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Specifications For US Citizens To Travel In Panama

by on Jul.25, 2012, under Travel

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Panama is starting to become an increasingly popular location to visit, featuring its miles of coastline, warm breezes, as well as exotic local weather. However, if you are planning a trip to this Central American country, there are some things you must carry out in order to ensure a successful trip. These aren’t tough steps to take, and they’re required by laws in both Panama and the United States. They were set up for the security and well being of their travelers, so it’s best to follow them to the letter.


Regardless if traveling by boat or by plane, you will be required to have a valid passport. The Panamanian government requires that your passport be not less than three months past the date of travel in order to be allowed into the country. Additionally, United States residents are going to be charged a $5.00 tourist fee that’ll be paid during the time that you buy your tickets for travel or make your reservation for your hotel Panama City Panama. Panama is an uncomplicated city to visit if you adhere to these easy steps.

Check In With The Embassy

Even though it is not necessary that you check in with the Embassy when you are traveling in Panama, it’s strongly recommended. If there is record that you are traveling in the country, you will be alerted if a security or perhaps safety threat occurs, and if suddenly you become ill or lose your passport, the representatives at your Embassy will be ready to help you. It is easy to gain access to the pertinent information about the United States Embassy in Panama, and you’ll additionally find an enrollment form online to fill out as well as turn in upon arrival.


You don’t have to take an AIDS examination to get into Panama; however, if it is found out that you have AIDS or that you are HIV positive, you will be forced to leave the nation. This is a law that is seldom enforced, however the legal right exists to force you to depart the country should your condition is discovered. It is really an effort on the part of the Panamanian government and health department to continue to contain the spread of this illness within the confines of their borders.

Restricted Areas

There are a few distant regions of Panama where even Embassy representatives are only permitted to travel with authorization. These types of areas are off limits to international travelers. Restricted areas normally include the particular Darien Province as well as the San Blas Province. They also include most of the Darien National Park. The rustic nature of these particular regions present various health as well as injury risks, and they’re therefore best not traveled. In addition, it is advised that travelers avoid the Panama Colombia border due to the ever present drug trade and terrorist factions that can be found there. It is smart to remain close to the more modern civilization. For a great hotel, Panama City, Panama is the location to look. After only a bit of research you’ll find the best hotel in Panama City Panama for you as well as your family.

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