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Safety Advice For Transporting Your Hound

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As a dog owner, it is very likely you will find yourself at an occasion when you need your dog to get in the car. You might need take him to the vet or a park that neither of you could reach by foot. Therefore it is important to know that good measures must be taken before you start cruising with your canine.

Begin by teaching your dog that whenever he is in a vehicle, he needs to know that his place is exclusively in the back. You do not want him to climb his way onto your shoulder to get your attention, all the while you’re navigating through the traffic. Repeatedly issue the stay put command until he grasps the concept, which might take some time, but it can also save you from having to make a vehicle claim as a result of him causing you an accident.

You will also want to keep him comfortable. Ensure the dog has adequate space to stretch a bit every once in a while, which some vehicles like the Ford Explorer is more up for the task. Try and minimise his boredom by bringing along his favourite nibbles, toys, or that towel he enjoys sleeping on.

Care must be taken to prevent car sickness in your dogs. Wooziness can be minimised if the dog can allow himself to look at the frontal view. During a considerably long trip, allow the dog to take a break from travelling once every couple of hours. For certain dogs it might seem as if they are just born get sick in a moving car, in that case you will need to get some appropriate sedatives like Dramamine from your vet.

Another note if you are going on a long distance road trip, give the dog a smaller meal on the night before the trip, and refrain from giving him any food shortly before he mounts the vehicle. This will put less burden on his digestive system, and the travelling motions can often induce him to vomit. When using treats in the car, make it a rare occasion.

Make sure to provide essential ventilation. Always remind yourself that a dog is more likely to overheat than a human. The inside of a car can easily become over 20 degrees hotter than the outside, which have been known to be deadly for both small animals and kids. When opening the windows to bring in fresh air, keep the gaps small so your animal don’t jump out.

If car travel will become a regular occurrence for your canine, you might be interested in searching for some dog seat harness, some of which are constructed to work directly with your car’s seat belts. Using a specialised dog seat belt no only keeps him still, but it can also keep him alive if you have an unfortunate vehicle accident.

Drive smoothly with your dog. Not only will he not appreciate being thrown around inside your car. Satisfy your speed lust with to drifting games instead.

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