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Party Destinations Video Features Barbados

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It may have been produced in India and China where sugar cane was first know to be fermented into rum, but it was Barbados that first distilled the golden coloured rum from molasses: A think dark syrup produced when cane juice was boiled and reduced in the Caribbean style of sugar production.

The island planters and African slaves became the regions fist and most important rum producer in the early days of exploration. Perhaps that set the tone for party holidays, where visitors now come in the thousands to enjoy the nightlife and the many attractions of this tiny island state in the Caribbean sea called Barbados.

The Caribbean is a well-known escape from winter and work, and Barbados has become one of that region’s most-visited islands. In 2012 it is featured as the most popular party destination in the region. Each year thousands of vacationers travel to this tiny, 166-square-mile garden spot in order to enjoy the tropical breezes and crystal-clear waters, and to take part in the celebrations that have made Barbados one of the worlds top party destinations.

During the age of Colinization the region was often visited by the French, Dutch. Spanish, British and Portuguese. Barbados was formally claimed by the British in 1625. Before the Europeans; the Amerindians, Carib, Kalinago had settled the Island and memories of their civilization are still being discovered. Now an independent nation, there are around 285,000 people now living here permanently, and Barbados is now one of the most economically developed islands in the region.

Tourism is the main industry today in Barbados but it also has a thriving off shore business center and many international companies and organizations have offices here with their executives living on the island. This brings an international flair, and a culture that loves to entertain and go out on the town. Hence the restaurants and clubs in Barbados are amongst the best anywhere. Zagart rates Barbados restaurants as the top of their list and truly gourmet class.

The early settlers grew tobacco and cotton, but sugar cane production ultimately dominated. Mention Barbados today, however, and most people immediately think of rum, distilled from fermented cane molasses. The oldest rum distilleries in the world are still in operation here, and are widely recognized for producing the finest rum in the Caribbean.

Brands like Mont Gay and CockSpur have become international names. The island has moved a long way away from the early days of 300 wind mills and sugar can plantations. Plantation homes are now the domains of some of the rich and famous. Movie stars and celebrities visit that island frequently, and you never know who you might bump into at a club, restaurant or beach party. Here too are fabulous estate and residential complexes, villas and condos with the Caribbean water lapping on your patio.

Before enjoying a cocktail or two, however, take some time to discover. The shallow water reefs and turquoise Caribbean waters. Enjoy snorkeling and sailing, explore fascinating caves, and nature preserves, all within easy reach. Renting a car is popular with visitors because it provides the freedom to roam without itineraries or restrictions. There are also many tour companies and local transport is an interesting cultural experience which can be a lot of fun if you like to get involved with the Bajan people.

There are fun sailing cruises and nature trips where good food and music are part of the fun. At Mullins beach bar, in St. James, music, good food and dancing go on all day. Some of the top entertainers like Bryan Adams have preformed here at the Harbour Lights night club where dancing on the sand of Carisle Bay is treat for your feet!.

The natural cycle of growth and harvest has given rise to seasonal Barbados celebrations. The biggest is called the Crop Over Festival, which marks a successful sugar cane harvest. The fun lasts for over a month, and includes entertainment and food, as well as music. The Jazz Festival takes place in January, and for reggae lovers the Reggae Festival during April is a major attraction.

Understandably, all these fun times can lead to romance, or perhaps something a little more serious. For those wanting to tie the knot, this island encourages weddings and honeymoons, and has liberal residency and waiting-period regulations. From romance to rum, being one of the worlds top party destinations practically guarantees that any visitor will have a chance to truly relax, and shed several layers of accumulated stress in a beautiful tropical setting.

If all the music, dance, and drink leads to love, Barbados also specializes in weddings and honeymoons, and there is no waiting period or residency requirement. From rum to romance, Barbados is the perfect place to forget your daily problems and truly relax. With all the opportunities for recreation and enjoyment, having the time of your life in one of the worlds top party destinations is almost a requirement.

Sailing is not restricted to romance and couples; there are snorkeling trips that are great for families and party cruises for singles and groups who love to dance and enjoy being out in the open, dancing with sea breeze on their face.

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