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South Africa, the Perfect Location for Fantastic Holidays

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When you are considering where to go and are still undecided, go to South Africa! Honestly, it is a land which offers numerous holidays in one. You can take pleasure in nature and safaris for a couple of days, clubbing and shows for a few more days, then finish off with Hawaiian style beaches, surfing or various other water sports. Not many countries offer this kind of range.

The most common thing that vacationers do when they arrive in South Africa is that they book for a safari in the North Western area of the country, possibly go off to the Durban coast then take an airplane to Cape Town. This is typically a good plan since you get to have numerous vacations in one. It’s not really that important if you begin in Cape Town or if you begin in the Kruger, but it is a good idea to make a reservation for a domestic flight at some point. It is not advisable to drive from Cape Town to Durban or Johannesburg. It’s a exhausting and extremely long drive and it’s not always scenic, so rather take a plane.

If you skip JHB completely, you are not missing out on very much. In the summertime, all most Jo’burgers come on holiday to Cape Town, which is a clear indicator of which city is worth going to! The only reason you would stop in Johannesburg, is to rent a car and drive off to “safari land”.

South Africa tours normally start in Stellenbosch, a gorgeous University Town with Cape Dutch Architecture. From there you might do some wine tasting at one of the numerous vineyards in the area and then head off to Spier Wine Farm for lunch or tea. Spier is the location of an unique wildlife program and it is possible to accompany the guides that work there right into the cheetah cages to stroke them! The cheetah’s that live at Spier are rather tame however they are still wild animals and so it is necessary to take suitable precautions. Very few individuals enter at a time and the guide is constantly present. Nobody is allowed in if the animals are looking restless. Stroking a live cheetah is truly a remarkable experience.

After your day in Stellenbosch, you might take pleasure in a walk in the city center. It is recommended you do this whilst all the shops are open, which is till around 5.00 pm. The main street is called Adderly Street and you will appreciate the flower market and the many shops. You can likewise visit St. Georg’s Mal and Long Street, which packed with open air markets and cafes.

Individuals you will come across are either the original African populations, such as the Xhosa and the Zulu, or the fair skinned descendants of the Dutch and English colonialists. You will likewise meet a very large community of Muslim people, which are the descendants of the Indian servants. South Africans are typically friendly, welcoming and helpful to vacationers.

The plane trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg is 2.5 hours long. From there it’s a four hour drive into safari the area. The five star safari lodges in South Africa are definitely spectacular. A lot of lodges offer SPA treatments, and open air jacuzzis looking out over “the bush”, which is quite typical. Even if you are sleeping in a tent, it will most likely have a marvelously comfy bed and luxurious bed linen.

South Africa is a land full of things to offer, from the marvelous charm of the dry Karoo, to the historic charm of the rolling wine lands, to the untamed beauty of the windy beaches. Make certain you plan a schedule that enables you to appreciate South Africa for everything it provides.

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