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Chinese Sweet Coloured Rice in Yunnan

by on Jun.15, 2013, under China

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China offers a range of fantastic food that you might never have heard of elsewhere. How about some sweet rice, with colour added to it? It certainly sounds intriguing and if you head to the fantastic Jiulong Waterfalls in China’s Yunnan Province then you can try the sweet coloured rice. It’s near the city of Luoping in the Yunnan Province.

Whereabouts can you get Chinese coloured sweet rice?

You can find the sweet coloured Chinese rice in a load of places, but Yunnan is one province that definitely has it. If you head out to the amazing Jiulong Waterfalls you can see a lot of food stalls there and some of them sell the Chinese sweet and coloured rice.

It is very sugary, it’s hot and of course this rice is colourful, it’s a really different style of rice to the normal.

What price is this sweet and coloured Chinese rice?

Now come on, this is China so everything is cheap. It won’t be more than 5RMB (50 pence) for a pack of it.

You have to sample the fantastic sugary coloured rice in Yunnan in China.

In terms of taste, what’s this Chinese rice like?

It’s delicious and really sweet. It will surprise you – you will munch and scoff it down really quickly. Despite not having much flavour, the sugar really is noticeable and it goes down a treat. It comes in multicolours – purple, pink, yellow, blue and white.

Overall what about travelling in China, what’s it like?

To see China properly you need to get out of the big cities like Shanghai and Beijing and you will see all this massive country has to offer. The countryside has endless travel options and the country of China is quite simply littered with ancient and modern popular tourist sites to see!

So head to China and get trying the excellent sugary rice which is coloured. You should go to the Yunnan Province to buy it. You might just love them!

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