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Major Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling

by on Oct.01, 2011, under Vacations

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Mistakes happen to everyone. Mistakes when traveling happen to everyone, but the majority of them can be prevented with knowledge, patience and adequate rest. In this two part series we will examine several travel mistakes that could ruin a trip, but that are easily prevented. Read on!

Carpenters say measure twice, cut once. Seasoned travelers say check your tickets six times and save your sanity. Countless travelers have made reservations either incorrectly or not, and been very unpleasantly surprised to find at least one major detail was wrong. Perhaps they got the date or time wrong, or went to the wrong airport, or the wrong hotel, or even the wrong country! Check all your reservations, for every leg of the journey, immediately after making them. Check all of them a week before leaving. Check all of them the day before leaving home. Check them all again while you are on the first flight.

The repeated checking may become annoying, but imagine having to pay a few hundred dollars for a ticket change right in the middle of the trip. It’s worth the repeated checking. Also in the category of multiple checking, be sure you have booked somewhere to stay for every night of the trip. It is easy to be confused by fly-in dates and hotel check-in dates, but if there is are questions simply call the hotel and ask. This will only be helpful if you are doing those important numerous checks recommended above.

Research your hotel or resort using more than just the company website. Seek out independent reviews; they will be far more honest. When you have planned a tropical vacation it is easy to assume any accommodation on the beach will do. Unfortunately that is just not so. Furthermore, if you did do the research and found helpful reviews about your hotel choice, but it turns out to be substandard, then do not be afraid to check out. You are spending precious vacation dollars; don’t waste them on a hotel dive.

Always carry a good map. Even if you have travelled to the destination before, carry a map. Not those free ones in the boxes on street corners; get yourself an accurate map from a book store. That sinking feeling in your stomach when you realise you are lost in a foreign city is something no one wants to feel. After you get that map, join us for part two of major mistakes to avoid when traveling!

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