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An Overview Of North African Jars

by on Sep.03, 2013, under Egypt

Egypt is a nation that is famous for its excessive practice of rituals. Egyptians observed and performed peculiar and intricate forms of rites and more so as funeral rites. Canopic jars are one of the numerous things they utilized to perform rites. Throughout the mummification process, these jars were utilized for the purpose of preserving the ‘viscera’ to enable life after death.

Starting from the period of the ancient Egyptian Kingdom till the end of the Egyptian era, these Canopic jars were in use. Throughout their use during this era, they were used in numerous ways. The Egyptians used manifold forms of the Canopic jars to put each internal organ, and in fact, every organ was ascribed to a specific Canopic jar with dedication.

It is a common opinion among the people that Canopic jars are related to the Greek legendary tales belonging to Canopus. But Egyptian historians have made it obvious that they are two entirely different ideologies not related in any way.

According to tradition the deceased individual might have four Canopic jars. Each of these jars was intended to safeguard a particular organ. The most important organs in the sight of the Egyptians were the lungs, liver, the stomach and the intestines. The design sense employed in creating Canopic jars went through a series of changes with time.

The Canopic jars of the age-old Kingdom of Egypt were not intricately designed. They had simplistic appearance covered with plainly designed lids. Arriving at the first intermediary period, the Canopic jars were designed to portray human heads. They particularly designed thus to symbolically stand for the dead.

Human head designed Canopic jars were widespread until the arrival of the new Egyptian Kingdom. Towards the close of the eighteenth century, the symbol of human heads was no more in use. Instead, the four sons of Horus were symbolized on the lids.

The Egyptian people perceived the four sons of Hours in a symbolic manner as ‘the gods of cardinal compass points’. Every son was divinely employed to safeguard one of the four primary organs taken from the body. In case of dangerous attacks from the outside world, the four sons were to defend one another.

Of the four sons of Horus symbolized on the Canopic jars, the Damutef was a jackal-headed deity appointed to safeguard the stomach. He was also symbolic of the East; he was to be protected by goddess Neith, another deity. Secondly, Qebehsenuef was a falcon-headed deity appointed to safeguard the intestines. This deity was protected by Selket.

The Egyptian deity Hapi was appointed to safeguard the lungs put in the third jar. Hapi was symbolic of the North; he was to be protected by Nephthys. Imseti, the fourth son of Horus was appointed to protect the liver. He was symbolic of North; he was to be protected by the goddess Isis.

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    Dance Cruise: Shake Those Hips

    by on Jan.29, 2011, under Travel

    A cruise ship may sound like the sort of place only seniors go, but if so they are usually they are very active seniors. Take a dance cruise, just as an example. Chances are all ages will be on board, while the over-seventies will put younger passengers through their paces.

    Even a sea swell is hardly likely to get in the way of your dancing. On these huge liners hardly anything is felt except the vibration of great music. Consider taking-up a new hobby and reap the many benefits. Make this an anniversary gift to each other to celebrate many years of partnership and the ship might even arrange a special surprise for the pair of you.

    One thing you gain is confidence. Having acquired the moves, all you need is a partner. Often, operators will ensure there are hosts employed to entertain single ladies on the floor, or with that boost of self-esteem you might approach other singles on board.

    Within a relatively short period of time, people yet make friendships that last and carry-on to the next cruise. No excuses for not joining-in, either. Where else are passengers going to go? Even if being a single lady makes you feel lonely and nervous, many ships make allowances for this by employing dance hosts to pair-up on the floor with the women. Men are often surrounded with eligible females due to a favorable ratio of females to males.

    Sometimes a cruise is very specifically aimed at a particular group. You may be there to learn. Frequently advertised dance types include Latin and ballroom, though square dancing, disco and Zumba crop-up too. Check websites to see what passengers are wearing and it soon becomes clear that this is a definite chance to dress-up. Either pack your gear or buy some on-board.

    Spend the night on-board and wake-up to your breakfast and goodbyes. Book an entire week to combine dancing with touring far-flung places with newly-made friends. Or, just board a one-night cruise running merely hours, perhaps connected to a dinner cruise.

    Come alone, with a partner or even a group of friends. All will eventually earn rewards as frequent passengers, including discounts. Who knows: after a while, you might even get back to land with a trophy for best waltz team.

    Show your moves on the dance floor by booking a dance cruise! Get the exclusive inside scoop now in our complete overview of all you need to know about fab ballroom cruise deals.

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    City Breaks & The Edinburgh Festival

    by on Jan.22, 2011, under Travel

    The Edinburgh Festival is recognized as the biggest cultural event in the entire world. Its roots are actually tracked back to the late 1940s when the Edinburgh international Festival was first established. Each year, the festival is continuing to grow in size and recognition as more folks coming from all over the world elect to check out the area and participate in the various festivals. The Edinburgh Festival is in fact not just one celebration but a number of independent festivals all happening within a 3 or 4 week time period.

    One of the most popular of all of these festivals is most likely the Edinburgh International Book Festival which takes place within the last three weeks of August every year. It takes place in Charlotte Square which is in the center of Edinburgh. Proclaiming to be the biggest festival of the sort on the planet, this book festival boasts quite a few political and cultural talks and debates combined with the favorite children’s program.

    Another common Edinburgh Festival is referred to as the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This particular festival has gotten superb reviews coming from numerous news sources due to its track record of displaying award-winning entertainers and events. The event centers around comedy, children’s performances, cabaret, opera plus much more.

    The Edinburgh Comedy Festival is yet another favored choice. For those who like a good laugh, this assortment of humor performances is worth visiting.

    For the music addicts around the world, the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival is where to be. For ten days each year, people come from around the world to listen to the music stylings of numerous famous performers such as Chick Corea and Wynton Marsalis and the like. Annually, the music performers come from all corners of the earth to perform for a crowd of ecstatic travelers and locals. On top of that, Scottish music artists share their talents with the audience also. Of course, the blues is a key aspect of this event so other artists who have come in the past were names like BB King and Buddy Guy.

    The largest jazz celebration in the UK also has “Jazz on a Summer’s Day” that takes place out in Princes Street Gardens just under the Edinburgh Castle’s shadow. This celebration is free of charge and showcases the very best entertainers from the Festival.

    There is plenty to do and experience during the Edinburgh Festivals each year. People travel from around the globe to watch these displays of culture and entertainment. There’s really nothing just like it in any other part of the globe, and it keeps growing bigger every year.

    If you are considering a vacation in Scotland and you are currently looking for guest houses and Edinburgh hotels then please consider taking a look at our listings of hotels in Edinburgh

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