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Renting West Country Cottages – Some Advice.

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West Country Cottages- Rent Country Cottages now or on the Coast Cottages

Imagine pulling yourself into an adventure that couldn’t be experienced in the city. There are plenty of possibilities out there, especially in the West Country of England. Places like Somerset, Dorsey, Devon, Cornwall, and New Forest have west country cottages for a magnificent holiday.

Those who enjoy a mild sunny climate will definitely enjoy everything about the United Kingdom. In fact, it’s very rare to see snow or frost throughout the year. They are even rarer in the central uplands. The Summer is quite warm, but won’t be nearly as hot as other areas of southern England. This is all thanks to the cool Atlantic winds.

Cornwall, surrounded by the English Channel and the Celtic Sea, has many strolling beaches, with those gorgeous overhanging cliffs. Be brave, and walk along the cliff tops for magnificent views of the sea in all its glory. Inland, you’ll find country gardens, moors, wooded streams and valleys, and sites both prehistoric and of national historic significance. There are many beautiful West Country cottages available in this region.

Don’t forget to check out the Eden Project either. This is also located in Cornwall, but it’s near St. Austell. This greenhouse isn’t one of the largest in the world, but it does appeal to garden lovers around the world. Add in the artificial biomes, tropical environment with the Mediterranean, and one of these west country cottages; everything will be absolutely gorgeous.

Cornwall West Country Cottages: Another place we recommend is the Bodmin Moor. If you remember the story about Excalibur, Sir Bedivere, and the lady of the lake; the Dozmary Pool is supposed to be the centerpiece to the area for centuries.

If you head to the west-southwest of Penzance the Land’s End sits here. This is the famous land where English mariners sailed from England across the Atlantic ocean thousands of years ago.

You also have New Forest, which is one of the largest unclosed forest areas in the United Kingdom. It provides tons of healthland and pasture, as well as detached medieval barns that sleep up to 11 people.

West Country Cottages In Devon: Dartmoor is a popular area for travelers who enjoy exercising in the great outdoors. The west country cottages in Devon are open to the still hill walking. If you’re not familiar with it; still hill walking consists of letter-boxing. This is where people would find stout boxes with rubber stamps and a visitor’s book. You have the opportunity to stamp your own book as well. It’s such a fun experience, especially since GPS and geo-caching technology has been integrated.

Another exciting area will be Dorset in 2012. The sailing events for the summer Olympics will be held there at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. You can find several other events throughout the year, which makes it a hot spot for racing lovers. The west country cottages available here will be further inland.

Then there’s the Somerset cottages on Exmoor, adjacent to the National Park. Walk the Coleridge Way on Exmoor! There’s also mystical Glastonbury – Cadbury Castle there in Somerset is identified by some as the original Camelot! And don’t forget the annual outdoor rock festival in nearby Pilton.

Over the last two generations the west country cottages have been a family-run business. They provide the best selection of English cottages you can rent throughout the year. The staff is extremely experienced and has been with the company for 10 years. We would go as far to say west country cottages is considered one of the best websites around to find you the perfect cottage for your holiday.

If you plan to travel during the peak-season then your stay will be at least a week. However, it cannot be any longer than 4 weeks. Check-in time is 3pm, and when it’s time to leave your check-out time is 10am. While these are the policies there are always exceptions to the rule. Shorter trips can help you save money. For instance; if you only want to stay a weekend or 4 nights then the price is 66% of the weekly rate. Five nights would mean 5/7 of the weekly rate. We also recommend looking for the specialised deals, because there are plenty of them out there. Oh, and don’t forget the possibility of paying a security deposit. Payments also have to be made within a 24 hour period.

The enjoyment from some of these accommodations is the age of each one. There are many west country cottages that are several hundred years old, so they actually pre-date wall insulation and damp-proofing. We’re telling you this because they’re probably not the best places to stay for the elderly or extremely young children. This is especially true during the winter time.

When looking at country cottages online, take a second look for those properties marked HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – these West country cottages incorporate our highest quality standards for furnishings, atmosphere, decor, and style.

West Country cottages are an ideal base for your West country vacation. Click on the links to get more information and the most competitive prices on West Country cottages to suit budgets

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