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Flying – Cause For Concern?

by on May.30, 2012, under Travel

There are a couple fears in life that defy what seems logical. The fear of snakes may be one, fear of elevators is another, and even a fear of flying is another. Every single day, hundreds of thousands of aircraft take off and land around the globe, carrying millions and millions of people safely to their end destination. Flying is really one of the safest, if not the most safe, way of travel out there. It is much safer than getting in the automobile, yet over 1/3 of the people still have a fear of flying.

Quite a few people cite various concerns when speaking of their flying fear. Of those, many state a lack of confidence in the navigational systems or even a fear that a routine error on the surface can cause a disaster in the air. Then there are fears of problems with the airplane itself. Quite a few people saw the pictures of the impressive concord crash several years ago and when you’re about to get on an aircraft, just a few feet from the roaring jet engines humming steadily, it seems very difficult to believe that not one single thing could go wrong with such a aircraft or man made engine. Sometimes the very appearance and shape of the airplane does very little to inspire confidence in people who are already having doubts and fears about the ability of the plane.

Then there are the reports of people obtaining deep vein thrombosis.

The fact of the matter however, is that flying is extremely safe. It is one of the wonders of technology that air travel, with all the multitude of potential failures, keep delivering flight after flight, on time and without a hitch. In fact, in contrast to almost all other forms of travel, air travel is becoming safer and safer every year.

The statistics speak for themselves. Do you know what the chances are of having a single fatality on a flight? Well according to the BBC, it is 1 in 16 million. And in the vast majority of accidents where there are fatalities, more than half of the other passengers survive. What this means is that even if you defy all the odds and are on one of the few unlucky flights that does crash, you are still more likely to survive than die in the accident.

However, there is one issue with air travel that the statistics don’t commend so highly. Delays, lost luggage and missing flights are still frequent issues that plague passengers. Luckily, all of these can be covered for with some good, comprehensive travel insurance.

Thanks for reading. To go back to the basics or read more about the rewards and flying costs you can click this link. Check here for free reprint license: Flying – Cause For Concern?.

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    How You Can Join an Air Miles Program

    by on Apr.06, 2011, under Travel

    Once you are trying to determine the top method to join an air miles program, you will discover numerous things that it is best to hold under consideration. For starters, you are going to have to understand more about the many programs out there and come across the one which will work the best on your behalf. By doing this, you will be far better capable to earn much more miles for the hard earned cash that you spend. Should you use an air miles card, then you might be on your way to saving lots of funds for your personal travel purposes.

    For starters you are going to have to determine which type of air miles card you may get. You can find a couple that you may decide on from. You can find some that may be given to you directly from a specific airline. You can find others that are distributed from a credit card corporation. The ones which are granted from a credit card firm are generally the most effective ones to choose for the reason that you’ll then have options relating to which airline you would like to travel with. In case you go directly having a certain airline card, then you are fairly limited to that airline when it comes to travelling. Once you decide which sort to choose, you might would like to learn much more about that kind.

    If you select a card, you may wish to have a look at how they figure the points. You must determine the values of the various points’ levels and how you are going to receive the points for traveling. If you do this, you are going to have the ability to get more free flights and obtain much more from your card. One more factor to take into consideration is the amount of interest that you’ll pay on the card. If you uncover your self finding a card having a higher interest rate, then the points you get could deem themselves to be useless by the time you pay the interest.

    A few other things to have a look at are the expiration dates. A lot of firms will award points, but in the long run you may locate that the points will just roll off and you may never have an opportunity to make use of them. In these cases, the air miles are just lost. Use them before they expire to ensure that you may have the ability to get one of the most from your air miles card.

    Aside from air miles, you might find that particular cards offer other incentives as well. When you find a company that offers great incentives, you will be able to make a better decision as to which card to choose. Think about this when looking at how to join an air miles program. Ultimately, you should find that you are able to travel and save by using the card. It will give you more incentive to use the card for purchases that you make. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be getting a lot of different incentives.

    Collecting UK air miles is now easy but you need to avoid the pitfalls, visit our site here to find out about the best credit cards including the airmiles duo program

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    Introduction To General Aviation

    by on Apr.03, 2011, under Travel

    Designing, developing, flying and maintaining an aircraft are part of piloting. Every country piloting is divided into two parts: Air force and Civil. Civil industry also has bifurcation: Commercial and Scheduled flights and Commercial/Non-Commercial non-scheduled flights. The first one is commonly referred as airline industry. The later category is very interesting and is known as basic piloting. Many private flights are operating in North American region can be classified as General Aviation or (GA). It has many flights like business jets, chartered planes, hang gliding, parachute jumping and many more.

    General Aviation includes heavy-duty business jets and less expensive customized planes also. They are all demand based and non-scheduled. The license exams for pilots in both categories are same but functioning of plane can be very different in both of them. Customized planes are used for private purpose and they can be made through variety of materials.

    Flight training is also considered to be a part of basic piloting. Government makes strict safety rules for flying to prevent any accidents. This is a very prevalent recreational action. If you learn something about avionics then flying could be more fun. North America has many excellent training schools for this purpose.

    To have a common safety standard throughout the world United Nations has formed international regulatory body for basic aeronautics, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It plays a crucial role in piloting industry because out of 100 flights 77 flights are of basic piloting. There could be a country own regulatory body as well.

    The regulation of air shows is also done by country piloting agencies because they use myriad number of aircrafts of different types. It also helps private pilots to have risk management assessment of their plane and flying because the number of accidents occur in general piloting are greater than in commercial piloting.

    Recreational part of General Aviation is very cool. It makes people do something new and feel energetic about it. 166 million people use any form of General Aviation so safety should be a pivotal factor while doing a recreational activity.

    The private jets use same airports as that of airlines or cargo because it is used for business purposes. The airports for recreational aircrafts are generally different because they demand more autonomy and different place than commercial planes. They might also be in far places. Thus, basic piloting is an important revenue generation source for an economy and it will continue to grow in future also.

    When you’re ready to begin your search for General Aviation aircraft, then you may want to start with aviation classifieds. You’ll be able to find aircraft with the Dakota Cub slotted wing.

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