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Passengers Having Doubts About If They Can Fly Clear

by on Oct.07, 2012, under Vacations

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If there is anything that I absolutely love to do, it is going out and seeing a brand new place to see for the first time. In my opinion, the best thing for any traveler is seeing a location that you have never see again for the rest of your life, it is a great feeling. The biggest problem, though for me when traveling is I usually travel on the road and not through an airplane. I am somebody who just doesn’t like to fly clear.

There are many factors as to why I hate being on planes, they principally include issues with technical problems with the way the plane is built and terrorism. Terrorism, is the biggest problem, we all panic about when considering using air travel to get to our destination. It is a threat that we in the country have to deal with on an everyday basis. One of the biggest ripple effects that terrorism has instigated is the increased security every traveler faces at the airport.

Just the many problems that we have seen on the news lately, about security at our airports that’s a concern for me. When the security guards have to delay all flights at the airport terminal because somebody put too many clothes in a bag or because there was something that caused the alarm to go off which turned out to be nothing, that is what I do not like. The airline industry is making it a chore for people who are trying to just board their flight.

But luckily there are quite a few tactics being met to solve the dilemmas of airline security somewhat. CLEAR for example is a program which permits people to scan a card of their data into a kiosk to be moved through security. While these travelers still have to be subject to the usual TSA pat-downs, it is a good start in trying to find a plan to handle this growing problem.

It is my hope that in the long-run, these policies become standard for all airports, hopefully it will cause many people like me who dislike riding on airplanes the possibility to go on one. That would be great, since it would lead me to pay a visit to more cities from overseas that I would never think about going to due to my apprehension of riding on an airplane. If airline security ends up rebuilding over the next several years because if these programs, we will all be grateful.

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