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Summer and Autumn Algarve Breaks

by on Apr.28, 2013, under Vacations

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Think of Algarve and automatically what comes to mind are beaches dappled by the sun, jutting from behind the country’s mountainous regions and beaches with golden sand pocketed around rock formations. It’s sun-drenched shores are what makes Algarve the jewel of Portugal. Algarve is thought to be laid-back and atmospheric; coupled by its rich Portuguese influences, it makes you want to stay a little longer. Different peoples with different cultures come together in Algarve and adapt to local life in an instant. This city is teeming with people who loves to have fun and enjoys a busy nightlife. It is home to several old churches and museums surrounded by tranquil and shady parks. Cafes, local markets and modern malls, filling the streets, are ideal for shopping. Leading to an attractive marina are quaint little plazas. Resorts and restaurants dot along the coastline. The region is proud of its golf courses designed expertly. Without a doubt, Algarve is number one on everyone’s top holiday destinations lists.

Designing an Algarve Holiday

Would you want a mix of pristine white beaches and a nightlife scene that is both upbeat and cheerful? Albufeira definitely has a lot to offer in its treasure trove. Once a quaint fishing village, Albufeira now abounds in holiday magic without losing much of the region’s old charms. It is a merger of sun-drenched beaches and nightlife that is upbeat. Serene coves jut behind cliffs found in the golden shores of Praia d’Oura. Local gypsy markets come out every fortnight, displaying their fare of pottery and jewellery. You can spot local fishermen looking after their boats down at the beaches, or you can also choose to go down to the beach yourself and enjoy a horde of water-related sports. For last minute holiday plans, Albufeira is the destination of choice.

Carvoeiro, losing none of its old charms, was once a fishing village too. Pocketed in a sensational coastline, this little town is in the middle of a village square, where one can find open-air cafes that looks out to rainbow-colored fishing boats in the ocean. Just a few metres ahead and you will start to feel the sand on your toes, enjoying Carvoeiro’s sandy beaches, which are tucked behind cliffs rising up from the bay. Whitewashed lanes, dappled with little souvenir shops line the other side of the village. Local dishes are served in restaurants that are found in abundance. But if local cuisine is not what your palate is looking for, then there’s a local produce market available too. So whether, you’ve chosen your summer holiday or a last minute holiday to Carvoeiro, you will find yourself hooked!

If you’re planning a luxury holidays to Algarve, deciding which hotel to stay at is the only problem. What you might be interested more in might be the amenities the hotel has to offer. The coastlines of Algarve is dotted with hotels where their primary goal is to pamper their guests. With Algarve’s selection of hotels – whether you’re looking for a golf course, a spa or looking to indulge in water sports – you won’t be disappointed. You will find that the hotel rooms are transformed into paradise after indulging in luxury the entire day.

Holidays in Algarve are all about eating at sunny cafes, nosing around quaint little shops, puttering around town or lazing around sandy beaches. Thanks to Algarve’s gentle climate, whenever you holiday in the most southern region of mainland Portugal, you can be sure that the sun will shine as much as staying in luxurious hotels in Greece.

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