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Making Your Scottish vacation Memorable

by on Jan.24, 2012, under Vacations

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One of the most memorable Scottish vacations are the ones that take place in the golfing spot of Scotland. Tourist find the most memorable vacation spots are the ones that offer the best attractions that meet their budget. The customer can thus be able to use their holiday stay to enjoy various good services such as amazing and courteous stay for the time.

The tourist will also want to sightsee while on vacation. It’s a nice idea if you could find a travel agency to organise your vacation if you will be going to the Scotland for the first time. A walking or hiking package is one of the best options as the Scottish Highlands are like nothing else in the world. It has almost 300 mountains, called the Moonrise of Scotland that are higher than 3000 feet.

Some of the most favourite walking destinations are the mountain Skye, or the Cairngorms National Park. Planning what you plan to do before travelling to Scotland will ensure a memorable vacation. Think carefully on how to spend your holiday and where you wanna go since there are many beautiful places that you can choose from. The castle in where Prince Charles Edward Stuart had lived in the year 1745 and considered to be the most romantic and the oldest also is the Tracer, if you want to know what it’s like you must visit it.

Another castle also which is the most popular among the castles in Scotland is the Edinburgh Castle which is located in the city of Edinburgh. You could stay in one of the Scottish castle if you love castles that much. Aikido Tower, a castle made in the 16th century is one of those castles that was turned into a hotel and it costs 50 pounds a night. Aldouri Castle is your another option and this gorgeous and huge castle costs 10,500 pounds for 2 overnight stay.

During the springtime, rainfall is not ordinary so going to Scotland at this time could be an awesome idea. It can get slightly chilly but generally its dry and favourable for travelling. There are a few spots you shouldn’t miss if travelling the highland region. Fort William is famous for being home of the highest peak in the UK, Ben Nevis.

The Cairngorms, with five peaks higher than 4000 feet, is a magnificent mountainous area in the east. Visit all the famous castles, museums and theatres if you want a happy, unforgettable Scottish holiday. Trying their famous Scotch Whiskey, wine and food will add some nice memories. And if you really want to feel Scotland, try to eat their favourite dish, the haggis.

You can also visit one of their popular fresh water lakes, the Loch Ness which was believed to be the home of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. Edinburgh could give you entertainment if you are looking for some and if you are into theatres, you don’t have to go anywhere else since it has a lot of theatres and festivals. Visiting this gorgeous place you will never run out of things to do. Your only problem will be the lack of time. Well, just try to savour everything so you can have the best holiday ever. Take your time looking around and take plenty of photos so you can reminisce about your vacation.

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