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Money Saving Student Group Travel

by on May.19, 2013, under Vacations

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Are you getting ready to set off on a travelling expedition to Europe this summer? If so are you taking advantage of savings from student group travel? You can find lots of ways to save some money by taking advantage of your educational status, and we have a few thoughts here. It is cheaper to go together with others, than by yourself.

Staying in hotels is way too expensive for us, hostels are much better options. Besides they are great places to stay with larger numbers, and wonderful places to meet people from all over the world. We have made friends from Australia and France, and Britain and the USA in our travels in Europe just by staying in hostels. The costs here are low too.

The meals are very simple, usually just cereal and toast or something like that; with perhaps the option of buying a packed lunch in places where lunches are not easily available. These hostels are not usually open during the day time since people are usually out exploring during the day this is not usually important. It is also important to clarify that these places are not the same as homeless shelters; these are for paying residents only.

Students generally do not mind a little discomfort when travelling, and this may allow you to take advantage of the extreme discount airplane travels. There are a number airlines which offer extremely low fares and this can really cut down on hour costs. Booking in a group may also cut down on the cost of traveling by plane or by train.

Train passes are a great savings especially for people who are still perusing, their studies, because they get even cheaper passes. Europe has a Europass, and England has a Britrail pass, which is good in Wales and Scotland too. You have to buy these before you get these though, so make sure you are prepared before you leave the U. S. A.

Attractions often allow discounts if more than a certain number of people pay at the same time as a group and it gets even lower, if those people are still officially studying. When you arrive at an attraction, find another few people who are like you, and match up, then try to pay together, that way you get the cheaper prices than if you paid separately. You may even end up travelling together over a few weeks saving money as you go along.

Travelling by bikes is a great money saver. You can see the countryside. Meet people you would not normally have met. Moreover, you will be able to travel easily in larger than normal groups. This is a wonderful way to travel.

Student group travel is a great way to save money when you travel. It is also a great way to meet others along the way, and to see things that you normally would miss. Get out there on a bike, use the hostels, and link up with other education mad people and enjoy your trip.

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