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Short Term Mission Trips – Know Everything About It

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My Experience
I’ve been on 7 short-term mission trips with Global Ventures. Every time I go, my life is radically changed. I’ve never seen so many people give their life to Christ at one time. And I’ve never seen so many miracles in a weeks’ time. What I love is how people of all ages can come on one of these trips. I had a Seventy-year-old lady on my team in Haiti and then a Nine-year-old boy on my team in Peru.


* Get your passport (2 head shot pictures 2 x 2 inch and apply in person at your local post office) Click here for passport requirements.
* Choose a trip!
* Fill out an Application
* Start raising money! Raising funds has never been so simple. See the Global Ventures website for a list of fundraisers and ways to raise money.
* Fill out and have Blue Forms notarized.

Common concerns or questions you may have about a short-term mission trip:

Q: Where will I sleep?
A: You need to stay in the nicest hotel available.

Q: What does a typical day look like on a trip?
A: your typical day may include street ministry in the mornings, a short rest time in the afternoon, followed by an evening crusade.

Q: What will we eat and how often?
A: You will eat native food to that area, 3 times a day.

Q: How long is the trip?
A: Generally all trips are 10 days.

Q: How will I know what to preach?
A: They send you a script of what to say, word for word.

Q: When do we learn the drama?
A: Once in country, you will learn the drama during the day of training.

What to expect on a 10-day trip?
I can assure you that you will have a great time on this trip.
You will have a week packed full of street ministry: during the mornings/afternoons each team (roughly 6-10 people) will reach-out to local street markets, villages and schools. You can represent the gospel in front of the people with the help of clowns and relevant dramas.

At night during the evening crusades you will see thousands of people accept Christ and real life miracles happen right before your eyes. In addition, you have the opportunity to share with the crowds about the miracles you saw that day during the street ministry time.

I would like to tell you that my favorite part of the week is the Kid’s Crusade, and it is generally held at the end of the week. All team members regardless of their age participate in the Kid’s Crusade. Gospels are preached and thousands of people receive Jesus through clowns, fun characters, songs, candies and games.

Just a couple of things to expect: you can get authentic native food in the country where you are travelling. You will be along with a team with people from all over the nation and possibly the world and you may also get a chance to meet with a life-long friend on a future Global Venture trip!

Free Day: you can expect to work hard on your short term mission trip because it is meant for people of all ages. Oh yeah, and there’s a free day on every trip! In the 2009 Peru trip we went sand boarding!

Random Items I have learned to bring:

* Convertor
* Electrolytes
* Baby Powder
* Lots of snacks
* Small notebook
* Black Sharpie
* Dry Shampoo
* A good trail mix
* Neck pillow for plane ride
* Ear plugs

What it comes Down To:
You can really make a difference if you are going on a short term mission trip. These short term mission trips are extremely safe and adventurous and this is the most necessary feature that I love the most regarding short term trips. I’ve hiked over 3 hours to reach a village of 40 people through the Cambodian Jungles. For the natives it was their first time ever seeing a white face. On the other hand, I’ve been to an all-Christian school in Peru, where I thought everyone already knew about God and his miraculous power; but we ended up with 3 different girls who received their sight and were able to see for the first time.

Short term mission trips are challenging enough for a younger person but not over-exhausting for someone a bit older in age. You can get a chance to preach the simple Gospel in some of the unreached parts of the world.

You check out John Smithwick, the founder of Global Ventures, on Twitter and Facebook.

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