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NASA Holidays: Trips to Florida & Texas

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The United States has been the forerunner in space technology since the 1960’s, having been beaten into space by the Soviet Union in 1961. Thanks to the country’s illustrious history in space flight the US has a wealth of visitor attractions for holidaymakers to see on their travels. For visitors taking their holidays to Houston in Texas there is the opportunity to visit the Johnson space centre, mission control for the US space program since the mid 1960’s. Every traveller who is keen on space related attractions will be familiar with the term ‘Houston – we have lift off’.

There’s lots to see and do here, so you won’t run out of ways to entertain yourself or the family. The visitor centre has a load of interactive displays that detail the history of the space race. This is an enthralling and informative experience that comes highly recommended. Visitors can also try on helmets, see moonrock and take a tour of mission control which is still in use today.

Package holidays in America are easy to source out – your biggest challenge will be trying to find the best bargain. Florida is a great place to visit as you are guaranteed exceptional sunshine and the coastline is absolutely stunning. Missions still fly regularly from the Kennedy space center on Merritt Island with a few more scheduled for 2011, including dates on the 30th of May and the 28th of June.

The Kennedy space centers is one of the best places to visit for NASA-related holidays. There is a massive rocket garden which is home to a shuttle launch simulator. This allows 44 people to experience a real life launch experience. The rocket garden has full size Atlas and Titan rockets as well as the specially designed Apollo Saturn rocket which stands at a colossal 360ft tall.

If you’re stuck for things to do why not visit the IMAX theatre? There are films in 3D and standard, which are all to do with space related themes. Other main attractions include the astronaut hall of fame and the Kennedy space centre tour. Nature enthusiasts can depart the space centre to spend the afternoon in the Merritt Island national wildlife refuge.

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