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Puerto Rico, A Wonderful Place To Visit

by on Jan.16, 2013, under Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a tremendously popular place for vacationers, especially with people in South Florida who can literally hop a plane and be there in a little over an hour. For years Puerto Rico has long been a place of excitement and intrigue, a fun place to go and have a good time and get a good sun-tan. There are many great hotels and a vast array of popular beaches there. Puerto Rico has long been a territory of the United States, making it an easy trip for most Americans, with easy travel standards for Americans, not requiring a passport.

For years Puerto Rico has long been a place of excitement and intrigue, a fun place to go and have a good time and get a good sun-tan. There are many great hotels and a vast array of popular beaches there. Puerto Rico has long been a territory of the United States, making it an easy trip for most Americans, with easy travel standards for Americans, not requiring a passport.

One of the most incredible things about Puerto Rico is its location; it is situated between The Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean on the other, making for some of the most crystal clear water in the Caribbean region. According to popular travel magazines, some of the best beaches to frequent on the island are Ocean Park Beach, Luquillo Beach and Rincon Beach, the latter is especially good for winter surfers. When traveling to Puerto Rico, especially for the beaches, one must check to see which ones are family friendly and which are not, though there is no nudity allowed anywhere on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

One cannot deny the American influence on Puerto Rico, as I said, it has long been a territory of the United States, and some call it the fifty-first state. There has long been debate on this issue, something that remains unresolved to this day. There has been renewed talk of late, but when this might be taken up by the American government is a question that at the moment remains up in the air. The people of Puerto Rico by and large are quite eager to become that fifty-first star on our flag, and perhaps one day soon they will see that dream come to fruition.

One of the best things about the island of Puerto Rico is the food there, especially for lovers of Spanish and Caribbean cooking, you will find the best of both here! From Taco’s to arroz compollo, you can find your favorite Spanish food here. Among the food selection in Puerto Rico, you will find many exotic spices and seasonings that add true flavor to the palette in Puerto Rico. Adobo mojado and adobo seco are some of the best of the blended seasonings you might find here, make sure you check them out. The influence one might find in the cooking of Puerto Rico comes from many continental destinations; the cuisine is influenced by Europeans, African and of course, South Americans. There is something wonderful for every taste.

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    Tailor Made Holidays To Cuba With Lush Golden Beaches

    by on May.18, 2011, under cuba

    Sometimes we all need to get away from it all and escape for a time that is why Tailor Made Holidays to Cubaare so ideal. Cuba is a place where there is so much going on all the time that you need never be bored. It offers something for everyone no matter who you are. No matter what your interest is. If you love horses then you will enjoy participating in the many horse riding sessions. If you like to explore under the sea then you might like to try scuba diving.

    If you like adventure and life in the fast lane there are a wide range of activities available for you. You could try scuba diving and seeing tropical fish underneath the sea. If you want to see Cuba by horseback then you could try horse riding.

    There is a gorgeous beach in Varadero with lovely golden sands and clear blue sea. For those that love buildings and architecture then they will love the historical buildings of Cuba. Ever fancied walking in rain forests? Then now is your chance.

    If you love architecture and looking at interesting buildings then you will love what Cuba has to offer. If you are a music love then you will love the music that surrounds this place. Have you ever wanted to visit a rain forest? Then Cuba is the place for you.

    Cuba is an excellent place to travel around. Travel is very easy around Cuba and you just need a valid passport. Cuba is a subtropical climate with waterfalls and tranquil scenery. If you love places that are peaceful and calm you will love the environment that forms Cuba.

    Rainforests are a big part of this Country as well so if you love wildlife and nature then you will love Cuba. Cuba has some wonderful surroundings and is the perfect holiday for couples, families or anyone. If you are fed up and just need to escape for a while into a world that is far away from your every day life then you will love what Cuba has to offer you. Cuba has something to offer everyone and it is the perfect place. Locals are friendly and helpful if you need to ask for any help.

    Before booking your Cuba Holidays. Visit www.cheapcubaholidays.org by Jose Mauricio Maurette for a list of tour operators offering cheap cuba holidays.

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    Best Caribbean Beaches – St Martin & St Maarten.

    by on Mar.31, 2011, under Vacations

    Every visitor will see one of two spectacular St Maarten beaches on arrival… If you arrive by plane, you will fly less than 30 feet directly over Maho beach, site of the world famous Sunset Beach Bar voted #3 best beach bar in the world – for obvious reasons when you have a ringside seat to jumbo jets landing just yards away in dramatic fashion.

    When arriving by cruise ship in St Maarten you will witness the glowing aquamarine colors of Great Bay and see the golden sands of the 2 mile crescent which is Great Bay Beach. This is the front to Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side of St Maarten and sister capital to Marigot from the French side, known as ‘St Martin’.

    With 37 beaches in 37 sq miles, St Martin has all you could want from sunrise to sunset, from opulent to rustic or adventurous to idyllic.

    Starting at sunrise, on the eastern side of the island (the French side ‘St Martin’) a brisk stroll the length of Orient beach will give you a good start to the day and should take around 1 hour end to end and back. Renowned for it’s nudity at one end of the beach, it is quiet and refreshing at dawn and full of activity and watersports later in the day.

    During the day, your choices are vast – Le Galion on French St Martin, not far from Orient Bay, with little waves and shallow waters is great for small children and babies whilst Guana Bay beach on Dutch St Maarten is great for the athletic wave catchers or wet n’ wild seekers. Mullet Bay beach is a favorite to locals and tourists alike and has a mixture of shallow and wavy for those wanting variety.

    There are some lesser known beaches known only to the most regular visitor or resident – these are very rarely populated and great for a private and secluded family outing for the day. One of them is Happy Bay at the western end of Grand Case on French St Martin and is off-road and not sign-posted so study a map, question a local to find it or find a rich friend to ferry you there by boat and anchor in the bay and swim ashore with your clothes over your head!

    These are just a sample of some of the 37 spectacular beaches that you can find in this Caribbean Island Paradise – no wonder St Maarten – St Martin continues to gain in popularity and is rapidly being dubbed the ‘St Tropez’ of the Caribbean.

    only the those in the know can supply you with the best tips on st maarten best beaches

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