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Peruvian Vacation

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Peru is perfect if you are looking to add some adventure to your vacation. It is hard to beat Peru for the number of interesting places to go. Peru has the ancient cultures, an incredible number of plants and animals, exotic dishes, a wide variety of terrain and climate and fascinating cities. Study Peru travel packages carefully to see which destinations within Peru are of interest.

Peruvian food is incredible. There should be Peruvian vacation packages focusing solely on food. There are many Creole dishes. They cook alpaca, guinea pig, sheep, shell fish, beef and pork. It is how they cook these meats that make them unique. They add secret herbs and spices. The meats are marinated, smoked and slow cooked. In the jungle they serve them with Yucca. In the mountains they are served with corn. Everywhere they are eaten with Papas (specially prepared potatoes). The drinks are also different. The most popular drink is Pisco Sour. It is made with brandy and egg whites.

Cusco is the beginning point to the “Lost City of the Incas”, Machu Picchu. This is the primary reason why people come to Peru. The ruins were built around 1450 and abandoned years later. It was re-discovered by an American Historian and found to be in good shape. Colca Canyon is also one the destinations that travelers come to Peru to see. The canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and is about a 3 hour drive from Arequipa. Many travelers wander down the canyon to hike the canon for its gorgeous terrain. One of the main reasons to visit Colca Canyon is to view the Condor, one of the few places in Peru to see this huge bird.

In the Amazon, Peru has hte pink dolphins, giant river turtles, jaguars and over three thousand species of birds and four thousand types of butterflies. The Amazon basin is Peru’s vast tract of the world’s greatest biodiversity. Travelers fly into Iquitos’s or Puerto Maldonado for the wildlife preserves, the lodges upriver, rainforest hikes and boat excursions.

Peruvian history is best understood by visiting its people and experiencing its cultures. The islands of Lake Titicaca reveal a slice of ancient Andean culture. And the food! My goodness, the food must be tasted to be believed. The Peruvians create dishes with unusual animals like the Alpaca and the guinea pig. They also make unusual dishes with common meats like chicken and beef. It is the spices and herbs that make the difference. Come immerse yourself in Peruvian culture! There is Peru vacation packages that will allow you t o experience this unique land and create lifelong memories.

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