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South America Travel Experiences Teaching History

by on Apr.24, 2013, under Vacations

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Families who seek an education with their adventure can find both in South America travel experiences. Learning vacations are great for both adults and children, and no one understands this better than home schooling parents. Taking a trip south of the Equator provides not only an exciting vacation adventure, but there are many opportunities for children and their parents to learn the region, history, and culture.

There are thirteen separate countries which make up the southern American continent, and some of them are little-known. Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina, and Chile are all pretty well known by most people, as Hugo Chavez has been a household name, and everyone knows about the Columbian drug trade. However, countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana are not as well known by the average student.

The little known nation of Suriname was once the home of the Arowak Tribe of native people, who are believed to have settled the region around 3000 BC. The first European settlers had a very tough time of it, with disease and native people thinning their numbers on a regular basis. The plantations in the area were sold to a Dutchman named Cornelius Van Aerssen heer van Sommelsdijck who was killed in a mutiny in 1688.

The Portugese got into it with the people of French Guiana, as they felt the French occupation of this land was a violation of treaty. When the French attempted to settle the region the second time, Amerindian tribes attacked and thwarted their plans. The Dutch were the aggressors during the third attempt the French made at settlement, and France did not gain the region until the Treaty of Breda in 1667.

Guyana is a region which saw a great deal of warfare between European powers eager to control the region. It shares borders with Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela. This region saw conflict between the Dutch, English, French, and Spanish, and it was once known as British Guiana.

Most of these countries have their history separated into pre-Columbian, European conquest, and colonial periods. Ecuador also had a long and drawn out battle for independence which was conducted by Criollos, and was intended to be a war designed for all the Spanish American colonies to gain their independence. There were many years of conflict, and Ecuador even invaded Peru in 1941, but their attack was thwarted by the Peruvian army.

These smaller countries are just some examples of the rich historical basis of this part of the world. Travelers willing to step outside their usual vacationing realm will find great adventures in culture, cuisine, and historical education. The outdoor hiking and climbing excursions are exciting and challenging for those who are new to world travel.

South America travel experiences is an unforgettable vacation adventure which can be tailor made to fit any traveling group. Machu Pichu and Lake Titicaca might be the best known destinations, but these countries have so much more to offer. Beautiful rivers filled with frightening creatures, a culture that mixes the best of native tribes with European colonial intrusion, mountains, and jungle paradises. There is enough here to keep any family filled up with vacation options for years to come.

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