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Locating The Hotels Pomona, CA Offers For Visitors

by on May.19, 2011, under Vacations

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Choosing a stay in one of the hotels Pomona, CA offers for visitors is not just about swimming pools and mini-bars and room rates. It’s also important to choose the hotel and its location based on the purpose of the visit. So let’s take a closer look at each of the popular locations and see what kind of lodging choices each one has.

Pomona is one of the largest cities in L. A. County, located about 30 miles outside downtown L. A. Apart from the usual crowd of tourists and business travelers, the city also gets a large number of visitors at the Fairplex, Cal Poly and attractions like the Raceway. What’s relevant here is that visitors to each of these places need to find a place to stay that is convenient.

So some travelers may want to look at the hotels along W. Holt Ave, where it goes by Hamilton Park. This location is good for business travelers with meetings to attend around town, and for those who are interested in the local attractions and activities. Many of these are cheap motels and budget hotels.

The second lot is located near the Fairplex which hosts the annual LA County Fair in September. All kinds of events, trade shows and conventions are held here all year round and this draws all kinds of visitors, from sports fans to corporate executives. The best place to look for a hotel near here is on W. Mckinley Avenue.

Note that this location is popular not just because of the Fairplex. It is nose-to-nose with other local attractions like the water park (Raging Waters) and the Ponoma Raceway which is now known as the Auto Club Raceway. All put together, this area is the most popular among visitors and the hotels here have the amenities and facilities to match.

Yet another location is near Cal Poly, which is clean on the other side of the town. There’s a lot of demand here for extended stay and cheap lodging, and many such properties can be found on Temple Ave. Families and friends of students studying here will find this to be the most convenient of all the locations mentioned above.

This would also be a good time to point out that getting from any one of these locations to the others isn’t like a walk in the park. There’s a fair bit of distance between them which needs some kind of transportation. The point being that locating the suitable hotels Pomona offers to visitors depends in part on the reason for the visit. So choose the right location first, and then look at the amenities and rates.

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