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Luxury Accommodations While Visiting The Many Sights Of Johannesburg SA

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A luxury accommodation is a wonderful idea whenever you are making plans to visit the city of Johannesburg South Africa. Guests can choose to stay in a fine lodge accommodation or you may prefer to select the elegance and convenient location of a top quality, luxury accommodation while you are seeing the sights. You will find a number of different accommodations that are available, and these places can be easily found in all areas of the city. Southview Lodge, which has 8 standard and bedroom suites from which to choose, is only one of the options for your consideration.

While vacationing in the city of Johannesburg the top luxury accommodation settings will give you a chance to discover a number of wonderful sights and landmarks. A trip to the SA Apartheid Museum will be of interest to anyone who wants to find out detailed information about the segregated history and troubled past of this nation. This museum stop should be considered a must because it is only a part of a larger museum complex where you will be able to study and learn about apartheid, the rich history of South Africa and also see how the country has now charted a new course for the future. When you visit this landmark site you will also have the chance to walk through the replicated, indigenous veldt that is in the middle of the museum complex.

One of the places that will be in close proximity to almost any luxury accommodation or lodge accommodation is designed to maximize a family’s fun. This is the Gold Reef City Amusement park that is set on top of a famous, old gold mine. The major theme of the park is Witwatersrand gold rush and the buildings and staff costumes all reflect the era of the 1880s. You can even tour the park’s museum and see how they pour gold. There will also be the opportunity for you to get a personal view of an actual gold vein.

In addition to live shows, the park also has many rides and modern day roller coasters. There is the River Rapids, a log flume type ride, and several coasters, including the Tower of Terror, the Anaconda, and the Golden Loop, which is reminiscent of the Superman roller coaster at Six Flags in California. There is a 4D movie theater, and a tour of the deepest gold mine in the world.

Another place that can’t be missed while staying at your lodge accommodation or luxury accommodation is Soccer City, formerly the FNB Stadium. This stadium is dedicated to the sport of South African Football, and with a capacity of almost 95,000, is the largest in all of Africa at the moment. This is the home of the 2010 World Cup, and should be on your itinerary.

You will have the opportunity to visit a variety of places that are located both in and around Johannesburg. Lion Park is a favorite stop for local residents and tourists. This site even has special areas that allow you to have the chance to pet some of the lion cubs while accompanied by guides. Among the other animals you will see are giraffes, zebras and ostriches. There are even some drive-in settings where the grown lions reside. As you tour this area by vehicle you should always remember that the animals can get as close as 2 feet. This means that it is wise to keep your hands and cameras inside the vehicle at all times.

When you decide to travel to South Africa a luxury accommodation may be a major consideration. Here are a couple of suggestions to keep in mind as you plan your holidays and vacations. If this is true then you should realize that this city is a busy hub throughout the year, regardless of the fact that some months are designated as “off season”. This means that if you want to obtain your choice of a top luxury accommodation or wish to reserve a particular lodge accommodation you will need to do so as early as possible. In other words book your rooms well in advance of your actual travel dates.

Finding these accommodations isn’t hard; any search on the internet will reveal many results. We hope your visit to Johannesburg is one to remember, and that you will come back again and again.

Cherine Hattingh is the manager of The Luxury Lodge, Southview Lodge, located in beautiful south hills in Johannesburg, South Africa. Go to Luxury Lodge Accommodation to find out more. Check here for free reprint licence: Luxury Accommodations While Visiting The Many Sights Of Johannesburg SA.

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