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Best Things To Do In Bournemouth, England

by on Feb.11, 2015, under Travel

I’m very well qualified to bring you this post today, as I spent six years living in the English seaside town of Bournemouth. While my time in Bournemouth came to an abrupt but needed end in 2009, my memories of the town and its suburbs will linger forever. Rather than bore anyone out there with personal stuff in Bournemouth, this is MY top 5 things to do in Bournemouth – I hope it provides some decent tips for all visitors to Bournemouth, a town which is embedded into my heart…this post has been coming for about 10 years now so it finally sees the light of day.

1. Bournemouth Beach

The main attraction of Bournemouth is the epic coastline and of course Bournemouth is graced with splendid beaches. There are so many different beaches too so it suits all types of travellers. There are beaches to relax, beaches to party, beaches to watch sunset and just beaches! Check out Boscombe beach, Southbourne beach and even Alum Chine. The coastline is wide and varied. The beaches have won awards for their cleanliness too.

2. Bournemouth Pub Crawl

Bournemouth is littered with an incredible range of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants! It makes it an absolutely ideal and amazing place for pub crawls. Start on the Christchurch Road and walk your way down to the square visiting as many drinking establishments as you can. The summers are the best time with beer gardens galore and loads of happy people out partying!

3. The Famous Wave Balloon

Everybody in Bournemouth knows what the “Wave Balloon” is and you should head there in the summer for epic views of the south coast of England. Situated in Bournemouth’s summer gardens, this is unmissable in summer months as it rears itself into the sky. It’s a hot air balloon near the seafront. It’s attached by a huge cord and is as safe as it is popular. Expect queues, but expect good views!

4. Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

This is actually quite untouristy and unknown even by Bournemouth standards but it is unique and totally worth a visit. Mixing Italian, Scottish and Japanese influences this serves as your art experience in the popular seaside town. Best of all it won’t be too busy and has a view over the beach!

5. Live Football: AFC Bournemouth

Dean Court stadium which is also known as the Goldstands is home to the local football team AFC Bournemouth. They attract good crowds, especially in the summer months and offer a great value for money standard of football. The Cherries are a great team to watch.

The Cherries are a great family friendly club and the stadium also holds regular events so it’s worth checking out while you’re in Bournemouth.

Getting to Bournemouth

Trains and buses run from London and the trip will only take 2 – 3 hours, so it’s easily reachable if you’re based in the capital for your travels. Take a Megabus if you want to save cash!

Bournemouth also has its own international airport which is worth checking out for flight schedules.

I’ve written tons and tons about Bournemouth before and will do again, but don’t want to overload or make things cliches, this is more for those of you who haven’t been there yet. I’d argue if you only ever visit England once, head to Bournemouth (throw in a day trip to Salisbury or Stonehenge though too!).

To find a load more of ice cool stories on Northern Irish backpacking head to Jonny Blair’s backpacking in Ulster site for relentless information.

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    Exploring the Best Beaches The Canaries Has To Offer

    by on Jan.17, 2013, under Travel

    Find yourself getting fidgety at the idea of lazing on a sun bed? The Canary Islands offer a plethora of active pursuits to get your pulse racing. Surfers in Tenerife will find plenty of waves to ride at the Playa Socorro, a popular black-sand beach with reliably powerful waves on the northern coast situated between Puerto de la Cruz and Icod de los Vinos.

    Just north of the main Playa El Mdano on the south-east coast, Playa Machado is a haven for water sports. The golden beach has a laid-back atmosphere with plenty of cafes and bars and is popular among holidaying windsurfers and kiteboarders, as well as the professionals, who compete here throughout the summer in championship events.

    The beaches on Gran Canaria are almost unrivalled for an exhilarating water sports holiday. This is thanks in large part to the island’s breezy weather conditions and consistently warm climate. This makes the area ideal for those that have caught the windsurfing bug.

    Half an hour north from Maspalomas driving towards the airport you’ll come across Pozo Izquierdo, where you can mingle with the pros. There are several schools here where you’ll learn the basics of windsurfing as well as numerous hire shops, which rent out windsurfing kit to the already experienced as well as surf boards for those who fancy just getting out into the waves.

    Land-loving sun worshippers will find plenty to enjoy in Fuerteventura, where a beach holiday doesn’t have to entail splashing about in the sea. Get active with an early morning jog on the flat, compact sands of the Costa Calma beach in the south of the island or take in the scenery with a hike on the beaches of the Isle of Lobos, just a short half-hour boat ride from the busy tourist harbour of Corralejo on the northern coast. Boasting crystal clear waters and picturesque beaches, this small island plays host to thousands of varieties of winged creatures, from migrating birds to rare seabirds.

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      Puerto Rico, A Wonderful Place To Visit

      by on Jan.16, 2013, under Puerto Rico

      Puerto Rico is a tremendously popular place for vacationers, especially with people in South Florida who can literally hop a plane and be there in a little over an hour. For years Puerto Rico has long been a place of excitement and intrigue, a fun place to go and have a good time and get a good sun-tan. There are many great hotels and a vast array of popular beaches there. Puerto Rico has long been a territory of the United States, making it an easy trip for most Americans, with easy travel standards for Americans, not requiring a passport.

      For years Puerto Rico has long been a place of excitement and intrigue, a fun place to go and have a good time and get a good sun-tan. There are many great hotels and a vast array of popular beaches there. Puerto Rico has long been a territory of the United States, making it an easy trip for most Americans, with easy travel standards for Americans, not requiring a passport.

      One of the most incredible things about Puerto Rico is its location; it is situated between The Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean on the other, making for some of the most crystal clear water in the Caribbean region. According to popular travel magazines, some of the best beaches to frequent on the island are Ocean Park Beach, Luquillo Beach and Rincon Beach, the latter is especially good for winter surfers. When traveling to Puerto Rico, especially for the beaches, one must check to see which ones are family friendly and which are not, though there is no nudity allowed anywhere on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

      One cannot deny the American influence on Puerto Rico, as I said, it has long been a territory of the United States, and some call it the fifty-first state. There has long been debate on this issue, something that remains unresolved to this day. There has been renewed talk of late, but when this might be taken up by the American government is a question that at the moment remains up in the air. The people of Puerto Rico by and large are quite eager to become that fifty-first star on our flag, and perhaps one day soon they will see that dream come to fruition.

      One of the best things about the island of Puerto Rico is the food there, especially for lovers of Spanish and Caribbean cooking, you will find the best of both here! From Taco’s to arroz compollo, you can find your favorite Spanish food here. Among the food selection in Puerto Rico, you will find many exotic spices and seasonings that add true flavor to the palette in Puerto Rico. Adobo mojado and adobo seco are some of the best of the blended seasonings you might find here, make sure you check them out. The influence one might find in the cooking of Puerto Rico comes from many continental destinations; the cuisine is influenced by Europeans, African and of course, South Americans. There is something wonderful for every taste.

      Johnston Blakley has developed a new series set in Puerto Rico An exciting adventure of intrigue and murder set in Puerto Rico. http://www.puertoricofilm.tv/ Puerto Rico-The Series

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