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Living The Alaskan Adventure Dream In The Company Of Friends In An Anchorage Hostel

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The ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ holds mystic power in its vast magnificent wilderness of over three-million lakes and half the world’s glaciers. Twice the size of the second largest state of Texas, the ‘forget me not’ state flower exemplifies the unforgettable, prolific natural beauty of Alaskan landscapes and its wildlife. Diverse, independent and free defines the people, cultural attitude and natural resources that distinguishes the largest state in the union, with a penchant for small town friendliness, from any other in the nation. ‘The lower 48’ offers a diverse playground of mountains, rivers, glacier and forests for an unrivaled adventurous escape that matches the experience of freedom in an Anchorage hostel stay.

Contrary to the fictionalized depiction of hostels seen in a few old movies, the truth today presents a guest experience of safe, clean, budget-conscious, casual living quarters that encompass bed, shared bath and beyond with a community lounge. Some lodgings offer a kitchen or provide a daily hot meal included in the price of the stay.

As a communal experience, guests are privy to the company of other adventurous travelers and resident locals who share insider information on the lay of the land. Alaskan hostels offer varied accommodations to suit different preferences with some offering the option of mixed or single sex rooms while some respites offer the option of private rooms.

Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, is home to a culturally diverse melting pot of approximately 300,000 residents. The economy thrives with a unique blend of miners, fishermen, alongside legislators, teachers, artists, lawyers, students and seniors. The magic of the frontier spirit is seen in its topographically vast wilderness of majestic mountains, clean rivers, imponderable glaciers and infinite forests. The pristine environment is home to bald eagles, moose, bear, whales, salmon, sea lions, porpoises, harbor seals, mountain goats and black tail deer.

Personal preferences for casual living lead backpackers away from the predictably costly formality of standard hotels and towards the free-spirited environment of hostels. Inspired by a German naturalist and schoolteacher in 1909 as an outdoor learning concept of a ‘wandering school’, today’s hostels welcome guests of all ages for a cost-effective, self-catered, independent adventure stay.

The outdated notion that hostels were unsafe, ill-kept flophouses is completely invalid. Globally, the increased demand for affordable, clean, safe community accommodations for travelers makes hostels the single biggest news in the travel industry today.

Alaskan adventurer’s have limitless opportunities to exercise their imaginations by viewing the tip of the iceberg at half-mile wide Mendenhall Glacier, or whale watching on a boat in placid waters. Limitless scenic hiking trails, rafting, fishing, the thrill of zip-lining over an Alaskan landscape or the vibrant surprises that exist in the rich thickets of the teeming rainforest, offer incredible outdoor exhilaration that render spectacular photography of an unforgettable experience.

Hostels offers a unique perspective in the best of both worlds for travelers today. A ‘right at home’ family ambiance, provided with all the basics, at an economical cost, offers guests safety and security. Community experiences develop a sense of camaraderie that can foster lifelong friendships. ‘The lower 48’, known as ‘great land’ exemplifies the frontier independence that inspires adventurous travelers to revel in the natural beauty of The Land of the Midnight Sun’. An Anchorage hostel celebrates that same spirit of adventure.

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