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Overnight Camps – A Kids Choice

by on Feb.02, 2013, under Vacations

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It is a great idea to consider letting your children attend a Summer Camp for Kids. Summer camps everywhere have the people and facilities for teaching children everything from new skills to creating art projects to lifelong principles like sharing and respect. Kids can learn, have fun, and meet new friendships by spending part of their summer at camp. Being a camper can be a good experience for children as young as seven or eight until well into the teen years. A lot of movies are based on stories about summer camp adventures because so much universal coming of age happens to kids in these camps. Kids will also come to know more about nature because camps are usually located in the woods or near lakes or mountains.

The best place to begin is by talking with your child about how summer camp could best meet his or her needs, satisfy his or her interests, and be the most fun. Every child is unique, and Summer Camp for Kids offer a wide range of general and focused areas of activities. One of the best ways to include your child in the decision-making is to “load the deck”: you can pick 5 or 6 possible camps and have the child choose from those candidates.

When it comes to selecting the right camp for your child, important camp information is needed and the right questions need to be asked. The best place to start is www.summercampadvice.com, a free website devoted entirely to helping parents and kids find the right summer camp for their particular needs. Acquiring that information takes time and patience, but the results can be priceless. Meanwhile, here are some basic areas of attention that you have to consider before you send your child off to summer camp.

The most important aspect of camp life will be the quality of attention your child receives. The ratio of camp staff and counselors to campers should also be considered. Are there enough counselors for all the kids who will stay at the camp? Are they kid-oriented, capable and do they have the right training, knowledge, and skills? Does the camp have a resident nurse on staff? Questions like these should be asked and explored well before you enroll your child at a summer camp, and the place to start is by having a conversation with the director of the camp you’d like to find out about.

As you narrow your choices find out as much as you can about each camp’s staff, from the directors to counselors. This is actually the most important consideration in choosing a camp for your child. Ask what the directors’ priorities are in choosing the staff, confirm that they do background checks and get a sense of the experience and age range of the staff. Most camp directors love to talk about their camp and many provide opportunities to meet and get to know staff members as well.

Plan ahead and know how much they charge. Most of the time, you can get assistance from camps by planning ahead because a lot of camps have fund-raising activities that can help reduce the cost. With proper research and with the help of a camp directory, you can even find camps that offer free sessions if your family or child meets the right requirements.

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