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5 Ways To Do Soweto Like A Local

by on Jul.26, 2015, under Travel

Soweto is an incredible township and I have to say – head there and see it!! Not only is it one of the most famous townships in South Africa but it has a lot of history and more importantly things to see and do. Top 5s are difficult but I’m going to try! I’ve had to narrow it down but here goes…

1. Stay with a local Sowetan family:

A highlight from my travels round Soweto was staying with a local family in Orlando East. I stayed with Rachel and her son and daughter. They made me welcome and it was a small but cosy house. At night they just sit at home and cook and watch TV – almost back to basics existence but a great experience and if you get the chance to do it – go for it!!

2. Go Inside Nelson Mandela’s House:

I have to say that a visit to Nelson Mandela’s former house in Vilakazi Street is a must. Don’t miss it! Nowadays his former home has been turned into an excellent mini museum,open to the public. It is just incredible to step inside the house where Mandela once lived. There are quotes on the walls on bricks in the courtyard, photos inside and the house is small. It’s amazing that this man changed the world. Get this on your list!

3. Visit a Shebeen:

You cannot visit Soweto without heading into a Shebeen! These local bars where people mingle to drink and chat are an essential part of the culture. You will get to meet and chat to the locals, enjoy a few beers with them and get to understand a bit more about life in Soweto. The beer you will get is pinky in colour and not strong at all – you will share it communally. Get in there and chat to the locals. I loved it and you will too!

4. Bicycle Tours in Soweto:

Another top thing to do in Soweto is a bicycle tour – it means you can get to places not easily covered on foot or in a car. You can visit different parts of the township on the same day and meet locals. Soweto Backpackers have a recommended bicycle tour which is also listed in a lot of travel books and sites. You’ll also have a tour guide who explains everything to you at points on your cycle through this historic township.

5. Hector Pieterson Museum:

The Hector Pieterson Museum is highly recommended to get into the history of Soweto and in particular the Soweto Uprising of 1976. A museum and well maintained streets and tributes now sits where Hector Pieterson was once shot dead. It’s a real eye opener. Definitely in my top 5 things to do in Soweto!

So head to Soweto and understand the history of this cultured township. These are my top 5 for you!

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    Scott Bikes – The Best There Is?

    by on Jan.13, 2011, under Travel

    “Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” ~Mark Twain, Taming the Bicycle

    For folks who never have had the delight of bicycle riding, on the street, on the track or up the mountain, then there has been something missing.

    There is a saying, and it’s true, that a bicycle is a kid’s initiation through being and the excitement of possessing a number one bicycle, those trainer wheels then everything then the great feeling of glee as balance is reached then conserved. Such a joy does not fade during maturity.

    Cycling in every of its kinds has been with us from the 18th century and the bike as we see it advanced from 1860s. Numerous eminent builders left their marks in the then modern modernistic fad trend of cycling. Ski Pole And Goggle – No Way!

    Sorry, but though correct it is, a ski pole and a goggle put the name Scott Bikes on the peak of the mountain. In 1958, Ed Scott, an engineer from Sun Valley, Idaho, modernized skiing with the presentation of a pointed ski pole. In 1970, he supported the race of motocross with a goggle, designed specially for the sport. Ed Scott saw the drawing in mountain biking rising hence in 1986 his enterprise made the first mountain bike.

    Cyclists racing on the roads calling for a faster product had their desires made to happen in the introduction of the dynamic handlebar which showed its meaning in the 1989 Tour de France employed by the victor, Greg Lemond, the US Cyclist.

    Biking may be fairly close on about harsh on the cyclist and suspensions came a great distance to be beneficial – Scott Bikes came into the suspension field with Unishock and soon won kudos with the introduction of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes. Constantly pursuing to enhance the products, Scott Bikes made Endorphin the first carbon mountain bike.

    Endorphin made a mark in Olympic Games as well as other world competition successes. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a mountaineer, road racer or cycle for fun; Scott Bikes has a bicycle just tailor-developed for you. The benefit is, you are sitting on and pedaling a superior plus machine. If there is any disadvantage about having a Scott Bike, then it has to be the regret you feel for individuals who don’t.

    The favorite technique to relax of Doctor Mark Winston is to hit the mountain tops with one of his Scott Bikes, the famous scott scale 50 for example. He has a number of of them and also began a niche site committed to the brand: http://scott-bikes.net

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