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Making Use Of The Cheapest Airline Flights Travel Deals

by on Apr.14, 2013, under Travel

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Finding the Cheapest airline flights travel deals lets people travel much more widely than they would ever have done before. The advent of budget airlines has enabled even those on low incomes to escape to the sun or the slopes. But it’s not just about the cheap carriers, but about being smart and finding the very best travel deals.

The internet now allows you to scan the cheapest air fares to save potentially hundreds of dollars on a particular route. Using flight comparison sites, you can quickly compare prices from the established, premium airlines plus the bucket prices and special offers from travel agents. The latter can sometimes offer the very best value for money; selling the last minute cancellations on flights and holidays.

You can find the cheapest flights by comparing all scheduled and chartered operators. Many websites will now do just this on your behalf. They can save you money, time and the hassle of searching on different airlines’ sites. You are unlikely to know every single carrier operating your desired route. But the scanning and comparison sites do, you you can see the fares from the different companies who travel to your paradise under the sun.

Be aware: some flight comparison websites don’t list the budget airlines, because those don’t tend to sponsor results unlike others. So you may still need to contact the low-cost carriers for the country in question: whether your departure country or the destination. Most now have at least one such budget airline. Some countries, like the UK, have at least three. You don’t get the extras such as free food, drinks and baggage allowances, but you do get very low priced A to B flights.

Sir Freddie Laker introduced no frills, low-cost airlines to the world in 1966. This British entrepreneur forged the way for those who’ve made it successful: after all, Laker’s business went bankrupt in 1982. But Laker Airways put trans-Atlantic air travel in reach of all the people.

Many business people have taken this model to a new level. Stelios Haji-Ioannou took his famous orange brand to the UK and then developed hotels, cruises and car hire on a similar business model. Operating out of Dallas, Southwest were even quicker to walk in Laker’s shoes, operating since 1967. Tony Ryan also followed suit in Ireland. Tony Fernandes introduced the model to Asia. These entrepreneurs have let the everyday-Joe fly all around the world.

But budget carriers don’t necessarily represent the very best value every day, when it comes to the cheapest airline flights travel deals. This is why it’s so important to check the websites that scan all airlines and their up-to-the-minute special offers. Even the most prestigious companies have last moment vacancies through cancellations, plus the seasonal sales. You can grab a travel bargain when you search around.

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