During application, documents such as the letter of acceptance from the local universities as well as a certified letter from the education ministry must be provided.

Transit visas are available for those making a brief stopover in this country before proceeding with their journey. There are certain nationalities that are not required to make an application for this type of visa. You need to get in touch with the local consulate in order to establish whether you should apply for one.

Journalists looking to covers news can either apply for the J1 or J2 type of visas. It will be important to consider the requirements in each category so as not to make the wrong submission. This could delay the issuance of this visa to the applicant.

Individuals working on trains and planes will need to apply for the crew members visa. This particular visa is provided based on the bilateral agreements that have been signed by the concerned parties. Crew members working on private and chartered planes may need to provide business letters from the companies that have employed them.

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    Backpacking Is A Fun Activity To Partake In

    by on Sep.19, 2014, under China

    You may be thinking of getting away from the daily grind and seeing some new sites. You want a break from the rut you may feel you are in and want to see some wonderful and inspiring landmarks that have a reputation of having a lot of history and culture to them. Backpacking is one such way you can accomplish this and a great place to do it is in China.

    Pick out spots that you would like to see before you go. It is best to have some preparation especially if you are leaving the country. Look into what others have done and make sure you have a good map. Try to learn how to read a map so you find your way through difficult terrain like mountains and trails that are in the wilderness.

    Bring a camera with you. This time is a very special time and you will never be able to get it back. Having memories to turn to when you come home from your trip will be essential to remembering the good times. There may be wildlife that you would like to photograph or beautiful countryside. Bring enough film with you as well.

    If you have a digital camera, make sure you bring backup batteries. There is no place to charge your batteries in the wilderness. You may want to bring some backup memory cards to put in your digital camera as well which will prevent you from running out of memory should you take a whole lot of pictures. You may want out of space if you do not have a backup plan.

    Blogs are reading posts that people write online on various topics. It is a great place to learn from. Other people’s mistakes about traveling can be learned from and not repeated. This is very helpful. It would be better to learn what not to do before you go than after you are there.

    China is an amazing country. The Great Wall is a wonderful site to see and has a lot of history in it. It is very long so bring good shoes with you and a bottle of water.

    Buy a backpack that is sturdy, large, and comfortable. You may have to pay more for this, but it will be worth it. Enjoy your adventure with a full open mind and a good attitude. If your itinerary gets changed because of unforeseen circumstances, being flexible will help with the stress of that.

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      China – Top Spots For A Backpacker

      by on Jul.01, 2014, under China

      Backpacking has always been a great way to experience different cultures and places. Conducting such an activity in China would in fact be a great eye opener to the culture of the Asian people. Before embarking on such a tour however, you have to have a little information about the area.

      It is always important to have some form of guide during such a tour. Going at it without such an item could turn out to be disastrous. The following are a few spots that you have to make a point of visiting while in Chongqing city.

      While in the largest city in the world, a tour would not be properly so called without a visit to the Arhat Temple. Housed in this location is a great number of terracotta Buddhas. An interesting feature about these Buddhas is that they all are said to have achieved enlightenment.

      A visit to the Chaotianmen Park would guarantee great sights and sounds if one is up to it. While strolling around the square, one could get a beer and try out a local snack. The goal here is to experience the city to its fullest, thus one should not be hesitant to try out new things.

      A visit to the biggest city in the world would not be complete without experiencing the largest toilet complex in the world. During the tour, you should try to make out some time to see this place for yourself. You could also make a point of taking a few pictures to show to your friends back home.

      As a backpacker, you always have to experience both the modern and ancient aspects of a particular region. In this regard, the 18 steps qualify as a must see while on this tour. Strolling up and down these steps will enable you to feel the ancient vibes of the area.

      By touring across this city, you would also be contributing to the local tourism sector, which is a great thing. A tour of the Yangtze River for example usually costs 5RMB. This may seem meager but in the long run, these rates do much to improve the economy of the region.

      An icing to the cake that is the tour of this great Chinese city would be a visit to the Foreigner Street. The title alone seems to call on to you and every other visitor. While at this 24 hour theme park, you could experience local delicacies at surrounding restaurants or you could just sit somewhere and enjoy the sights offered.

      When you are looking for information regarding backpacking in Chongqing, go to the web pages here today. You can learn more on backpacking in China right now.

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