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Strategies For Renewing A Passport

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The easiest method to use in renewing US online passport will be to do the procedures via the mail. For this to happen, you must be a current holder of one and it has to be in decent enough condition to be clearly readable. Said document has to have been issued within the last 15 years and you need to be at least 16. Finally, you still have to have the same name or you will have to include documents showing it has been changed legally.

When the above stipulations cannot be met, you must make a personal appearance to renew after a stolen passports. The mail-in method hinges around a document called Form DS-82. It is available online. You can even submit the thing online. There is also the option of downloading and printing it out. It will then be mailed in along with other necessary materials.

It is currently taking two to three weeks to process the request. Failure to provide information such as a social security number will significantly add to the time necessary for processing. If the Form DS-82 has not been submitted online, it should be placed into a padded mailer along with the rest of the required materials.

You will have to have a photo stapled in the stated space of the application. If your name has changed because of marriage, a certificate saying so will have to be included. There are ways to make things move more quickly. You can get expedited service by including a $60 money order or check to the U. S. Department of State. Mark the envelope that you mail with the notation “Expedite”. Arrange for overnight delivery to save additional time.

The State Department, which oversees this, suggests that a traceable delivery system be used in connection with your submission. The post office charges a small fee for this. So do other firms that handle this sort of delivery option. The essential documents should be contained within a Tyvek or other sort of strengthened envelope.

To accomplish all this, you have to have an address within the United States for the document to be mailed to. It will not be sent to a foreign country. If a United States citizen is currently living in a foreign country, he or she should apply through the embassy. When that residency is Canada, the DS-82 form can still be mailed in.

In the event you do not meet all these requirements or if you need this to happen on a more immediate basis, you can set up an appointment with the Regional Passport Agency. This should only be done if you have to have this in less than two weeks for international travel. It should also be sought if you will have need of obtaining a foreign visa within the next four weeks.

Online submission has helped simplify the process of renewing US online passport. Key portions can be conducted this way and the rest can go through the mail after a stolen online passport.

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