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Important Details About Ancient Clay Jars Of North Africa

by on Jul.30, 2013, under Egypt

Canopic jar chests were among the most important ritualistic items utilized in the elaborate burial customs that the Egyptians practiced. Prior to the mummification process many organs were taken out of the dead body and placed inside Canopic jars which would in turn be placed inside a Canopic chest. The chest containing the organs would be placed adjacent to the tomb in a dedicated space called the Canopic shrine.

According to ancient Egyptian belief the deceased had the ability to return to its body if it willed. This is why they considered it imperative to preserve the various organs. The entire mummification process where the organs would be removed and stored in these jars to be kept in the chest was quite elaborate and could take numerous days.

It was in the second Dynasty that using Canopic chests originated. Over the days the Canopic jar chests were modified every now and then depicting various kinds of designs. They were in use until the beginning of the Ptolemaic period.

The tomb of Queen Meresankh III discovered at Giza is an evidence to indicate that it is among the oldest Canopic burials of the fourth Dynasty under the Menkaure rule. Similarly some other Canopic burials have been found in the tombs from the Sneferu rule.

In the very first Canopic jars, the organs which were removed from the corpse were secured in wooden boxes. In some other instances, these were kept in stone jars or in pottery and closed with flat or dome-shaped lids. The chests were either designed by cutting out from soft stone, or were cut appropriately into the wall or ground of the specified tomb.

By the sixth Dynasty the Canopic jar chests were being made from granite. By the 1700s a wide variety of materials were used to create the chests including wood, cartonnage, limestone and calcite.

The Canopic jars that contained the organs of the dead body also went through a series of modifications with time. They started out as simple stone jars with flat lids. The very first modification came in the form of domed lids.

Following this the Egyptians experimented with several different materials which they used to create the jars. These jars contained four organs that were the liver, the stomach, the lungs and the intestines. Each of these organs was associated with specific deities.

Over time, many modifications of the Canopic jars were conceptualized, but some were applied to them. In some jars the lids were sculpted to portray jackal heads. This was supposed to portray the four sons of Horus. Every organ was related to a son, and they were given protection by another Egyptian deity possessing more power.

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    An Insight Into Conventional Art

    by on Apr.10, 2012, under China

    China’s history spans 4 entire centuries, in the course of which Chinese art has changed immensely due to the different influences of the numerous ruling dynasties and religions therein. The improvements in technology have influenced the art scene in China, too. And, considering that the Chinese adore nature by nature, it has become a huge inspiration for their art, as well.

    The ever changing nature of Chinese art clearly show that it has been influenced by so numerous prevailing tends through changing times. The philosophers of their times had profound affect on the psyche of the masses which is visible in the art function that was developed under the influence of those teachers.

    Important figures of religion have played parts in Chinese art, too. The same goes for prominent political leaders in Chinese history.

    Standard Chinese art includes folk arts that revolve about mythological and superstitious beliefs. Then you have a wide collection of Chinese fine arts as part of the standard arts of the region.

    We find that the majority of the fine art that was created in China takes its inspiration from nature. The collection of Chinese fine arts includes a large number of landscape paintings too as other elements from nature such as flowers and birds.

    Performance arts also form a prominent part of ancient Chinese culture. This section of traditional Chinese art is perhaps probably the most profound medium of expression that has been kept alive by the Chinese. Traditional Chinese performance art serves as a major tourist attraction today.

    The development of the numerous performance arts practiced inside the country might be linked to the superstitious beliefs of the people. The well-known dragon dance for example which is performed throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations has its roots in ancient Chinese traditions where the famers would perform it as a ritual in order to ward of the drought demon.

    Similarly you have martial arts that have been a prominent feature of Chinese culture. The locals would perform different live acts in front of the audience who would locate the fighting skills of the martial arts experts to be really intriguing. This really is also 1 of the standard art forms of China that has attracted world wide attention.

    The Neolithic period that evolved out of the Bronze Age through the Shang dynasty was a time when pottery and jade were the main mediums of art. This is perhaps the oldest formalized form of standard Chinese art. The Chinese also have music and poetry as part of their art heritage which was mainly inspired by the philosophers of the time such as Confucius. With all the passage of time pottery, painting, and calligraphy became part and parcel of the classic Chinese art too.

    Traditional Chinese Flower Art is a arena where innovations are continually taking place. Visit either of the pages linked to here to find out more about Chinese Mother Of pearl Artwork .

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      Useful Facts In Relation To Making Getaway Shots Significantly More Fascinating

      by on Nov.16, 2010, under Vacations

      Thanks to digital camera technology, gone are the days of film cameras when you used to take photos and hope that you didn’t cut off someone’s head. Digital cameras allow you to see your pictures instantly but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have great pictures all the time. Here are some tips on how to make your vacation extra memorable with great vacation photos.

      You’ll probably be outdoors most of the time so natural lighting is your best bet. You want to avoid casting shadows all over especially during the brightest part of the day. So use the sun to light the subject directly by making them face the light. But actually, the best time for outdoor pictures is from late afternoon until twilight.

      Make use of the natural scenery and turn your pictures into postcard perfect images. Don’t miss the opportunity of keeping a memory of climbing the Great Wall of China or the white sand beach in the Bahamas by filling the frame with people. Get rid of the notion that you can only balance a picture if you put the subject in the middle. Get the whole view by positioning your friends on either side of the frame.

      To achieve a well-balanced image, make sure that you do not focus on one part of the frame only. If it’s a group shot, position the people evenly to fill up the space on the screen. It’s best to go with height if they’re standing up, the tallest being in the center or on the edges. If kids are involved, you can ask the grown-ups to find their places first, and then let the kids join in when you’re ready to shoot.

      Master the art of cropping. If you’re aiming for a half- body shot, cut the subject’s body equally between the elbow and wrist or between the knees and hip. If you’re taller than your folks, better take their pictures with your knees slightly bent to reach their height. This way they won’t look shorter in their photos.

      I’m sure you’ve already taken hundreds of photos in your first day alone. Save yourself from editing tons of pictures by the end of your vacation by deleting some of the less pretty shots. This will also give you more memory space for the rest of your trip. Always remember that the most important ingredient in a picture perfect vacation is to capture you having fun.

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