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Stay In Akumal To Avoid The Hustle And Bustle Of Big Cities

by on May.17, 2011, under Mexico

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Small is right for some of us when we travel. Rather than the turmoil of a large city, we want a smaller place where it feels as though nature’s beauty is all around us. If you count yourself into this category then a stay in the akumal hotel options, resorts or bed and breakfasts will surely suit your needs. It is a magical place of natural wonders so why don’t we begin investigating just what it has to offer.

To start with, Akumal can be found approximately one hour or so south of Cancun in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It was established in 1958 as a location for scuba divers to come enjoy the paradise of sun, sea and sky that all come together here. It’s a very small place with under 2,000 permanent residents, yet it certainly has a very unique charm you won’t get in the rest of Mexico. The Akumal hotels along with other places to stay have an exceptionally hospitable outlook and that is something rarely found in larger places. Here, vacationers will definitely feel at home, relax and revel in genuine calm and beauty.

The fact is, beauty is held almost sacred here. This is a major getaway spot for artists who come from around the world just to have the opportunity to paint or otherwise draw from these magnificent surroundings. The lovely white sand beaches aren’t only beautiful, they are also the location where the sea going Green turtles, a species of rare marine turtles, come to lay their eggs. Amazing aquatic species call the waters around Akumal home and taking a tour of the marine environment is not hard to accomplish if you are inclined to discover nature up close. Certainly, scuba diving is quite a common past time here, as well.

One nice thing that makes this location quite a good selection for a lot of visitors is usually that it is very close to other cities. That means vacationers taking in Playa del Carmen, Tulum as well as other cities can make one of the Akumal hotels their home base throughout their travels. That way, they give themselves calm and space whenever they return to smaller, more peaceful Akumal.

If you do plan to come here, know that this is a popular place. You should book any akumal hotels and resorts or resorts well ahead of time in order to have an outstanding place to stay. Make sure you bring a camera, also, to capture all that beauty.

As you’ve seen, Akumal provides a lot that anyone can love. It is rich with beauty that you will find tough to find anywhere else. Artists, scuba divers and nature buffs all love this little town nestled next to the Caribbean and you just might, too.

The above expose was created by Max Barrett. Max has enjoyed living in the Caribbean for upwards of 10 years & is a long time resident of Akumal, Mexico and additionally journals about his expertise of the Yucatan peninsula and akumal hotel and condo options.

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